Client Success Stories

Almost 70 years of excellence in the industry does make a difference for our clients.

“One thing I can’t stress enough about Economy Tent is that I never felt as if I was being given a sales pitch or being ‘sold’ something by them. They just simply answered questions and helped in any way possible. I think it’s a great way to do business and it’s the way we also choose to do business. I am looking forward to continued growth with our tent business and purchasing many more tents and accessories from Economy Tent –one of the best business partners we have ever had!”

Darrin Shifrel – Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals | Orlando, FL


“Economy Tent is the reason for my success. Their sales team and superior products have made my business shine and stand out from my competitors. The ease at which their tents go up and down saves me time and money. I could not be any happier with the service they provide me and my company.”

Moss Duvall – Pelican Tents & Events | Shreveport, LA


“We use Economy Tent for one reason – we make money with them. There is no better alternative when searching for a small tent system than Economy’s Trio System. The Economy Tent system is easy to use, lightweight and durable. We inventory over 160 of their tents and I could not be more pleased with their product. The ease of set up allows for faster training of crews and faster set ups and takedowns, which makes you money.”

Michael Fitzwater – Special Events Entertainment, Inc. | Portsmouth, VA


“We are so grateful for the superb tent manufacturing and customer service offered by Economy Tent International. Having inventory available at a moment’s notice has enabled us to guarantee great quality and quick service to our clients. Having Economy Tent as our ally in the marketplace has made a difference in our growth and success.”

Arthur Ortega – Prestige Event Services, Inc. | Miami, FL


“We have found the quality of the products to be beautiful and we always receive compliments for our tents and accessories. Their experience in the industry and wide range of product is outstanding. I highly recommend Economy Tent International to everyone because they are a huge part of our success and I’m sure they provide the same level of service and quality to all of their partners.”

Anvar Yusupov – Prestige Party Rentals | Kew West, FL


“In terms of versatility, the Trio® line of frame tents is unbeatable. The additional frame support provides the opportunity to sell add-ons like liners and specialty lighting, increasing revenue on each rental. We’ve been extremely happy with Economy Tent’s products and customer service and how they have helped grow our new business quickly. We look forward to purchasing more Economy Tent products in the coming years.”

Drew Sorrell – Goodwin Event Rentals | Greensboro, GA