A high peak tents offers the beauty of a pole tent, but with the unhindered interior of a frame tent. They feature a suspended center pole reinforced by cables. This tent falls under the classification of a tension tent. It’s highly portable like a conventional pole tent and is resistant to great winds due to its aerodynamic design.

We recommend these tents for weddings and other events where you desire an elegant appearance. Although they’re more costly, these tents command admiration. We find that the tents also offer an ideal solution where you expect long-term installation. Here’s a look at the benefits of these tents.

Features of High Peak Tents

This tent is a cross between the pole and frame tent. It seeks to give a stunning appearance of a high-pitch pole tent without center poles. Tent sizes begin at 20×20 feet and you can configure them in an infinite number of dimensions and layouts.

They require a minimum of 5ft around the perimeter for appropriate anchoring. Tent layouts can differ widely based on landscape limitations, the size of the guest list, and the activities you’ve planned within the tent. Our specialists will collaborate with you to establish the available options.


Ability to host massive numbers

When hosting an event for a huge number of people, air circulation is one of the biggest challenges. The bigger the ground to ceiling clearance, the better the air circulation you can expect in the structure.

Consequently, these tents are extremely beneficial as structures for accommodating large numbers of people. We find that the large clearance is convenient when the tent holds huge pieces of equipment.

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Convenient Design

The tent’s design eradicates the need for a longer, discernible framework used in a west-coast style tent. We recommend this type because their simple chic design permits easy storage and transportation. Moreover, they allow for easy setup; most require just two people and we can set it up in half the time of a traditional tent.

With fewer components than a traditional tent, there’s decreased take down and installation times along with the cost of handling and shipping.

Setup on different surfaces

These tents permit us to set up on pavement, cement, or grass. Bear in mind however that extra charges might apply for weighted blocks.

Spaciousness and flexibility

The tents offer an unhindered open area and an extra way to include decorations or lighting options. Moreover, our high peak tents provide an open, spacious feeling. The set up further gives several options and can generate space huge enough to accommodate 200 guests together with a dance floor and food tables.

If you’re looking to host a birthday party or outdoor wedding, our tents feature a flexible setup and design so you can have what you require for guest accommodation. Most people presume that the only way of providing space for a huge group is by renting a huge pole tent with an ordinary rectangular shape and center poles. These tents provide similar space as older-style pole tents without any obstructions.

Components of High Peak Tents

Depending on the width, this tent typically comprises an aluminum tubular that’s usually 2-3 inches in diameter. Typically, the 2 or 3-inch tubing works on the legs and spreaders on the four sides. On widths that surpass 20 inches, a double tube works for extra support on all spreaders and legs as well as hip rafters and rafters.

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Based on the width or size of the tent, you’ll find two diameter cables crossed together and interconnect each other in the center and are joined to four specifically designed fittings. This tent also constitutes laminated vinyl along with fire retardant and UV inhibitors.

Typically, the mast pole’s length controls the tent’s height. These tents are taller compared to other kinds of tents and tend to be more noticeable from afar. We find them extremely popular not just due to their height but they equally feature graceful and smooth curves that emit some elegance.

Mistakes to avoid when hiring tent rentals

Last-minute bookings

While numerous companies rent tents, not all have the type of tents you want. When you’re in a hurry to secure tents, be ready to pay a considerable price, typically twice or thrice the normal cost. If you intend to host the event throughout peak months, we recommend you book at least a year before the scheduled date. However, if you’ll have the event outside peak seasons, it’s sufficient to book 90 days ahead.

Obtaining quotes without performing a site inspection

Once you recognize the number of guests who’ll attend the event, you might be tempted to just walk into a rental store and make an order. While you could get away with this, it could end up being disastrous in most instances.

Remember, the appropriate tent doesn’t just depend on the number of guests. The environment matters as well. You should request experts from the rental company to visit your site. This way, you’ll avoid renting the wrong tent.

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When you hire us, we’ll inspect your venue and propose a tent that’s not only perfect for the grounds. We’ll also factor weather conditions and the event’s theme.

Overlooking the extra supplies

If you’re having a one or two-hour event under the appropriate weather conditions, you can rent a simple tent. However, if you’re looking to host guests for several hours, we recommend a special tent that needs some extras to keep your guests comfortable and happy.

You’ll require extras like flooring, a sidewall, chairs draping, and generators. If the event is taking place under wet conditions, obtain a temporary floor that will make it convenient for guests to walk. If your guests will dance, consider a dancing floor.

Beware that the additional supplies could get out of control and become more costly than the rental tent. To decrease the cost of renting them, we recommend you hire from the same rental company you’re renting the tent. You’ll have a chance to secure a considerable discount if you do this.

High peak tents offer various benefits for whichever event you’re hosting. If you’re looking to rent quality and durable tents, we have what you need.