When planning an outdoor event, good outdoor event decoration ideas are not enough. This is especially true in a wedding, the weather can be a bit unpredictable. That’s why many couples are choosing to rent our spacious 40×100 wedding tent as a safeguard against adverse conditions. But what if we told you that our tents can be more than just a practical weather solution? They can actually be a central element of your event’s decor, adding a touch of elegance and style. Regardless of your event’s theme, from rustic to contemporary, bohemian to classic, our tents provide a versatile canvas for your creativity.

We see people opting to rent our 40 x 100 wedding tent to preemptively prepare for adverse weather. However, our tents can offer more than a weather-related afterthought. Tents can become a central part of a couple’s reception décor, for instance. Furthermore, tents can help a couple and their guests enjoy cover in style, irrespective of the event’s overall look.

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Outdoor Event Decoration Ideas: Elevate Your Event Decor

Our tents are perfect for various themes ranging from rustic to contemporary, bohemian, and classic. You’ll discover many ways exist to make a tent your own. If you’re looking for the hottest wedding decor trends during fall, here’s how to decorate our rental 40×100 tent.

Create a Pleasant Entrance

The first thing that attracts people’s attention is a tent’s entrance. We recommend you set the appropriate party tone by making a unique tent entrance. You might consider a colorful drape or floral decorations to draw guests’ attention. Alternatively, you could consider a Moroccan-inspired tent entrance if the party is themed.

innovative lightingLighting

Innovative lighting is one of the major wedding trends, particularly for outdoor party or wedding. We find that natural daylight is restricted, so additional light keeps celebrations going.

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If you seek distinct overhead fixtures, consider suspending a couple of modern chandeliers. We find that contemporary designs add a sleek, contemporary touch to our 40×100 wedding tent.

If your wedding will last through the night hours, we recommend you hang a huge chandelier in the middle. Besides making your outdoor wedding decoration ideas chic, you’ll have the necessary illumination once it gets dark.

Tent wedding decorations will become even brighter by including fairy light strands. The string lights swaying our rental 40×100 wedding tent can offer a dreamy-like ambiance to our clients’ event. If you seek a more intimate occasion, you might want guests participating in lighting up and allowing a paper lantern to go up in the sky. This tradition offers a delightful way to celebrate a huge event with guests.

Select Suitable Centerpieces

Numerous materials exist from our clients can use as table centerpieces during events. At times, they serve other purposes besides decoration. For instance, you can use insect-repellant plants to drive away mosquitoes and bugs from the rental 40x 100 wedding tent. You might want to choose colorful centerpieces. Besides making them stand out, they can prevent white tents from looking dull.


This decoration approach is one of the cheapest but most elegant when it comes to adding glamor to our tents’ interiors.  We recommend you blend the drapes with string lights or chandeliers for added style. It will attract every guest’s attention up to your tent’s ceiling. While this wedding idea is simple, it’s very stylish for our 40 x 100 tent. Consider adding color to the drapes based on the color motif and the table cloth.

Ivy-covered Pole

A few ivy garlands will transform a pole tent. If you’re concerned about it creating an obstructive look at the center of your reception space, we recommend you integrate it into the ambiance by using leafy greens to wrap it.

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warm tentHow to Keep Guests Warm during a Fall Wedding

Fall weather is frequently for a wedding and the colors offer a stunning backdrop. However, it might get colder than you expected depending on the day. Fortunately, you can hire our tent accessories to keep your guests warm during the night.

Add Tent Sidewalls

Sidewalls help keep out rain and wind, which is crucial for a wedding party. Our sidewalls further keep guests warmer inside. Furthermore, they can offer a great means of controlling a tent’s temperature.

We offer various sidewalls that our clients can attach to their tents. Whether you’re looking for a transparent or solid sidewall, we have what you need. If you don’t want a certain view wasted while guests are inside, we recommend transparent panels.

Patio Heaters

Although these are common in restaurants, you can use them in your outdoor space wedding reception. Typically, they offer around 6-10 ft. of warmth and don’t need electricity.

If you plan to extend the party into the night and don’t want your guests getting too cold, patio heaters can be an excellent choice.  You could even use patio haters in a tent, but you’ll have to ensure there’s sufficient space, since there’s a propane tank at the base.

Choose the Appropriate-sized Heater

Ensuring you have the appropriate-sized heater and a number of heaters helps sustain a comfortable temperature throughout the night in the tent. It’s equally important you obtain a sufficient heater depending on the tent size and your desired temperature for outdoor weddings where there’s a lot of guests.

Heaters can differ in size from 20,000 BTU-125,000 BTU. Our staff will gladly help you establish what you’ll require depending on the desired temperature and tent size. We recommend one heater for every 1500-2000 SF.

Generally, heaters remain outside a tent, so you don’t have to worry about the aesthetics. They pump heat through the bottom and a heater’s tank isn’t visible. Heaters can also offer good results if a tent segment furthest from the heaters remains open.

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We remind our clients that heaters function more efficiently with sidewalls to retain heat inside. If you plan to use the heaters for over 5 or 6 hours, make sure you inform the vendor to have additional fuel on hand. The fan and ignition need 110 power, so most household electrical services will do. For sites that lack electric access, a generator can work.

Why Propane Heaters?

Unlike electric heaters, which need power from a generator, propane heaters aren’t just portable. They don’t rely on electricity, so as long as you’ve hooked it up, you can position it wherever because of their flexibility.

Propane heaters come in all shapes and sizes while offering any heating power level you require. On the other hand, electric heaters are restricted because the electric cord can only carry a certain power amount. Other benefits of propane heaters include:

Quiet operation

Heating with them doesn’t generate any noise.


Since propane heaters don’t rely on moving components and don’t comprise sensitive electronics, they’re extremely durable and can last a lifetime.

foliage tentIntegrate Fall Foliage

Consider bringing the outdoors in by producing a warm ambiance using decors and hues that are season-inspired. You can use trees, warm lighting, and autumnal color palate to produce a cozy and stunning atmosphere for your outdoor gathering.

Fall is a great time to host events and celebrate with friends and families. If you’re thinking of having the best outdoor event decoration ideas, the aforementioned tips will help you decorate accordingly.