Economy Tent International (ETI) is an industry leader in commercial tents and accessories. With years of experience, we feature durable and sturdy tents for all types of outdoor events. These include team-building functions,  product launches,  promotional events, and more. In addition, our 30-foot wide tent is ideal for hosting outdoor business luncheons or seminars. These units are easy to assemble with ample room for information tables, kiosks, food stations, serving areas, and, of course, tables and chairs.

With businesses now more competitive than ever, your company needs to stay ahead of the curve. Higher visibility is the key to engaging more clients and customers across the board. However, spending countless dollars each year on marketing collateral, promotional items, TV ads, radio, spots, and signage may leave you out of pocket. ETI offers the perfect solution with a 40-foot wide tent covering all your bases. From our Classic and Trio to XP Series, our tents are versatile, wind-resistant, and perfect for mounting LED screens, marketing signage, and even customized logos at your convenience.

Who choose ETI for your commercial tent needs?

Commercial tents are great promotional tools for your business. They are perfect for year-round events and should be a part of your marketing inventory. In addition, ETI offers commercial printing services that allow your logos or brands to be printed on canvas. These can serve as focal points for your event and attract and engage clients and consumers. Here are some more benefits of choosing our 30-foot wide tent or 40-foot wide tent for your outdoor promotions.

Commercial tents are versatile and wind-resistant

ETI commercial tents are wind-tested up to 75 mph. This makes them the best choice for outdoor marketing events, even in windy conditions. They also offer outstanding protection from harmful UV rays, and there is ample space for colleagues and guests to feel comfortable and cozy. In addition, their versatility is second to none, allowing you to customize your event as desired. For example, marquees can be placed on High-Peak style tents and seen from far distances. Canopy tents are suitable for music festivals, farmer’s markets, and promotional events. With so many sizes to choose from, you can adjust the height of your tent with guaranteed durability and performance. As always, we are here to help you every step of the way and find a suitable tent for all your needs.

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Commercial tents help your business get noticed

Another benefit of  ETI commercial tents is visibility. Our tents work great at events that may be overcrowded, like expositions or symposiums. A 30-foot wide tent or 40-foot wide tent will stand out from smaller tents and kiosks. In addition, you can design and decorate the tent as needed with commercial signage, lighting, banners, marquees, and promotional items. We even offer a range of high-quality designs with tent covers in many colors for your convenience. This allows you to attract attention, draw folks in and put your business at the forefront of any event. ETI has the tents you need to help your company secure recognition and generate sales if you struggle with branding.

ETI commercial tents will maintain your marketing budget

ETI commercial tents are the cost-effective solution to your outdoor business events. We can help you reduce operating costs with tents that showcase your business year-round. This means no unnecessary marketing and promotional collateral expenses that may or may not achieve your desired results. In addition, our tents continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews and are manufactured with only the highest materials and components. As a result, they are durable, sturdy, easy to assemble, and put away when no longer used.

Our tents are customizable to meet your specific needs and dimensions. With ETI, you get the most out of your money with true value at every turn. Here are some more advantages of our commercial tents:

  • Engineered and wind load tested up to 75 mph.
  • Kentucky Tent Model Approved and perfect for commercial functions of all sizes.
  • Tubing is manufactured with 6005 T-6 anodized marine aluminum with exclusive alignment line; 1/8” wall thickness.
  • Our 30-foot wide tent includes double-tube corner rafters, 2” mid-rafter, and 2” sidebars.
  • Our 40-foot wide tent includes double-tube corner rafters, double-tube mid-rafters, 2” sidebars, and additional corner supports.
  • Galvanized steel Flo-coat™ fittings.
  • Failsafe steel snap button assembly.
  • Adjustable leg height 7′, 7’3”, 8′, 8’3”, 9′, 9’3”.
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Our tents withstand the weather and corrosive elements

ETI commercial tents withstand inclement weather and corrosive elements. While we advise all our new and existing customers to check the weather for effective planning, our tents are wind and rain resistant. This means they will protect your guests and attendees even during gusty wind conditions or torrential downpours. At ETI, we stand by all our tents and accessories with the best quality materials. Each tent has to go through stringent quality control tests before going to market.

We use cutting-edge equipment at our warehouse and manufacturing facilities. This ensures high-grade, premium tents that work in any weather condition guaranteed. If you are hosting a significant outdoor commercial event, space allocation is always essential. While measuring the perimeter and area is good, our 30 x 100 tent is large enough to host many people with room for tables, chairs, food stations, entertainment centers, and information kiosks.

ETI tents are easy to install and maintain

ETI commercial tents are easy to install and maintain year-round. They are quick, accessible pop-up units with roller bags and built-in wheels for optimal convenience. This means you can set them up at any time hassle-free. While it’s good to have newspaper ads, digital brochures, social media marketing, billboards, and signage, only a commercial tent is versatile enough to handle all your promotional events. In addition, a tent gives you the freedom to advertise your brands and events without constantly worrying about transportation and installations.

Commercial tents are designed in a wide array of shapes and sizes. This gives you customization options with aesthetics and functionality. Please choose from our selection of colors, materials, designs, and eye-catching covers that will impress all your guests. One phone call, e-mail, or visit to our website is all you need to take your commercial outdoor event and business to new levels.

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