Are you looking to buy a tent for your business? They’re a great investment, as they offer cover for outdoor events. With the warmer weather coming up, you’ll want to get a tent so you can take part in outdoor events happening in your area. What kind of tent should you be buying? Here’s a guide to some of the most common styles, and whether you should pick them up for your business.

Pop Up Tents

If you’re new to the world of commercial tents, then you may think that the cheapest option is the best for you. In some cases that’s true, but you’ll want to investigate them further before you pick one up for yourself.

The benefits of a pop-up tent are in their ease of use. When you get one, you won’t have to get any tools to help you put it up when you use it. These usually open up in an accordion style, so you can open it, set it up, and be ready to go.

Be aware though, pop up tents are not the sturdiest of tents. Due to their design, they’re better for temporary cover than a more prolonged period of use. They’re also quite small, so they won’t be ideal for people who need a larger undercover area.


Pole Tents

Your next option is a pole tent for your business. These have a traditional design, especially on the roof, which contains dips and curves that are pleasing to the eye. As the name implies, these tents are held up by poles that are centered in the middle of the structure.

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If you need a larger space, whether for storage or for housing guests and customers, then a pole tent is a great option. They come in large sizes, so you can accommodate everything with ease. They also look great, if you’re looking for something that’s aesthetically pleasing. They’re also quite easy to set up, so they’re a good option for a first timer.

There are some drawbacks that you’ll need to keep in mind. As there are poles in the middle of the tent, they could block the view inside. If you’re looking to hold events in your tent, you’ll need to plan around those poles. There’s also the issue of pitching the tent. Pole tents work best on grass or soft ground, as they need to be staked into the ground. If you’re going to be somewhere without this type of ground, then you’ll need to pick a different tent type.

Frame Tents

Commercial TentThe other main option for businesses, when it comes to commercial tents for sale, is the frame tent. These tents are, as the name implies, supported by their metal tube framing. This means there are no poles sitting in the middle of the tent, giving you wide open space beneath. As they don’t require ropes and stakes to get set up, you can actually pitch them in smaller areas too. What’s even better is because of this, you can put them on harder ground, such as decking or concrete. In these cases, the tent is weighted down rather than staked into the ground. This gives you a lot more flexibility when it comes to your tent.

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Frame tents do take a little longer to get set up, so they’re best if you have the time to get to grips with them before your event. You’ll also find that they only come at 40 feet wide at maximum, so you’ll need to keep that in mind when you’re ordering your tent.

Colors And Styles

Now you know what tent you want, you’ll want to think about the style you need. You can get tents in a huge array of colors and styles. Any commercial tent manufacturer will offer you colors that work with your brand, as well as opportunities to add logos if that’s something you want to do. You can even get clear top tents, that allow light in and allow guests to see through them if you want something a bit different.

You’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to tents for your business. Pick the tent that makes the most sense for you, and ensure that you can make a splash at future events.