Classic Frame Tents – 30′, 40′

Our Classic™ Frame Tent has the capability to extend its length to 100+ feet. This engineered frame system is a free standing aluminum frame structure that has no center poles. The use of mid extensions make the Classic™ a very versatile tent style.

Classic™ Frame System

  • Engineered and wind load tested up to 75mph.*
  • Kentucky Tent Model Approved.
  • Tubing is manufactured of 6005 T-6 anodized marine aluminum, 1/8” wall thickness with exclusive alignment line.
  • 30’ wide tents include double-tube corner rafters, 2” mid-rafter and 2” side bars.
  • 40’ wide tents include double-tube corner rafters, double-tube mid-rafters and 2” side bars.
  • Galvanized steel Flo-coat™ fittings.
  • Fail-safe steel snap button assembly.
  • Adjustable leg height 7’3″,8’3″,9’3″.
  • 1/4” plastic coated steel cable(s) with 3” snap hooks are included on frames 60’ and longer.
  • Stake and rope anchoring included.
  • Cross-brace systems are available on any size Classic frame.

*Cross-bracing required on frames larger than 20’ x 20’ to meet wind load requirements.

Tent Accessories


Classic™ Covers

  • Standard covers are manufactured of an exclusive high quality 18 oz. lacquer coated black-out vinyl material which makes the cover easier to handle, store, install and clean.
  • Available in 16oz. Solid Colors and  Stripes. (See sidebar for color selection.)
  • Burlan 18oz. SkyLite™ Clear Vinyl with embedded filament lines that prevent cover expansion.
  • Seams are 100% electronically welded.
  • Expandable covers available in 10’ and 20’ inserts for 30’ and 40’ wide covers.
  • Stainless steel buckles that prevent unsightly rust stains on your cover.
  • Double reinforced straps and buckles.
  • Vinyl grommets installed by R.F. welding on expandable covers.
  • Cover storage bag included.


Expandable Lacing Feature

How do the cover mid extensions connect?

To extend the length of any of the Classic frame tents there are 10’ and 20’ cover mid extensions that lace to the main tent cover. The diagram shows how the loops from the extension fit through grommets on the main tent cover and then loop-lace together. A vinyl flap then covers the lacing for a clean, seamless look. An expandable cover can ultimately save you money by purchasing one tent and having the versatility of a multi-sized tent. This feature can help accommodate you and your customers’ needs by providing the perfect size tent for any occasion.

Recommended Accessories 

When do I need Cross Bracing?

Cross-bracing is easy to install and reinforces the stability of larger tents by preventing the tent frame from bowing. Additional bracing is highly recommended on Classic frame tents 40’ or longer. Our cross-braces are manufactured with 2” OD anodized marine aluminum tubing and galvanized steel fittings. They are available in a variety of lengths.

Cross-Brace Pricing

Do I need a tent jack to install a large tent?

Recommended. Our heavy-duty commercial tent jack design is intended to make the installation of frame tents as easy as possible. These tent jacks prove to be a valuable tool with the use of smaller crews and larger tents.

Tent Jack Pricing

Tent jack

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