Economy Tent International (ETI) is a North American leader in durable outdoor tents and accessories. Founded in 1948 in Miami, we are one of the largest and most successful tent manufacturers in the United States. As a subsidiary of Anchor Industries, our manufacturing warehouse facility features cutting-edge equipment and tent applications. These include computerized cutting equipment, which ensures precise specifications for all our tents and accessories.

Our dedicated team utilizes radiofrequency and hot air technologies that ensure long-lasting tents for all outdoor occasions. From hot wedge heat sealing equipment to a full-serve metal fabrication and welding facility, all tents are created to perfection and must pass a range of stringent guidelines and criteria before going to market.

ETI showcases the latest in premium fabric canopies, marquees, and tents of all sizes and shapes to facilitate your needs. We also manufacture customized tents with personalized text, including corporate logos and other graphic design accents for aesthetically-pleasing visuals. Here are some of the top sellers we offer at ETI for all types of outdoor/indoor events: team-building functions, weddings, receptions, neighborhood socials, family reunions, birthday parties, corporate gatherings, product launches, and much more:

  • TRIO
  • Classic Plus
  • XP Series
  • Marquees
  • Clear Covers and Easy Pop-Ups
  • Concessions and Vendor Printing Booth
  • Digital Printing and Graphic Designs for tents

Our accessories include but are not limited to:

  • Sidewalls – Sidewall Trac System
  • Linens and Drapes
  • Anchoring and Bracing
  • Tent Jacks and Extension Mids
  • Lighting and Gutters
  • Storage, Repair, and Cleaning
  • Tent Parts and Replacement Components

The many benefits of ETI Classic Plus Tents

The Classic Plus is a cornerstone tent here at ETI. Featuring our signature Classic Plus ™ Frame System, this unit is ideal for large outdoor gatherings. You can also expand the tent to the desired sizes with the addition of cover mids. Whether you need a 30-foot wide tent or 40-foot wide tent, these Kentucky Tent Model approved units will meet your needs within time and budget.

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Here are some of the benefits of purchasing a Classic Plus tent at cost-affordable rates:

  • These tents are engineered, and wind load tested up to 75 mph.
  • The 30’ wide tents feature double-tube corner rafters, mid-rafter, and sidebars.
  • The 40’ wide tents include double-tube corner rafters, double-tube mid rafters, two sidebars, and extra corner supports.
  • Galvanized steel fittings, failsafe steel snap button assembly, and adjustable height features for your convenience.
  • Traditional, High-Peak, and Classic Styles for any outdoor occasion that requires a large tent.
  • We supply the stake and rope anchoring for these tents. Additional accessories are available at cost-effective prices.
  • Cross-brace systems are also available for any size Classic Plus ™ frame.


How to keep your Classic Tent warm during frigid weather

warmOne of the main questions we receive at ETI is how to keep your Classic Tent warm during colder temperatures? While Miami is mainly known for its mild, tropical weather, it can get blistery cold during the winter. With this in mind, we recommend planning your function for weekdays or weekends that have a favorable climate for all your guests. Should the temperatures suddenly drop due to inclement weather, here are some tips on keeping your attendees warm and comfortable.

  • Keep some fleece blankets on hand if the weather dips. This will keep your guests warm and cozy – especially during outdoor weddings or reception ceremonies.
  • Wear appropriate attire if planning your outdoor party on a day or weekend that is cold. This includes sweaters, along with winter jackets, scarves, and other essentials. Notify your guests about the cold weather so they can plan accordingly.
  • ETI features 30 x 100 tent and 40 x 100 tent for optimal room and spacious comfort. Our tents never hinder or obstruct views, but it’s essential to keep some portable heaters and use them with care and caution if the weather suddenly drops.
  • Electric heaters are generally safe for indoor use. However, you should have secure connectors and keep some distance around the perimeter of the tent to avoid problems. Check with the park rangers or outdoor area leasing/renting team for safety guidelines and rules for indoor/outdoor portable heater usage.
  • Keep plenty of warm/hot beverages, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or wine, and spirits (for adults, of course) on hand. These beverages will keep your guests warm and cozy for both indoor or outdoor functions.
  • ETI tents are well-insulated and designed to keep guests safe during gusty winds and torrential downpours. For colder temperatures, outdoor heaters may be brought inside the tent but proceed with caution. Ensure they are kept at safe distance from anything flammable like tablecloths, chair covers, buffet table covers, etc. Once the interior is nicely heated, you can place the unit outside until it is needed again.
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The ETI difference and commitment to quality

Finding the right tent manufacturer does not have to be an ardous task. At ETI, we go above and beyond to ensure all our customer’s needs are met across the board. With high-quality, versatile, and user-friendly party tents, our units offer greater strength and durability than other brands on the market.

We are always available to answer all your tent-related questions or concerns. Our dedicated team can help you select the right tent with easy ordering options. We can even help you plan your outdoor event with viable tips on space allocation, chair/table placement, and especially tent assembly and disassembly.

If you plan an outdoor function and need a 40 x 100 frame tent or 40 x 100 wedding tent, visit our website today or contact us for more information.