Part of the enjoyment of attending sports events is that they should be comfortable to watch and participants should also participate in a moderate environment. particularly for sports events that last for long durations and are carried out outdoors such as football or cricket commercial tents, become a valuable addition to a commercial tent suppliers inventory.

In this article, we’ll look at three reasons why commercial tents are great for the outdoor sporting event and also the perfect tent design that will fit your needs. So whether you are looking for a tent large enough to cover a sporting event or one where spectators can sit in we’re sure you’ll find something.

Summarily speaking, commercial tents can be great additions to your regular sports-viewing ensemble because they’ll keep you comfortable and protected regardless of the weather and you can also stock it with chairs, sound equipment, and food for the spectators.

Here are our three reasons

Climate control

Climate control is one of the biggest reasons you should have a tent at hand when you host an outdoor event. A commercial tent will keep you dry in case it rains and also keep the cold wind out if it is ordered with sidewalls.

It is also easier to manage the temperature in a commercial tent. If the sun is too hot outside artificial cooling can be implemented in the tent using HVAC equipment. Again, if it is too cold outside the temperature can be increased in the commercial tent using HVAC equipment.

When the temperature is too hot outside for the players it is good to host the sport in a tent to prevent heat stroke to the players, particularly children.

Commercial tents also prevent exposure to harmful UV rays. This point is particularly important for children sports because they might not be so keen on taking care of their skin by applying sunscreen lotion and playing outside.

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Commercial tents usually have adjustable and detachable components to make it even easier to achieve better climate control in a commercial tent. So sidewalls can be removed or added depending on the intended effect.


Tent for Sporting EventsIn achieving the success of your sporting event. If spectators are not comfortable watching the event then invariably the attendance of your sporting events will be very low.

The commercial tent plays the role of a deployable structure where seats can be placed for the spectators. Additional amenities are also easier to add to a commercial tent than with a simple open-air sporting event.

Dining facilities can be added such as tables, sensitive sound equipment can also be added because they will be protected from the weather.

Having all your spectators and one tent provides a better viewing experience than if they want to view it the exposed in the open with most of them opening up their umbrellas.

Easy to deploy the structure

Another key benefit of commercial terms for hosting sporting events is that they’re easy to deploy structures. They are convenient to purchase or hire from commercial tent suppliers and can be set up on-site within a matter of hours.

Most commercial tent structures deploy modern technology that makes them modular. So the customer easily gets the tent size that meets their needs. The matter of increasing the size of the tent is by simply adding a module to the one that has already been pitched on the grounds.

This convenience also comes at a lower cost to clients. Tents are made of anodized marine aluminum which is very light and strong and vinyl which is cheap and readily available. So you can easily find that tents are very competitive on price compared to hiring a brick-and-mortar venue for your sporting event.

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The level of comfort that you’ll achieve in a brick-and-mortar venue is easily comparable to what you will get with a commercial tent with the additional benefits of convenience for the latter

Tent recommendation

The number of tent options is massive but for large events, we recommend going for a clear span tent which does not have interior supporting pools that inconveniently block the city and viewing of spectators. These commercial tents provide you with a clear line of sight from all points of the tent provided that the guest act I’m not intentionally blocking each other’s view by standing.