For an unforgettable wedding that is truly one of the most special days of your life, you need to create a venue that is comfortable and functional. Wedding tents, such as 30 foot wide tent, can be used to turn any outdoor location into a memorable event venue.

If you’re renting a tent or hiring an events company with a tent included, these are the most important tips and tricks to make your wedding as special as it should be.

Keep Guests Cool

Wide Tent It’s often the things that work behind the scenes that have the biggest impact on a large and special event like a wedding. While you’ve probably put a lot of thought and planning into aspects of your wedding like seating arrangements, place card designs, the menu, and the drinks list, you might not have thought much about cooling for the event.

Tents can get warm, no matter the season. With so many people in one enclosed space, heat and humidity become problematic. It’s essential to keep a tent ventilated, which can be achieved with standard commercial fans installed strategically around the tent. Ventilation can also come from door and window sections, depending on the tent layout and the side panels that you choose.

For events in the warmest climates, whether in a 40 foot wide tent or any other commercial tent size, forms of air conditioning can be used.

  • Evaporative coolers are highly efficient but aren’t effective in all climates. Ambient outside humidity will limit the efficiency of an evaporative cooler. Humidity above 50% could even render the commercial cooling units ineffective.
  • Portable air conditioners can be used to recirculate fresh air and cool the interior of an enclosed tent, regardless of humidity. This is the costliest option for rental but it’s also the most effective. If power isn’t available on-site, portable generators can be used.
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Whether you choose fans, evaporative coolers, or a commercial tent air conditioning system, having the right solution will keep the tent comfortable no matter the weather or how long into the evening the party lasts.

Choose a 40 x 100 Wedding Tent for Larger Events

It’s tempting to choose a tent that has just enough floor space to host your guests. Choosing something slightly larger than what you think you need will give you more freedom to be creative with your interior layout. A 40 x 100 wedding tent will offer more space for guests, seating, dining tables, buffet tables, dance floors, DJ booths, and any of the other features that you want to include at your wedding.

The comfort of your guests should be paramount. Happier guests mean happier hosts, and happier memories that you’ll carry with you for a lifetime.

A 40 x 100 wedding tent will offer 4,000 square feet of floor space to give you maximum flexibility when it comes to layout and interior designs. With a standard bar and buffet layout, you’ll have more than enough room to accommodate up to 320 guests.

Ask for a 40 Foot Wide Tent with a Cross-Bracing System for Inclement Weather

With a commercial wedding tent, you’ll be able to comfortably hosts guests for your reception, rain or shine. If you expect heavy winds on the day, or if you simply want to be sure that guests are safe and nothing will go wrong, choose a tent that is rated for high wind resistance. This can be achieved with a cross-bracing system.

Economy Tent International supplies the best rental and events companies throughout the United States and around the world. The Classic Plus™ Frame System is an expanding tent design that allows for long lengths in either 30 foot wide tent or 40 foot wide tent configurations. The Classic Plus™ system provides wind resistance up to 75 miles per hour with cross-bracing installed. Don’t settle for anything less and you’ll have complete confidence on your wedding day.

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Develop a Practical Layout with Your Wedding Planner

weddingA good wedding planner will assist you with every aspect of creating an unforgettable wedding. From finding the right commercial tent hire company to hiring the best DJ and audio equipment, it’s your wedding planner’s job to make sure that everything is planned, implemented, and carried out smoothly on your wedding day.

Of course, a lot of the decisions will be made with your input, and you shouldn’t hesitate to make suggestions or ask for clarification if you think that certain elements of the planning don’t immediately impress you.

Wedding tent layouts are important, but wedding planners and events companies sometimes choose ‘cookie-cutter’ designs that have worked for them in the past. Any good professional will be willing to modify their basic template to suit your needs, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Consider some of the following options for an impressive wedding venue inside of a commercial tent…

  • For a rectangular tent, consider bringing the dance floor towards the front of the tent with access to the main entryway. Buffet or formal tables can be arranged around the outer edges. This will bring the dance floor into focus and help maintain a smooth traffic flow.
  • If you won’t have a dance floor, leave the middle of the tent open for access reasons and arrange the tables along the edges of the central clearing.
  • If your wedding reception will be primarily focused on socializing rather than dining, choose high-top tables and stools (cocktail style) rather than formal sit-down tables. This will promote movement and conversation between guests and will help you to maximize the floor space.
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 The Commercial Tent You Choose is Key to the Success of Your Wedding

Whether you use a tent only for the reception, or if it will be a central hub throughout the entire day, it pays to think about the technical aspects of hosting in a 40 or 30 foot wide tent. Focusing on some of the less glamorous elements like floor plans, tent size, and even climate control, will help to ensure that your special day is the best of your life and unforgettable for anyone who is there to share it with you.