6 Wedding Tent Tips to Make Your Special Day Run Smoothly

There are various reasons why you can opt for a tented wedding, including fresh air and the ambiance. Whether your ideal venue is a beach or backyard, pitching our commercial tents is the ideal means to shelter guests at an outdoor wedding.

A tented wedding is not only elegant but also offers peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in case of adverse weather. Nonetheless, setting up a tented wedding isn’t that simple; it needs considerable preparation and work. Here’s what you should do to have a successful day.

1.Choose the Right Model

If you’ve never rented commercial tents for sale, we can guide you on the various models you can rent from us. Pole tents are the most popular models. They’re sailcloth or vinyl-made and comprise peaks produced by center poles.

We also have frame tents with a steel shell that supports heavy equipment, for instance, speakers. Another option includes clear-top tents, which offer elegance and a sleek, modern appearance to any event.

There’s no wrong or right tent model for your event.  We simply recommend that you choose one that suits your guests. Furthermore, the tent must match the event’s theme. If you are uncertain about the tent to rent, inform our professionals about what you want to achieve and they’ll guide you accordingly.

2.Select the Right Wedding Venue

Classic Slideshow6 One reason you’ll hire commercial tents is that you’ll want your guests to enjoy the scenery. Therefore, the tent shouldn’t swallow the entire piece of land. Although it should be huge enough for your guests, it shouldn’t be too large that guests can’t walk around to enjoy the view. Remember to set up our commercial tents for sale on a flat surface where they’ll stand without the likelihood of falling over.

3.Start Your Search Early

Numerous people make the mistake of waiting for the last minute to rush to rental companies and order commercial tents. You want to avoid this. Although you can be lucky and secure a good tent, you’ll probably end up spending a lot of money unnecessarily.

Since you’ll be in a hurry to secure commercial tents for sale, you’ll settle on the first tent you come across.  If you want to save money and view different tents, start the process early; you should do so at least six months before your wedding day. This way, you’ll have time to visit various rental companies and compare the tent prices and their appeal.

4.Consider Guest Experience

It takes careful planning and thought to produce high ambiance levels, comfort, and intimacy in a tented wedding.  We recommend you factor in these elements for guest experience:

  • The flooring

Between your guests and wedding staff, there’ll be considerable foot traffic in your commercial tents after set up. This means the flooring will take a beating unless you’re dealing with concrete. Therefore, we recommend you factor flooring into your tent as part of the overall design.

You’ll discover that flooring makes a huge difference and is worth the investment to take your event to the next level while ensuring your guests enjoy a positive experience, although it might be costly. Although grass is the cheapest option, you’ll find fabricated flooring choices range from sisal to carpet and wood to laminate.

You’ll equally have to consider a subfloor to ensure a level ground. For a winter wedding when temperatures dip or summer weddings, tent flooring maintains dry and cozy space while ensuring heels don’t sink into the grass. You might not require a dance floor if you have a fully floored tent.

  • Sound Check

It might appear trivial, but examining the noise levels inside your wedding tent could mean the difference between a flawless event and one where guests leave with ringing in their ears. We advise clients to collaborate with their DJ or band to make sure that the music throughout dinner is at a level that allows guests to talk while dancing to produce a celebration ambiance.

5.Integrate your tent into your Wedding design

Decorating Your rental tent is a huge ticket item, so it should be central to the general wedding design. For instance, for a more conventional wedding, we recommend a frame tent comprising custom ceiling draping to produce a ballroom feel while a sailcloth tent suits a coastal style wedding and can give an effortless elegance.

You should equally consider the light fixture style; rattan pendants, crystal chandeliers, and wrought iron lanterns. Each will influence the feel and look of the wedding design. You can use wood flooring in a more rustic theme. You could even enhance the texture of a coastal wedding by using sisal.

6.Understand the Venue’s Rules

You should know that various venues have different rules. While some will permit you to stake into the ground directly, others won’t. Some will even permit you to place flooring on the grass, while others won’t. To avoid any clashes, understand your venue’s rules.

Mistakes to Avoid when hosting a Tented Wedding

  • Obtaining quotes without performing site inspection first

Once you’ve determined the number of attendees, it tempting to just walk into a rental store and make your booking. Although you might get away with it, in most instances, it’s disastrous. You’ll understand that the right tent doesn’t just depend on the guest number. Rather, it’s dependent on the weather as well.

To avoid the wrong tent rental, request our experts to visit your site. We’ll inspect the venue and propose a tent that’s not just ideal for the soil. We’ll consider the wind conditions and your event’s overall theme.

  • Last-minute bookings

Numerous companies rent tents, so you might be tempted to visit a rental company a day before your special day. This is wrong. Although numerous companies exist, only a few might have your desired tents in stock. When you’re in a hurry, you’ll find yourself paying considerable money-typically twice or thrice the normal cost. If you intend to host the event throughout peak party days, book your tent at least one year before your big day. However, if it’s going to take place outside this season, book at least 90 days ahead.

While the practicality of rental tents is great for the planning procedure, it’s the design elements that matter the most. To attain a cohesive aesthetic that mirrors your vision and integrates your tent seamlessly, consider our reliable tent company.