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If you are thinking about graduation party tent decorating ideas for your family, friends, and guests, you are in the right place. Graduation day is the culmination of four years of hard work and studies.

As a graduate, this day brings a sense of pride, accomplishment, and the door to new. Exciting adventures in both continuing studies and life.

At Economy Tent International (ETI), we know how important this day is. This is why we showcase the latest our latest tents:

As with any outdoor event, proper planning goes a long way.

Here are some essential decorating ideas for graduation tent parties:

graduation party tent decorating ideasChoose a graduation event theme

Before the decorating process begins, you must choose the right graduation party theme. What does the proud graduate like? Do you want sports themes, a masquerade party, or a formal function with banquet-style tables and décor? These are some questions that you should ask before decorating your tent.

Also, will you be adding college colors to the tent? How about traditional blue and white colors that capture that perfect scholarly look?

Sit down with your son, daughter, nephew, or niece, and discuss these essentials in great detail. Once you all decide on a chosen theme, you can get to work by decorating and designing the tent as desired.

Which tent decoration colors should you consider?

Add a splash of color to your graduation party with colorful tents and accessories. At ETI, our Trio Tents are available in 18 oz. solid colors and 30-inch stripes.

Here are some of the colors we feature for our tent covers:

  • Yellow, Dark Green, and Yellow White.
  • Black, Orange, Green, and Blue/White.
  • Gray, Rust, Navy Blue, and Green/White.
  • Beige, Red, Royal Blue, and Red/White.
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The color scheme you choose should correlate with the overall theme of the graduation. This is essential to truly make your outdoor graduation party ideas into reality. For example, dark green and green tents go great with graduation parties with earthy or old-school hippie themes.

In contrast, the Red/White tents are perfect for sporty ideas, while the Gray tents are ideal for laid-back, casual family graduation parties.

school colorsDon’t forget the balloons

Balloons speak for fun and happiness no matter what your theme is. Our tents can easily hold large helium balloons that can be released when needed.

Similarly, our sturdy covers are ideal for taping balloons along the interior or exterior walls.

We recommend personalized lettered balloons like “Congratulations!” “Your time is now!” or “Good luck, graduate!”. You can even purchase balloons with colors similar to your chosen tent – or go for contrasting colors for that perfect balance.

Balloons are highly-decorative and versatile and add fun to any outdoor event. Our tents even make the perfect archways for balloons – string them together and attach them where needed. You can add helium-filled balloons to chairs or tables as decorative elements for centerpieces.


event dance floor

Create a memorable centerpiece

Every outdoor function needs a focal point or centerpiece. Our tents are aesthetically-pleasing and offer visual charm for any graduation party. They are also wind-resistant, water-resistant, and easy to assemble and disassemble when no longer in use.

Still, a large graduation cap makes the perfect centerpiece inside or outside the tent. The cap is also ideal for hiding party favors under it and is a great way to interact with your attendees.

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You can make smaller graduation caps and place them over drink pitchers, bottles, and beverages. It establishes uniformity and consistency with the event.


party ideas to consider

Use ETI tents as backdrops for photo collages

Our popular outdoor tents are not relegated to keeping your guests cool and comfortable for any outdoor party. They can also serve as backdrops for photos and walls for photo collages. How about a collage of pictures of the graduate from the day he or she was born to graduation day? That is the perfect way to celebrate the graduate’s life and educational journeys.

Simply pin a string of photos to the interior of the tent, and you are set. This is great for guests that want to mingle and congratulate the graduate – while celebrating his or her journey to this landmark moment. You can also add lighting accents or string lighting to illuminate this “memory walk” if the event goes deep into the night.


gather your friends and family with our graduation party tent

Create a graduation photo booth inside the tent

In addition to photo collages, how about a graduation photo booth inside the tent? This is a great idea for taking photos with family members, friends, and fellow students. Simply cordoned off a small area within the tent with a backdrop that correlates with the party’s theme.

You can also add props like wigs, fake mustaches, caps, eyeglasses, and other fun-filled items to capture these special moments on photos.

At ETI, we take care of your outdoor parties with tents that are large enough for tables, chairs, photo booths, dance floors, bandstands, DJ booths, and other necessities. Our tents are designed to give your guests optimal viewing without obstacles or hurdles.

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Our dedicated team can even help you with space allocation and the best tips for ensuring ample room inside the tent.

Add Memory Screens inside the tentpaper plates lawn games inside the tent

How about a video presentation on a large screen of the graduate’s best memories? This is a day to celebrate his or her’s educational and personal accomplishments in life. Adding a memory screen with looping videos and photo presentations is the best ways to capture those special moments in the graduate’s life.

You can also decorate your tents with drapery and college banners hanging on the sidewalls or roof. Adding pillars or arches to the entryway will add some formal flair to your event as well. You can even place flags, garlands, textures, and so many decorative elements inside and outside your graduation party tent.

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guest list huge milestone graduationEconomy Tent International has been serving the graduation party tent needs of students and their families for over a decade.

ETI is your one-stop shop for everything tent, and that includes graduation tents. We understand that this is a special time for you and your family, and we will do everything we can to make sure that your party is an event to remember.

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