Trio Tents are ideal for any outdoor or indoor event. These units are sturdy yet flexible with true versatility. As a global leader in tents for social functions, Economy Tent International (ETI) continues to receive excellent industry ratings and customer reviews. We manufacture a range of units specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Similarly, our tents are part of countless trade shows and promotional event inventories for numerous companies. This cements the fact that our units are aesthetically-functional and perfect for all types of parties and socials.

Why the Trio tent is excellent for all types of functions

The Trio Tent features three versatile covers: traditional, high-peak, and tension. This popular tent includes our signature, patented Trio° Frame System – one of the cornerstones here at ETI. With its versatile tent frames and covers, this unit is highly recommended for outdoor gatherings and events. The Trio is synonymous with wind-resistant features that protect your guests even in inclement weather.

This tent is not hard to set up and continues to be a favorite among new and returning customers. We also showcase the following tents for your convenience:

Classic Plus

The Classic Plus ™ Frame System is meticulously engineered for optimal safety and coverage. Choosing a tent for your next indoor or outdoor event in Miami should be of paramount importance. After all, you would want a unit that can seamlessly blend in with any event theme or design. The Classic Plus is a tent that never obstructs the views of your guests and attendees. Event participants are assured maximum coverage from gusty winds – especially in outdoor settings. The Classic Plus also has cover mids, which allow for expansion whenever the need arises.

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The Marquee frame tent is also an ideal choice for events that have entryways or extensions. While not usually a tent for large outdoor gatherings, this unit can be installed on entrances to protect your guests from harmful UV rays. Marquees are compatible with the Trio® Frame System and perfect for outdoor brick-and-mortar stores or kiosks with entrances.

More Benefits of Trio Tents

When it comes to the Trio Tents, you have a choice of a traditional tent, high peak tent, and tension tent styles. Each tent is fitted with our signature Trio° Frame System – known for its durability and performance. With sun-proof and wind-resistant features, your guests will always feel cool and comfortable under the tent. The Trio can be expanded to meet your event needs – even for indoor events. Here are a few more perks of the Trio Fram System:

  • The Trio is engineered and tested to withstand winds up to 75 mph.
  • The Trio is a Kentucky Model approved tent and system.
  • It is equipped with a convenient fail-safe steel snap button assembly.
  • Features 6005 T-6 anodized marine aluminum, along with 1 8/4” outside diameter. Similarly, it includes a 1/8” wall thickness with an exclusive alignment line.
  • Tents feature anodized marine aluminum with durable wall thickness and large outside diameters.
  • Customers are ensured color-coded end caps for easy identification of tubing lengths and easy maintenance with dirt protection.
  • Trio Tents features fail-safe steel snap button assembly for added strength, durability, and longevity.

What about High-Peak tents for Event?

High-peak tension tents do not use center poles like other tents. Instead, they feature elevated centers with easy-to-install poles resting on frame tensions and cross cables. This secures the traditional appeal of a pole tent but with the functionally and performance of a frame tent. Here are some more benefits of using high peak tents for your next outdoor social event:

  • These tents are durable, stable, and stand up to inclement weather conditions.
  • High peak tents can be used for years to come with proper maintenance. They are designed to withstand the strains and stresses of heavy use over the years.
  • These units are easy to set up and put away when no longer in use. They should be a part of your outdoor tent inventory, especially if you host a lot of business functions or team-building events throughout the year.
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Advantages of high peak tents

High-peak tents have a majestic appeal since they tower over any social function. These tents are an excellent choice for indoor events and feature solid colors and stripes. They, too, can withstand winds up to 75 mph and continue to be a popular tent for birthday parties, corporate events, team-building functions, weddings, receptions, family reunions, and more.

These units feature high ceilings that give your event a lot of space and freedom. The tents can also be designed as desired – both for interiors and exteriors. Since high peak tents do not require center poles for support, they never obstruct or hinder the views of your event guests and attendees. At ETI, we showcase double, single, and multiple peak tents for any outdoor or indoor event. We do recommend measuring the area where the tent will be put up. Consider a perimeter that has enough space, so your guests do not feel crowded and claustrophobic.

Find  the perfect tent for your next event

Finding the right tent is not hard at Economy Tent International. We feature detailed information and images on all our tents. We are always here to answer your questions or concerns. With a highly-dedicated team, ETI is committed to excellence in meeting all your tent needs. This includes set up and dismantling, along with helping you measure the desired areas for tent erection.

If looking for an ideal tent for outdoor or indoor events, contact ETI today. Our tent specialists are here to assist you with orders, tent questions, accessories, and much more. You can also visit our website to learn more about our cost-effective tents today.

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