Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or private affair, selecting the appropriate tent is crucial to your guests’ comfort.

There are numerous sizes and styles of tents from which to choose when renting a tent. While reserving the appropriate tent is a high priority, a lot goes into choosing a suitable style for your event, for instance, the guest number, decoration, theme, and budget.

If you’re thinking of hiring a commercial tent, there are various options from which to choose including a traditional tent. Here’s how to decorate a commercial tent for an outdoor wedding.

Types of Commercial Tents

Clear Span Tents

We recommend this tent due to the aesthetic appeal and functionality it adds to whichever event because it doesn’t have any beams or posts in the center of the structure. The tent offers a cost-effective substitute for a permanent building and is extremely popular for weddings, parties, corporate, and private events.

The self-supporting structure lacks internal supports, making it ideal as a temporary building. These tents are associated with quality, functionality, and efficiency. We usually recommend them for events, which need huge unobstructed space, for instance, exhibitions, reception, and weddings. Its advantages include:


Our clear span tents are available in huge shapes and sizes to suit various needs. You can use it as a canopy or garden tent in your backyard. You can also install them with doors, heavy-duty flooring, and lighting.

Fast set-up and removal

Since this tent lacks support columns and poles, it’s easy to set up and uninstall. You can easily transport it using trailers or standard trucks. You’ll find that the structures are perfect for any surfaces, for instance, grass or concrete.

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Countless options

Their open design permits you to experiment with countless ideas, for instance, chairs & tables, floral arrangements, chandeliers, etc. We recommend you choose from various sidewalls, for instance, PVC fabric.


With the accessibility of weatherproof tents, it’s easier to organize events and parties in whichever climate. Clear span tents constitute vinyl fabric to tolerate heavy wind, rain, and other unforeseeable weather conditions.

High Peak Tent

The high peak tent comprises high ceilings to produce an elegant look and ideal setting for events such as parties, weddings, and corporate parties.

When you require a tent with some structural features for an event, you’ll find countless options. However, not every choice can fulfill an event’s requirements. Therefore, when seeking something inventive yet traditional, our high peak tents can offer a perfect solution. The design of this tent allows it to offer the stunning appearance of the frame and pole tent without center poles.

They lack a supporting middle pole, thus offering an unobstructed view to your guests. When it comes to the decoration, you’ll have a lot of freedom because of the considerable space inside. Like other tent types, we offer this tent in various sizes, so our clients can select them depending on their budget and needs. Its advantages include:


This tent comprises an outstanding design with a spacious feel, high ceiling, and lacks center poles

Set up

When it comes to installing this tent and taking it down, you’ll find it’s easy than other tents because it doesn’t require many poles and stakes.

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This tent allows endless decoration options because of its high ceilings.

How to Decorate Clear span Tents

DecorateUse lanterns and trees for lighting

These tents produce a flawless transition between the tent’s exterior and interior. You can take a creative approach to the décor and incorporate plants with hanging lanterns. You can use potted trees such as birch, which make for excellent interior decorations. You could also hang lanterns to give a magical feel and look.

Combine hanging greenery with bulbs

It might not be possible to bring trees inside, but you could still use hanging greenery and light bulbs to reveal a stunning natural look. You’ll discover that designer bulbs look great with hanging vines. Our tents will give you considerable space and modular mounting choices for hanging elements.

Keep things reflective and bright

Regardless of what you do regarding decoration, make sure you keep things reflective and bright. Earth tones and natural tones blend perfectly beneath this tent. Flooring and white tables can accentuate the ambiance of our clear span tents, so keep this in mind when decorating.

How to Decorate High peak Tents for Outdoor Wedding

Floral arrangements

We recommend floral arrangements to add beauty and dimension to your decoration. You could create floral arrangements in bowls, baskets, or vases. Alternatively, you could make bouquets from foliage, cut flowers, and other plant materials.

Decorate whit Lighting

Lighting could make a big difference in your tent’s feel. Consider using string lights to produce a warm ambiance that becomes lively at night. You could even hang fixtures that give your tent an intimate atmosphere. This could set your theme’s stage. We recommend you incorporate chandeliers for a sophisticated look.

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Draping fabric or having a liner could make a big difference, taking your space from a standard to a lavish affair. By making the poles invisible, you’ll create an inviting space for your guests.


Based on the appearance you’re seeking, you can decide to have an open atmosphere, or you could rent sidewalls if you need more protection. Sidewalls will make your space feel like a room and offer protection against the elements.

Decorate whit Furniture

Incorporating a seating area to a commercial tent will draw your guests’ attention. It’s nice to have a comfortable seat while catching up or moving to a different table. You’ll also find that outdoor seating has a similar effect.

Tents can add considerable charm to whichever event because they’re like a blank canvas. Numerous outdoor events need specific kinds of tents to organize everything from décor and food to the attendees. Whether it’s a reception, wedding, or formal gathering, commercial tents make a significant part.