Economy Tent International (ETI) is your source for the best in durable tents for any occasion. With over 70 years of experience, we continue to manufacture the best outdoor tents at the best prices. From state-of-the-art equipment to computerized cutting applications, we manufacture premium fabric canopies that stand the test of time. With wind, UV ray, and weather-resistant features, these tents are perfect for outdoor socials, product launches, and even large camping events or day trips. With true versatility, style, and cost-affordable amenities, you can rely on ETI to meet all your tenting needs within time and budget.

The Magic of Trio Tents

Trio Tents

Trio Tents are the cornerstone products of ETI. From traditional tent and high-peak tent to tension tent, you get a choice of three stylish designs with true versatility and performance. These Kentucky Model Approved tents are available in 10’, 15’, and 20’ for optimal space allocation and coverage. Whether for outdoor camping, business events, team-building functions, or even weddings and family reunions, Trio Tents will achieve all your desired results. Here are some of the key features of this cornerstone product of ETI:

  • Kentucky Tent Model Approved and designed to withstand winds up to 75 mph.
  • Trio Tents are perfect for outdoor gatherings and protect your guests from harmful UV rays. Similarly, these tents are weather-resistant and seal-proofed to keep out water.
  • Tents feature anodized marine aluminum with durable wall thickness and large outside diameters.
  • Customers are ensured color-coded end caps for easy identification of tubing lengths and easy maintenance with dirt protection.
  • Trio Tents features fail-safe steel snap button assembly for added strength, durability and longevity.
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With adjustable leg heights from 6’6” – 8’, you can easily customize your tent’s settings as desired. The legs even telescope down to 5’ for easy installation of tent covers and other accessories (sold separately). The cover pitches for the Trio include 10’ wide – 2’6”, 15’ wide – 3.9”, and 20’ wide – 5’. Similarly, you can add center masts heights for cover pitches and High-Peak style that is functional and aesthetic at the same time.

Can Trio Tents be used for Camping?

Absolutely. While ETI tents are not specifically designed for small camping trips, our tents are large enough to safely protect campers in all types of outdoor settings. No truer is this than for scouting troops that get added protection while snoozing in sleeping bags under the stars. Trio Tents are large and wide enough to protect your campers from outside elements; wind, sun, rain, and harmful UV rays. They are equally great for camping events, including team-building activities, merit badge presentations, dining, and scouting symposiums. Here are some more perks of Trio Tents for those that love Mother Nature:

  • We feature cross-brace systems for any size Trio Frame.
  • ETI also showcases a full range of stakes, ropes and ratchets – sold separately.
  • From Clear Cover and Marquee to XP Series and Classic Plus, we offer a full line of tents for all types of outdoor events.
  • We can even add your logos to these tents with professional digital printing. This includes your camping team logo, as well as business sponsors, brand names, and practically anything you desire.
  • Our Trio Tent covers are available in 18 oz. solid colors and 30” stripes. These tents are highly visible and can serve as the focal meeting points for all your campers, guides and guests.
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The ETI Guarantee

ETI is a reputable and seasoned company that continues to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews. We pride ourselves on manufacturing high-end tents with true quality, performance and affordability in mind. In fact, all our tents must pass stringent requirements and guidelines before going to market. With strict quality control, we monitor all aspects of our tent manufacturing process to ensure the best items for all our new and returning customers. We can even customize tents to meet your specifications and design needs. Simply visit our website today to learn more about Trio Tents and other units within our extensive product lines.

For more information on Trio tents, simply contact us today.