Having a wide selection of business tents would be an important goal for your business for marketing purposes.

You cannot just buy tents and hope they will be good enough as business tents. You should do your own research and understand your market.

You also need to market to the right demographic. You should not be marketing to the general public but only to the demographics that can actually buy tents.

If you’re looking for good business tents, you should definitely check these products out:

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One of the most important things that buyers look for is the number of available items. The more items to choose from, the better the buying experience. Just make sure not to overanalyze your position.

Select your target market and decide which design is perfect for it.

Consider the following when making a purchase.

Permanent or Temporary?

There are commercial tents that are intended for medium to long-term use while there are others that are intended for short-term use.

What size?

There’s also the matter of size to consider, you definitely want to have a large portfolio when it comes to sizes because clients will come with different size needs.

What styles do you want to offer?

When it comes to canopies, you have a single layer, double layer, and even transparent canopies.

This article will look at the different types of tents available the different types of accessories that can come with distance and how to select the right type of commercial tent for your business.

Types of Frames of Business Tents Available For Your Marketing Needs

The commercial tent industry has been evolving into more sophisticated designs that are easier to set up. This is due to the competitive market in the tent industry.

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The high-peak tent

clean tent

This is the close form of a commercial tent and the easiest one to come across. It consists of a structure that is typical of a commercial tent but with a high peak.

They can have a central pole which serves the purpose of providing additional load-bearing capacity for the frame and increasing the stability of the structure. The central pole is not a requirement though.

The pole tent requires additional anchoring in cases of adverse weather such as strong winds and rains. This additional anchoring is achieved through strappings on the side and staking to the ground.

The typical use of this type of commercial tent is to set it up on a soft surface such as grass because it’s not ideal to use it on hard surfaces such as paving which will involve drilling into the paving and lead to physical damage.

tent with good range

The frame tent

The frame tent consists of a frame that does the entire load-bearing on the frame itself. It does not need additional center poles to assist in load-bearing. You will not get the high peaks you can get with pole tents but what you get is a much clearer view.

The lack of internal obstructions means that there is a clear line of sight from virtually anywhere in the tent to the central and focal points of the events.

There is also more efficient space usage because you do not have to work around internal obstructions.

The fact that the frame tent does not require additional anchoring makes it more versatile in that it can be used on a wide variety of surfaces from soft ones to hard ones without causing any damage to the surfaces.

The frame tent is also more stable and nowadays incorporates better materials. You find frame canopy tents made of anodized aluminum which is a very light but very strong material and can resist corrosion.

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The clear-span tent

The clear-span tent gets its name from the fact that there are absolutely no obstructions between the span and the width of the tent. It is pitched on a foundation and is intended for medium to long-term usage.

The clear-span tent has the lowest roof of the three tents but also the widest width. It also provides a very clear line of sight from any point of a tent with no obstructions inside. This tent is usually used in large structures such as warehouses and hangars.

Pop up tent

easy to assemble tent

This is the simplest of commercial tents and is usually a good starting idea when you’re still learning about pop up canopy tents. It is easy to use does not need any tools to assemble and usually folds up like an accordion when you’re taking it down. It is ideally used in things like trade shows, kiosks, and other types of outdoor events.


There are different options available for you as a commercial tent supplier when it comes to canopies from a single layer, double layer, and transparent. The single layer and double layer are opaque and do not let any light in. The opaqueness also makes them ideal for branding which is a good idea because you want your business to get visibility from your tents.

A good tent manufacturer will provide you with the option of applying your business logo and other promotional material for the custom canopy of your tents.

You should also consider clear top tents or custom pop up canopy tent that are usually very popular with nighttime events. These clear tops let the guests enjoy the sun but they stay safe from the weather.


Commercial tents are available with a number of different accessories including sidewalls, doors, windows, draperies, and lighting effects. These features may be considered beneficial by clients who want to rent a tent so it’s good to have them in stock.

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If you value good marketing, custom printing for your canopy tent is a good option. Custom tent can be great for marketing purposes especially if you are in the business that deals with customers.

Setting up

easy to set up tent

As we mentioned earlier, some of these tents are meant for short-term use while others are for medium-term use, and others for long-term use. The pop-up tent is meant to be very portable and very easy to set up in locations such as trade fairs. The pole tent needs to be set up on a soft surface where it can be staked to build a stronger form.

The frame tent is the most versatile because it can be set up on any surface while the clear span tents require more skill and expertise to set it up for medium to long-term use.

In summary, if you’re considering purchasing a tent, you should consider the type of clientele you’re targeting and the applications where the tent can be used. The duration of the usage of the tent is also a very important factor to consider because different tents have different durations of use.

Having considered all these factors, a commercial tent is a good thing to have in your inventory if you’re involved in the events hosting industry or commercial tent rental business.

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