If you’re planning to host your special day in the great outdoors then part of what you need for that unforgettable alfresco wedding is a wedding tent. With a 40 X 100 square foot wedding tent, you can comfortably seat 180 guests and have enough room for a bar and buffet.

Weddings are very special events and a lot goes into their planning. There are so many reasons why a 40 X 100 wedding tent could be the thing that transforms your fresco wedding to experience your guests will not forget about.

Buying versus renting

The question of whether to buy or rent your wedding tent for that alfresco wedding is dependent on a number of factors which will briefly look at.

How often you want to use it

Purchasing a wedding tent only becomes a worthwhile investment if you intend to use it multiple times. If you’re in the event planning business, having a 40 X 100 wedding tent as part of your inventory will enable you to offer your clients a complete package when it comes to hosting outdoor events.

Renting a 40 X 100 wedding tent

If you want a tent for your wedding then it is advisable to simply rent one because the number of times you will use it does not warrant the cost of purchasing one. You will also not have to deal with the logistics of where to pitch it long-term or long-term storage.

wedding tent

Advantages of a 40 X 100 wedding tent

Protection from the weather

Wedding tents will provide you with a large degree of insulation from weather changes. It gives insurance against unforeseen changes in the weather. And with a wedding being a one-time event, you don’t want to risk your special day.

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A wedding tent protects your guests from extreme elements of the weather like rain, wind, cold, and heat.

When it comes to cold and heat, the 40 X 100 will allow you a large measure of climate control. You can order a wedding tent with doors and windows that you can open or close depending on the climatic conditions.

Decorating your wedding tent

A 40 X 100 Wedding tent provides you with a blank canvas for creating the vision of what your wedding needs to be. Wedding tents are deployable structures, so you simply select the specific outdoor location and have your tent pitched there.

There are different tent designs like pole tents, frame tents, high peak tents all of which bring out a different ambiance. You can use a combination of draperies and creating lighting for additional effects.

You can have your outdoor wedding at any time of the year

A 40 X 100 wedding tent is as good as a brick-and-mortar structure that you can deploy in whichever venue you want. Clear span wedding tents and frame tents are designed to withstand very harsh weather elements.

With some of these tent designs, you can include a floor that keeps your guest’s feet and shoes dry. So you don’t have to worry about holding your wedding during the rainy season or even the incredibly hot summer.

During the hot summer, you can wire up your tent to power an HVAC unit to control the climate within your tent.

Wide accessory options

wedding tentWhen you rent a 40 X 100 from A reputable event planning company that has many years of experience organizing outdoor weddings, they will have a very large portfolio of course accessories for you to consider.

So when you’re getting your tent from them, you will find everything you need including tables, chairs, the upholstery for the chairs and tables, lighting, etc. So these companies handle all the logistical challenges for you.

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And because you’re getting all these facilities from them, you can negotiate for discounts.

Wedding tents reduce your venue costs

Another key advantage of selecting a 40 X 100 wedding tent rather than a brick-and-mortar building is that these tents are cheaper to rent. The availability of wedding rentals is much higher than that of buildings.

With a wedding rental, you select the size of the tent based on the number of guests you’re planning to host. The cost of the tent is proportional to its size. If you’re renting out a building the cost would be fixed regardless of the number of people he wanted to host

So in conclusion, wedding rentals are an important part of hosting a successful outdoor wedding.