7 Tips For Outdoor Weddings And Tent Receptions

Using a 40 x 100 wedding tent for your big day is such a good idea. It offers you the chance to have a truly unique day, outdoors in a venue unlike any other. Like any other venue though, you’ll need some tips to help you get the most out of it. Here are 7 tips for your outdoor weddings, to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.


  1. Check Out The Venue Before You Book Your Tent

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If you’re looking to use a tent in your wedding plans, you’ll need somewhere to put it. Some people will use a tent in their backyards, but others will need a venue to place it in. This also is a plus if you want a weddings surrounded by nature. Where better than an outdoor venue surrounded by plant life?

Before you go ahead and book that 30 x 100 tent, you’ll need to visit the venue and ask some questions. Some venues will have rules on which kind of tent they’ll allow on property, or limit the size of the tent used. Ask them what they will and won’t allow, so you’ve got an idea of what kind of tent to get for the big day.

When you’re there, check out the space that you’ll have. Is it going to be big enough for the tent you have in mind? Is there enough space for stakes to hold it down? You want to know all this before you book.

  1. Ensure You Have The Right Numbers

It’s always important that your guests RSVP, as you want to have the right numbers for your wedding day. If you’re planning a tent weddings, it’s doubly important. That’s because the number of guests you have will dictate how large your tent is going to be.

When you have your numbers, talk to your tent vendor. They’ll help you decide how big your tent will need to be, in order to fit everyone comfortably inside.


  1. Decide On The Type Of Tent You Want

You’ll have a choice between two broad types of tent. The one you pick is very much down to your personal needs, but it’s important that you pick the one that suits you best.

The first choice is the pole style tent. These offer a swooping roof that will look amazing both inside and outside of the tent. These tents are held up by poles, giving them their name. That does mean you’ll have poles throughout the tent. Some see them as an obstacle, while they’re not a problem for others.

The other style is the frame tent. These are held up by a frame, so you won’t need poles to hold them up. They come in rigid sizes, but can be put together in a modular style if you need a larger tent. If you need a clear space all the way through the tent, this is for you.


  1. Pick Out A Style And Theme

The real joy of using a wedding tent is that you can decorate however you like. There are so many ways you can make the venue your own, so start thinking about how it will look now. What is the theme of your tent going to be? Many couples like to bring greenery inside, to bring the outdoors into the tent.

Others like to create luxury decorations inside the tent, including full sized sofas and mirrors lining the walls. However you decorate your tent, you’ll want to ensure that it’s unique to you.


  1. Consider The Weather

The great thing about having your wedding in a 40 foot wide tent is that you can hold the weddings outside, no matter what the weather is like. You’ll need to have a good idea of what the weather is going to be like though, as this can affect the tent itself.

If you’re holding the wedding in the height of summer, it’s going to get hot and stuffy in there. In the winter, it’s going to be cold. The great thing is you can rent heating or air conditioning services for your tent. Talk to your tent vendor, as they can probably provide those services to you along with your tent for the day.


  1. Plan For Rain

No matter what the weather forecast is like, there is the possibility of rain on the big day, so you need to be prepared. Most tents are set up to prevent rain from getting in, so that won’t be a problem. However, water can get in in other ways, so you’ll need to think about how you’re going to stop water getting in and your guests getting wet.

Many couples choose to provide umbrellas to their guests, so they can get in and out of the tent without getting wet. Pick flooring that has grooved floorboards, as these are angled downwards to allow water to trickle down to the ground. You can even set up a tent ‘corridor’ so guests won’t have to walk through wet weather to get to the tent itself.


  1. Think About Your Lighting

Finally, you need to consider how you’re going to light your tent. You’ve got lots of options here, so pick something that works for you. Some like to use string lights everywhere, creating a soft glow. They’re also great for wrapping around poles. Others like to go all out and use a chandelier to light the tent. Lanterns with LED candles in them are another great choice.

They’re all good options, so take a look at inspiration online, and see if anything catches your eye. The right lighting will look amazing in your tent, so pick something that looks good to you.

These seven tips will ensure that you’ll get just the right tent for your weddings day. Scope out the spot you want to place your tent in, get the sizing right, and decorate it however you wish. It’s sure to be to a day that no one will forget.

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