Numerous planning facets of an outdoor party can cause some stress, and among them is seating arrangements.

Determining between table size, shape, and sitting position can seem daunting, and while it might seem easier to simply let guests select their seats, a well-thought out seating arrangement could mean the difference between a great time by attendees or hurt feelings among friends and family after the event.

Regardless of the event you’re planning, integrating our rental high peak tent will pull the event together and ensure your guests have a great experience. Here’s how to plan a seating arrangement in our rental tent.

Determining the Right Tent Size

At the beginning of their tent-hunting process, many of our clients think they simply need to consider the guest number to establish the appropriate size for our rental traditional tent, not knowing that this is only one part of the equation.

While the guest number is essential information, we advise clients to consider the seating arrangement as well to establish the tent size for the outdoor event. For instance, hosting a banquet-style event with 100 guests will need a different tent size than hosting a sit-down event for the same guest number but with round tables.

To make sure you obtain the ideal tent size, we recommend you determine the guest number and consider the seating arrangement.


Seating goes beyond putting a chart together for an event. If you’re hosting an outdoor event, you might have to rent our tension tent and other accessories. Thankfully, we have various tents that can function outdoors and allow guest comfort while ensuring minimal effect on the surroundings.

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For instance, folding chairs are perfect for outdoors due to the ease of transport, take down and set up. If you’re holding an indoor wedding, you’ll likely use similar chairs for the reception and ceremony.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to consider the duration it takes to reconfigure the rental chairs in between. For your event, ensure you reserve seating for family members if it’s a wedding and keep elderly guests out of corners where seating access might be hard.

Seating Arrangements

Theater Style

Like the name sounds, this arrangement entails rows facing the same direction towards a stage or other focal points in your rental traditional tent. You can break up the rows into two segments to create an aisle for a wedding or you can keep them together for outdoor conferences or concerts.

Since this seating arrangement permits seats to be close and doesn’t need a huge space for tables, we recommend you fit the most guests in this arrangement style.

It’s worth noting that this style can hold double the guest number as a sit-down dinner. Just note that this doesn’t comprise eating areas or tables. Furthermore, we advise clients to use this arrangement for weddings or staged outdoor events.


Whether you’re hosting a lavish event or themed event, this seating style is ideal. The setup typically comprises long tables in a rental high peak tent and gives an open guest experience. You’ll find the option perfect if your event includes a buffet because the buffet tables will reveal a perfect fitting within the arrangement.

If you’re hosting a huge event and desire the best for your money when it comes to selecting the size of your high peak tent, this seating is perfect. Since the straight tables consume less space while giving sufficient guest room, you’ll only require 10 sq. ft. per guest. This is somewhat less than if your guests were sited at round tables and save space.

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Sit-down Dinner

We see this option in numerous weddings, corporate events, and company parties with catered food. Generally, this seating comprises round tables for guests and permits caterers to set up the tables with meals being passed around or bring pre-plated meals for guests.

We usually inform customers that this arrangement consumes the most space due to the round tables and you’ll require approximately 12 sq. ft. for guests.

Tips to Use Seating Plans to Produce a Memorable Event

Whether you’re planning a corporate party or functioning as a planner, seating plans play an important role in producing the atmosphere for a great event in a rental traditional tent. Consider these tips for a great event.

Produce a Beautiful Entry

Welcome guests properly by developing a stunning and functional entry to the party venue. Upon guest arrival, they should be in a position to locate your occasion easily, issue their gifts, and check in before proceeding to the venue. A seating plan will help spot any possible traffic jams in our rental high peak tent.

Allow Movement

We believe that the capacity to move around comfortably around an event is crucial to its success. Ensure there’s an easy guest flow between the tables by using the seating plan to determine the distance between the wall and tables or other tables.

When renting our tension tent, we usually inform clients to think through all ways guests will move while keeping in mind that staff will need to move to and from the kitchen. We equally recommend you consider where your guests will probably gather and position distinct places accordingly.

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Table Arrangements

The way you arrange tables at your event is just as significant as establishing the seating arrangement for guests. Ensure you position tables thoughtfully to permit good access and visibility for all guests. You should equally consider whether you’ll host a huge party table or simply favor a small table. A seating plan will help you visualize the view from all tables.

Consider Seating Needs

If your guests will include small babies or grandparents, a seating plan will help you note where to seat special guests.

Communicate the Plan Clearly

A seating plan is excellent for ensuring you communicate clearly with the planner and vendors. Use your plan to offer clear direction for a planner, obtain a better quote from venue personnel, and prevent misunderstanding upon setup.

If you’re looking to host an event, beware that the seating arrangement is just as important as choosing the venue if you want to host a successful event.