When it comes to event planning, even the most festive and fascinating décor won’t do much if your guests are sweltering. Although air conditioning can cool commercial tents effectively, the cost can be expensive for some occasions.

While we wouldn’t want your guests to be uncomfortable and sweaty, it’s equally important that you obtain the best return on investment while decreasing expenses. It’s worth noting that choosing appropriate heating or cooling equipment is vital to your event’s success. Here’s a look at some great tips on how to keep commercial tents for sale cool when it’s hot outside.

Cool Boxes

We recommend cool boxes, which you can position in your tent’s corner to maintain a cool atmosphere. What makes this option different from a conventional fan is that water evaporation makes your commercial tents feel like an ocean breeze.  That is, the air above becomes somewhat cooler because the water evaporates and cools the air.

While these stand-up boxes don’t protect against humidity, they typically oscillate, creating a generous air breeze that’s cooler than room temperature by 10 degrees.

Rental AC

If your commercial tents for sale are extra-large and want them exceptionally cool, we recommend this option. This option is more effective than fans and cool boxes. They work by pumping air conditioning directly into commercial tents Miami, generating a cool environment where you can enjoy your event regardless of the heat.

Find a Shade

It might not always be possible to decide where to position your commercial tents, but if it’s possible, seek shade. Tent erection under tall trees might not be possible and numerous rental companies wouldn’t want to risk tent damage from falling debris in case a storm arises.

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We recommend you determine whether there’s an embankment or structure that would offer shade. This will prevent your tent from heating while under the scorching sun.

Shade is the best way to avoid uncomfortable commercial tents for sale, so you want to select sites based on available shade. If your event is taking place during the day, but lack access to shade, we recommend you suspend ceiling drapes to obstruct as much heat and UV radiation as possible.

Avoid Paved Surfaces and Asphalt

It might be tempting to erect commercial tents Miami on leveled paved surfaces, but this is a mistake. You’ll discover the surface will end up being extremely hot because such surfaces store heat while radiating it throughout. Instead, we advise you to set up on soft turf.

Ceiling Fan Installation

The installation of ceiling fans will be easy if a stage-style mounting system exists in your tent. We recommend you position some ceiling fans along your tent’s centerline to maintain air circulation during the day. Any type of movement will be comfortable even if fans fail to cool the air.

Consider Circulation during Layout

Most of our clients aren’t aware of the relationship between cooling and layout. If your tent layout hinders entryways and ventilation, you’ll trap moist and warm air inside. Instead, we recommend a layout that permits optimum airflow.

The major aisle must run along from the main door, permitting warm air to pass and escape. Ensure guest seating is away from heat sources, for instance, lighting and audio-visual equipment.

We equally emphasize the need for using the right commercial tents for your event. Beware that a very small and overcrowded tent will make it virtually impossible to sustain a comfortable interior.

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Sidewall Opening

Another way of cooling your tent involves opening your tent’s sidewalls. You’ll discover how easy it is to open our tents’ sidewalls. Once the air cools down, you just need to shut the sidewalls. If it’s extremely hot, we suggest you take off the tent’s sidewalls and your guests will enjoy cool air throughout the tent.


If you’re erecting commercial tents Miami in your backyard, consider placing some sprinklers around the tents. The misting water won’t just keep guests cool; kids will have an opportunity to run around and burn some energy. We usually warn our clients to avoid positioning the sprinklers too close; otherwise, guests will end up being splashed.

Stand-alone Fans

If you find it extremely difficult to install ceiling fans or the tent isn’t high enough, we recommend you rent stand-alone systems to facilitate air circulation. We recommend you place the fans next to an opening to pull the air across and into the tent.

Evaporative Cooler

If the event is taking place in a dry climate, you might want to rent or purchase evaporative coolers to ensure guests remain comfortable. The benefit of these devices is that they’re more affordable to operate than AC units, making them a great option for enhancing your bottom line.

Typically, the same air undergoes recirculation within tents through ACs. These devices introduce fresh air while releasing air via natural ventilation around mesh sidewalls and doors. It’s worth noting that the energy you can potentially save with these devices isn’t trivial.

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Most high-efficiency devices just use 25% of the power of an AC. The only drawback is that it won’t be possible to depend on evaporative cooling in humid environments. If this technique doesn’t suit your occasion, consider other devices to enhance comfort and decrease the air temperature.

Choose the Right Tent

While including water elements and cooling devices will help maintain a cool tent during hot days, it’s equally important that you consider the type of tent you’re using. For instance, frame-style tents help maintain a cool temperature because they comprise block-out fabric. The unique material obstructs the sun, considerably decreasing the amount of heat penetrating a tent.

Consider a Terrace

There’s no need to stay in a tent during summer. Instead, you can take advantage of the weather and use terraces that link seamlessly to your rental tent. Some venues even offer covered terraces, which give events another dimension and help produce the ideal ambiance.

While planning an event, it’s easy to overlook guests’ comfort. Even if you plan other elements to the last detail and forget this aspect, your event will probably be unsuccessful. The last thing you want is to have guests complain about discomfort from the heat. Fortunately, these tips will help you determine the right means to keep your tent cool during hot days.