Choosing Between 30 or 40 Foot Wide Tent for Your Next Occasion

You have a major event coming up and you’re ready to invest in a commercial tent that can be used for the occasion. With 30 and 40 foot wide tent you could host anything from small family gatherings to large weddings and even commercial events.

The trick to getting the best tent for your money is to think about size first. The size will influence the price, as well as the type of events that you can host. We’ve got some tips so that you can choose the right 30 or 40 foot wide tent size, no matter the occasion.

Some Basic Guidelines for Getting the Perfect Wide Tent Size

Before we consider some of the basic tent sizes, we need to consider why size is important. It’s more than just being able to fit all of your guests. Safety and convenience are also major concerns.

Tent size matters because:

  • It will determine how many guests you can safely accommodate.
  • It will influence the type of entertainment you can have.
  • Guests will feel more comfortable if they aren’t crammed into an undersized tent.
  • Local code may limit the number of people you can host, based on tent size.
  • Larger tents look more impressive, especially for weddings and other high-end events.

The size of the tent is not just something you have to think about – it is the most important thing you will think about ahead of your event. It’s a make-or-break decision, so you need to get things right. Choose a tent that’s too small and you could run into code violations and leave guests unhappy. Choose a tent that’s too big, and you might spend more than you need to, which will take away from the budget that you could put into things like catering and entertainment.

Use These Simple Figures to Choose the Perfect Tent for Any Event

tent for hospitals You don’t need to use any complex calculations to choose the right tent size. If you start with some basic numbers, you’ll have a foolproof formula to follow any time that you are buying or renting a commercial tent.

  • For private parties at home or in public spaces, such as wedding and garden parties, you’ll need at least 15 square feet for every guest in attendance. This allows for enough space for catering stands, chairs, and tables. Simply multiply your number of guests by 15, and that’s exactly how much floor space you will need (minimum) for a successful event. Of course, you could always add extra room, which might even be necessary if you’re going to include a dance floor, a stage, a DJ booth, or any other special features. Sometimes it’s worth going all the way up to a 40 x 100 frame tent if you think you will be able to make use of the space.
  • For cocktail parties where guests will be mostly standing, sitting at high bar-style tables, and socializing, you can work with about 10 square feet for every guest. Since you won’t need all the additional space for catering and formal dining like you would at a wedding, you can usually get away with a smaller tent than expected.
  • For seating where guests will be arranged in rows for presentations, seminars, wedding ceremonies (not receptions), prizegiving, and other events, you could work with around 8 square feet per guest.

The above suggestions can be used to get a good idea of the size of tent that you will need for your upcoming event. Remember that these are basic guidelines, and the actual formula could change depending on how many tables you add, how much space you want between tables and chairs, and how much space you need for entertainment, a dance floor, and other features.

If you want to be exact, talk to an event planner or party furniture rental company. You’ll be able to get exact dimensions for chairs, tables, and other items. You can use these to calculate how much floor space you will use. An event planner will even take care of this step for you and will make a recommendation for the tent size, whether it be a 40 x 100 frame tent or any other configuration.

It’s Worth Investing in a 40 x 100 Wide Tent That Can Adapt to Your Needs

party It’s common to see 40 x 100 tents used for professional and DIY events, but what if you need something bigger or smaller. There are frame systems available that will give you the flexibility to change up the configuration according to your needs.

Economy Tent International is one of the most trusted manufacturers of 40 x 100 frame tents. The Classic Plus™ frame system is particularly popular thanks to its semi-modular design nature. The basic frame size is 30 x 30 feet, however, tents are also available in 40 foot wide tent configurations. With modular mid-sections, the tent could be expanded to become a 40 x 100 tent, or even longer.

With cross bracing, Classic Plus™ tents can resist wind loads up to 75 miles per hour. A system like this means being able to customize a basic tent no matter the event. Classic Plus™ tents are popular with rental companies, events companies, businesses, and discerning private buyers who often host family events and want solutions that will last for many years to come.

The Perfect Tent Size for Any Occasion

We’ve given you the basic figures to choose the perfect tent size for any occasion. With a manufacturer like Economy Tent International, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to get a reliable commercial tent solution that can be used for weddings, reunions, commercial events, private parties, and any occasion that you can imagine. Reliable commercial tents turn any outdoor location into the perfect party venue.