How to Go Big-The Party Tent Way

Frequently, the most stunning setting for any celebration is outdoors. Finding the ideal party tent can guarantee that your guests will have a good time regardless of the weather. Tenting your party also offers protection against adverse weather while allowing guests to enjoy outdoors.

You can offer an ideal backdrop and customize the event setting to mirror the event’s theme. Keep in mind that tents are available in various sizes such as 30-foot wide tent and styles meant for various events.

While some are for simple gatherings, others are for key party events. Therefore, you must consider various factors before hiring a party tent. Here’s how to plan a tent party.

Tent Type

Party Tent Numerous kinds of tents exist in the market and one of the most common is the frame tent. Many of our clients prefer this type because they’re versatile and their placement can occur on all kinds of surfaces. You can erect them on concrete or grass.

If you opt for a frame tent, you can hire our 40-foot wide tent and place it wherever you wish because if you’re positioning it on hard ground, for instance, concrete or tile, you can weigh them down instead of staking them.

The advantage of a frame tent is that it’s aesthetically pleasing and free-standing. Therefore, it will work for virtually any event, whether it’s a party or concert.

Another type is the pole tent, which features a center pole. They comprise elegant peaks, making them ideal for a wedding party. For instance, you can hire our 40×100 tent, which looks great with a pole tent roof.

While this type is typically elegant and huge, its major setback is that its installment can only take place on grass. That’s because you need to insert the poles that hold it up deep into the ground. Nevertheless, pole tents are frequently cheaper if you wish to save money on your rental tent. Additionally, they’re easy to install and set up, so you don’t need to worry about getting the tent ready.

The Weather

Whether you believe it’s going to be rainy or sunny, you must hire a rental party tent. What matters is the kind of tent you opt for. You could choose a closed or open tent. Alternatively, you could choose a tarp tent.

Your choice will be dependent on the weather. If the event will take place during summer, you’d rather opt for an open tent without walls. This way, the tent will permit as much air into your tent as possible, ensuring the guests are comfortable.

Conversely, if you expect it to be windy or rainy, choose one with walls that will protect guests against the elements while keeping them comfortable and warm.


Once you’ve decided on the event’s location, you must consider certain things before installing the tent. For instance, you should consider the ground surface where the tent’s placement will take place. Look around the chosen area and consider any hindrances that could get in your way.

This could comprise power lines, fountains, or underground pipes that could emerge as problems during the event. Make sure the ground is level with enough perimeter space. It’s important to plan the logistics for a smooth event.

Benefits of Hiring a Party Tent

The Enjoyment of the Outdoor Environment

Party Tent When you hire a party tent from us, you’ll agree that indoor venues don’t suit all events. The outdoor setting offers beautiful areas to host your event. You can choose from campsites, parks, mountains, and other stunning sceneries where you can have a good time with relatives and friends. Tents permit you to enjoy the sceneries without worrying about the rain or harsh sun.

Décor Control

When you hire any of our tents, you’ll have a black canvas with which to work. You’ll find that most indoor venues have limitations in terms of lights, color, and decorations. With rental tents, you can install your lighting, linens, and other party accessories. That is, you can personalize your event, giving it a stunning, personal look.


Tents can function in informal and casual events. Whether you’re having a backyard party or an elegant wedding party, tents are ideal. You just need to choose the one that suits your event. When hiring a tent, consider the color, size, and design of the tent.

If you’re thinking of hosting a party, perhaps you should consider a tented party. While there are numerous benefits to having a party outdoors, it takes considerable planning, so be sure to plan accordingly.