Selecting the appropriate indoor tent frame for your event is important to ensure the comfort of the people attending the event. This is also to provide adequate shelter and coverage for assets covered by the canopy tent, and to ensure that your tent brings out the ambiance and air of luxury that you want your event to bring out.

Economy Tent International Is a market leader in the manufacture of high-quality indoor and outdoor party tents. Our tent structures are constructed from the high-performance patented Trio technology.

Our Trio technology comes with 3 versatile tent cover options

  • Traditional tent
  • Tension tent
  • High peak tent

The TRIO’s 6005 T-6 anodized marine aluminum frame is engineered to provide our trio tents with strong frames that are also light. Our tents also have a proprietary fail-safe, steel snap-button assembly.

The steel snap-button assembly makes it easy to assemble our tents on-site and guarantees you that the connections between the frames will hold for the duration of your event.

Unlike our competitors in the market, the vertical poles (legs) supporting the traditional, tension, and high peak tents are all extensible. The vertical legs are telescopic and can be brought down to 5 feet for easy transportation and even more for easier assembly.

The leg height is adjustable from 6’6”, 7’, 7’6” and 8’.

a tent frame

Another advantage of the TRIO tents is that the aluminum tubes have color-coded end caps that make it easier to identify interconnecting ends, this reduces installation times and potential delays in pitching the tent in time for your event.

TRIO tents provide the additional flexibility of setting up on either hard or soft surfaces. This is a crucial benefit in that your tent selection will not limit the kind of venue surface you want to use to host your event.

All three TRIO cover styles are available in 10-foot, 15 -foot, and 20-foot widths.

The TRIO frame system has been wind load tested to handle wind speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. So our indoor play tents are pretty ruggedized to handle harsh weather conditions. Our tents will have a pretty tight grip on the ground, making it secured even in challenging conditions.

Now let’s look at the three versatile cover styles that come with the TRIO frame system.

Traditional tent

This tent is equipped with the TRIO aluminum frame system. The traditional tent fabric cover material is strapped to the aluminum frame with strong fabric straps and buckles on the inner side of the frame of the tent. So these straps and buckles once secured are visible from the interior of the tent.

It is the most common type of tent system simply because it has been around longer. The tent structure is modular in that the midsections can be extended by adding additional frames.

The traditional tent can be extended by adding sections up to a length of 100 feet. So you are not limited when it comes to the size of tent you want.

Tension Tent

In a tension tent, the cover is attached to a frame with long straps that extend down to the legs of the tent. The strap is then tightened to the base plates to achieve a uniform tension on the tent cover. The straps are connected to the base plates using strong steel “S” hooks.

High peak tent

tent with curtain panelsAlso equipped with TRIO aluminum frame system, this tent is designed with a high stylish peak that gracefully descends with smooth curves. The high peak is achieved by adding a center mast that stretches out the tent cover.

The simple tent cover is attached to the aluminum in the same way as in a tension tent.

The high peak tent does not have expandable mids like the traditional tent. The peak height is also variable and available in different lengths of 30 inches and 40 inches.

So these are the three tent covers that come with the TRIO aluminum frame system. Our tent covers are UV and flame retardant treated to meet California Regulations. And also to ensure that they provide you with a long life of service the material used to make the tent covers is also mildew resistant.

To ensure that our covers all have uniform joints, the jointed areas and seams are electronically welded. The steel buckles used with the straps are made of stainless steel and will not rust and discolor the tent cover.


The versatility of the High Peak Tent Frame seamlessly transitions between outdoor and indoor spaces, making it the ultimate choice for parties of all kinds.

Whether you’re celebrating beneath the open sky or within the cozy confines of an indoor venue, the High Peak Frame tent promises a perfect blend of elegance and functionality.

Its durable construction, stylish design, and adaptability redefine the possibilities for event hosting.

Elevate your gatherings with our Trio Tents. Either of the 3 designs will do depending on your party. eeds. So, for an indoor tent frame, call us at 800-438-3226.