High-end occasions such as corporate events need high-end commercial flooring, which could make a big difference inside a 40 foot wide tent. We recommend temporary flooring, which can replicate the feel and look of a floor in a permanent venue.

Options such as engineered hardwood and vinyl tiles exist for tent flooring. When you include tent flooring, your guests will feel comfortable and you’ll improve the overall aesthetic. You can also use event flooring to protect the grass beneath the tent; this might be a strict prerequisite based on the location.

Depending on the tent, surface, and atmosphere you wish to create, we can help you choose the suitable flooring. If you’re looking to host a commercial event, here’s what you need to know about tent flooring options.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Tent Flooring

When contemplating about the flooring you require for your 40x 100 tent, you’ll have to consider what you’ll use it for and the location. For example, you might require it to offer an appropriate dancing space and to protect the grass beneath. We further recommend you choose a floor with the appropriate look.  Consider these factors when selecting your event flooring.


Consider the duration in which you’ll lay the flooring and the amount of use. When it comes to a dance floor, it will have to be sturdier than a walkway. On the other hand, a conference floor will be in use continuously, possibly for numerous days or weeks.


You might need to balance between the flooring’s appearance and its performance. You must measure practicality against the appearance and weigh up with functionality and cost.


You must establish the kind of surface you’ll lay the flooring. You must also establish whether the floor is supposed to protect people against falling on the concrete or protect the grass beneath. The installation of numerous flooring products can occur on hard, flat areas. However, things can get complex if the installation is taking place over a carpet.

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It’s important to note that outdoor installations might need some planning. You can install some products above irregular surfaces such as stones, grass, and dirt. Other flooring options however aren’t as versatile and might need hard flat surfaces.

If you’re in a position to select your flooring’s location, then we recommend a flat, solid surface to give you more flooring options. Nevertheless, if you’re dealing with irregular surfaces like sand or grass, we have choices to accommodate your unique situation.



Your budget might limit your options and this might affect selection for practical or aesthetic reasons.


Regardless of other factors you consider, you can’t afford to overlook safety. You might need to offer non-slip flooring, ramped access, and lighting in dark places. You must also factor the need for fire-resistant flooring.

Event Location

Your event’s location is perhaps the most important element that will determine the appropriate flooring options while eliminating those that don’t match your needs. Temporary flooring for occasions that will occur inside doesn’t have to endure environmental factors that will affect outdoor flooring.

Although some products are appropriate for outdoor and indoor installations, you must ensure that your chosen product is suitable for the environment. When considering the type of floor for your event, think about how the flooring will accommodate factors such as weather fluctuations, heavy rains and moisture, and UV rays.

The Activities that will take place on the Floor

Different kinds of temporary flooring are appropriate for and developed for various activities. For example, there’s a huge difference between the possible uses for impermanent dance floor and synthetic turf floorchoices.

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You must consider the kinds of activities that will occur on the floor. You’d have to consider whether you require a space that could also function as a dance floor or whether you’d benefit from something that provides ergonomic advantages for your corporate event.

We further recommend you consider the kind of shoes that the attendees will wear. Some kinds of flooring such as perforated tiles or artificial turf aren’t typically suitable for high heels. Create a list of the activities that will take place on the floor and use it for reference while exploring your choices.

Types of Flooring


When considering a tent rental, you might not consider a carpet because it seems somewhat odd to consider a carpet for a corporate event. However, it could add to your event considerably and its comfort and color are no exception.

You can staple or tape down carpeting throughout your 40×100 frame tent, offering a lush design. Your guests might forget they’re in a tent. In case you decide to opt for a carpet for your corporate event, you’ll find numerous designs and colors from which to choose. Therefore, you’ll find one that matches your event’s colors.


Another way of upgrading your tent is through tile flooring. This type can shimmer and shine, particularly when placed beneath an excellent source of lighting. If you’re hosting an event that requires your guests to come in business attire, you’ll want them to walk on a suitable surface.

Tile floor is available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. This implies that you have numerous options. Consider the vibe you’re trying to achieve with your occasion before making your tile selection because tile could help set the mood for your event. For instance, colored tiles can match your event’s colors while shimmering black tile appears classy and elegant; this is ideal for a black-tie affair.

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Flooring Wood Flooring

This simple flooring brings a feeling of comfort and warmth. It’s available in various shades and grain appearances. Wooden floor with a shiny appearance can provide a feeling of elegance. Conversely, dull floors can warm up your guests, making them feel as though the event is taking place in a cabin. These floors are extremely versatile and your decorations will determine whether you dress them up or down.

Plastic Flooring

If you’re celebrating a corporate party in winter or autumn, it’s sufficient to place plastic mats in the tent. Some of them have holes for protecting the underlying lawn. These tents are an excellent solution for short-term purposes, particularly in party tents.

Regardless of the event you’re hosting, don’t overlook the flooring when renting a corporate tent. If you don’t offer sufficient cover underfoot, the outcomes could be disastrous. As such, we recommend you pay attention to the flooring you choose.