Brand exposure is everything for an existing or upstart commercial entity. After all, the goal of most companies is to attract, entice, and engage new clients and customers. At Economy Tent International (ETI), we understand the importance of marketing your brands, products, and services to mass customers. This is why we showcase a myriad of durable tents that are ideal for product launches, team-building functions, and even trade shows and events.

Studies show that branded party tents help boost exposure and visibility for companies of all sizes. Promotional tents help extend your brands’ reach to visitors and event attendees. They also serve as focal points for business functions, which increase engagements via standout displays. Our Classic Plus Series is perfect for branded events since they are versatile and attractive with high-quality aesthetics. You can customize the tent with marketing collateral that attracts and engages potential clients and customers.

We feature both a 30-foot wide tent and a 40-foot wide tent for optimal mobility and space allocation. These tents are the perfect way to maximize your company’s exposure, especially at outdoor trade shows or industry gatherings. Add attractive banners, balloons, promotional video screens, buffet tables, chairs, tables, banners, and most anything you need to showcase your business in its best light.

Why should you consider branded tents?

Most companies want to become or stay competitively viable. While many brands have sound online digital marketing campaigns in place, several of them forget the importance of tangible accessories for trade shows and team-building events. From marquees and canopies to tents of all sizes, ETI remains an industry leader with stellar reviews and ratings. Our tents have passed stringent requirements and tests before going to market. With user-friendly assembling and disassembling, we assist our new and existing clients with everything they need for their branded events.

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Here are a few more reasons why you should consider adding ETI’s tents to your marketing/advertising inventory:

  • Our engineered Classic Plus Frame System is ideal for significant events like weddings, receptions, and corporate functions. We showcase an attractive 40 x 100 wedding tent that is perfect for nuptials and reception ceremonies. With elegant, lavish, and durable features, these tents will always meet your event needs within time and budget.
  • No matter the theme of your event, our 40 x 100 frame tent is perfect for optimal space and enjoyment. These tents can withstand gusty winds up to 75mph and available in a range of solid colors and 30-inch stripes.
  • Host, a fun-filled event with a tent, keeps all your guests and attendees cool and comfortable on sunny days. Our canvases are waterproof and stand up to all types of harsh, inclement weather.
  • The High-Peak style adds a significant effect to your branded tent. Design and decorate this popular tent as needed with floral arrangements, lighting accents, interior wall mounts, LED TVs, welcoming marquees, product display stands, and anything related to your event.


Which tent should I consider for my branded event?

Our TRIO series features three versatile cover styles. These include Traditional, High-Peak, and Tension. We featured detailed tent information with images and specifications for your review. Our dedicated team is always available to answer your product-related questions or concerns. All three TRIO styles are also available in 10-feet, 15-feet, and 20-feet widths for smaller branded functions.

ETI features mid extensions that expand your tents to larger lengths. These units are available for TRIO and CLASSIC PLUS tents with expandable designs. This cements the fact that our tents are highly versatile and easy to customize to meet your event needs. You can also take your business to new heights with tents that are designed to engage the masses. All our tents are perfect for traditional showrooms, but it’s essential to measure the areas before assembling the tents. This way, you get optimal space allocation with enough room around the perimeters of the tent.

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The Classic Plus tents are great for community fairs, family reunions, or neighborhood socials. They are unique in design, welcoming, and very good for marketing or advertising collateral. In fact, they 30’ wide tents feature double-tube corner rafters with 2” mid-rafters and 2” sidebars. Our 40’ wide tents include double-tune corner rafters, double-tube mid-rafters, and 2” sidebars. With so many choices available, ETI remains committed to excellence in achieving all your desired results.


What tent is suitable for smaller events?

Branded events are not relegated to large corporate gatherings or trade shows. It’s always a good idea to have a theme for your event, no matter how big or small. However, for smaller events with a few attendees, we recommend our XP Series. These tents feature fewer parts than traditional frame tents for faster installations. There are no tools needed for assembly with interchangeable parts between sizes.

The XP Series gives the illusion of a larger tent with 10’, 15’, and 20’ sizes available. As always, you can design and decorate these tents for branded parties or business events. These units will increase your brand exposure and visibility in a cost-effective manner. With its sleek, high-peak design, the top of these tents can be seen from long distances. This is perfect for crowded trade shows where vibrant, eye-catchy displays tend to stand out from the rest.

Remember, the more visibility your company gets – the higher the leads, profits, and revenue. Our tents are cost-affordable, easy to use, and guaranteed to increase customer/client engagements. Event tents are large enough to accommodate your guests safely. Whether for outdoor or indoor events, ETI is synonymous with reliable tents for all occasions. Add these units to your advertising inventory for tradeshows, promotional events, or family functions

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For more information on branded tents, simply visit our website or contact us today.