What Commercial Tents Features You Should be Looking For?

Commercial tents are designed to tolerate any weather conditions and accommodate a huge number of employees. They’re available in various designs, materials, sizes, and types including a high peak tent. After all, numerous factors play a role in establishing the tent that suits your brand best.

To obtain the best outcomes in your business, you must know how to select the right commercial tent. Here’s a look at the features you should consider in a commercial tent.

Ability to Meet Business Needs


If you’re looking to rent a tension tent for your business event, you’ll notice our tents don’t merely look appealing but are equally functional.

Insulation Ability

The main goal of a tent is to offer protection against the cold. You should select our commercial tent that’s fully lined with insulation to keep your staff warm throughout the night. To select the best high peak tent for your business, you must know its insulation. The principal idea behind selecting the appropriate foam material is that it must be able to tolerate extreme temperatures.


A common feature of commercial tents is storage. Some tents comprise double doors, allowing you to store office supplies and other things inside. A convenient two-way opening makes it easier to maintain a more orderly and safer office.

Remember, your business should offer clients a comfortable working setting to obtain maximum productivity. After all, employees are a significant business aspect. Therefore, you must prioritize their safety and comfort if you want them stress-free and happy.

A major attraction of these tents is the large storage area, which can be joined to the floor to prevent any issues with overhead wires. Remember, it’s important to have a closed and secure area.

Elegance and Durability

These tents are known for their elegance and durability. Keep in mind that the durability of a high peak tent depends on the quality of the material. Therefore, make sure you choose a tent whose material is resistant to high heat and stains. You must select durable materials to sustain your investment for years.

Types of Commercial Tents

Tension Tent

A tension tent offers a great choice for any event that gives an impression of an upscale occasion. While it’s still deemed a pole tent, the visual appeal and overall quality of this tent make it ideal for corporate events, weddings, or more elaborate functions.

To enhance an event’s prestige, we commonly see the installation of tent liners and custom chandeliers. When trying to determine whether this tent suits your business, our trained staff will help you make the best decision for your event.

When considering this tent for your event, you must keep several things in mind. To begin with, you’ll find some obstructions in the tent from the center poles that reinforce the canopy. Nonetheless, we recommend you cover the poles with a matching white vinyl to maintain clean interiors and a sophisticated look.

Since a tension tent needs extra staking to secure it to the ground, they need extra space for anchoring. These heavy-duty tents need professional installation on venues where staking is possible around the tent’s entire perimeter. Installation can occur on asphalt parking lots or lawn areas.

The most common sizes accessible for rental are 40” and 60” wide. The tent’s length will vary depending on the quantity and size of tent sections laced together to attain the space required for the occasion. Comprising lightweight yet sturdy tensile membrane, a tension tent offers a striking and distinct alternative to a traditional tent.

Since they have portable and adaptable features, they’re designed with a modular system. Furthermore, their uniqueness enables interior flexibility from quirky and distinct to sophisticated and elegant. Our clients also hire them for corporate parties and festivals because of their adaptable nature.

High Peak Tent commercial tent

A high peak tent makes a great commercial tent, not merely because of the charming aesthetics. Our clients rent these tents because of the extra internal space as well. Benefits of using these tents in your corporate event include:

Extra Internal Space

Pole tents need center poles, which are crucial to a tent’s aesthetics as well as structural integrity. On the other hand, high peak tents lack center poles. Rather, they have a center mast raised above the ground on tension cables; this gives the high peak appearance while the interior area remains free for more décor and space.

Easy Set up

A high peak tent setup can occur with two people if tent jacks are in use. You need a tent that offers versatility and these tents allow ease of ease, making them extremely versatile.

Setup can take Place Anywhere

You can set these tents up on virtually any surface. Since corporate events are continuously shifting over the years, it’s increasingly becoming important to be able to set up a tent almost anywhere. You can stake these tents into the ground and they don’t need ropes or stakes. You could anchor them with sandbags or water barrels.

Factors to Consider when Renting a Commercial Tent for an Event

Staff Number

You must identify the number of attendees in an event. If you’re expecting a huge attendance, you’ll require a huge tent. If you are uncertain about the tent sizing, our team of experts will gladly assist you. You wouldn’t want to hire a tent that’s too big only to end up wasting money or one that’s too small, leaving some staff out.

Commercial Tents on Budget

Before you start looking for a tent, you must have an idea of the amount you’re ready to spend. After all, rental companies price their tents differently based on the tent’s quality, size, company location, and other factors.

Ensure you don’t settle for the cheapest tent just to save money. In the end, you might end up spending even more. Beware that cheap tents lack support and typically have many faults. For instance, they could begin leaking when it rains.

Commercial tents are increasingly becoming popular, so you want to choose the right designs and materials carefully to ensure you have a comfortable and safe structure.