How to Plan the Ultimate Outdoor Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl isn’t just a game for most people. Rather, it’s an opportunity to have friends over for beverages, snacks, and a great time. Despite the ongoing pandemic, it’s still possible to host an outdoor super Bowl party. You just need to get creative and include essential items such as commercial tents.

We recommend you utilize outdoor space to keep everybody safe while ensuring guests abide by regulations. Just note that you’ll need to adjust your food stations and entertainment center to accommodate portable foods and outdoor viewing. Keep in mind that planning is vital to ensure a successful event. Here’s a list of tips for the ultimate party.

Serve from Outdoor Countertops

Once the food is ready, we recommend you shift it from the grilling station outdoors onto serving platters. Display the platters in a buffet-style on the outdoor countertops, allowing self-service. This is the best way to do things because it enables guests to return for seconds or snacks during the game.

When it comes to snacks, ensure you have enough appetizers on hand. You can include the typical chips and dip or shrimp cocktail and mini sandwiches. Numerous options exist from which to choose and you can make most at the grilling station outdoors.

Cook around the built-in barbecue

A built-in barbecue allows you to cook while surrounded by guests. This way, you won’t feel isolated in the kitchen while the guests mill around the family and dining rooms. Since everybody will be in the same place, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for socializing, and nobody will feel left out.

Some of the things you might want to cook on the grilling station outdoors include ribs, hamburgers, or chicken wings. If you want a fun party and adhere to the theme, you can prepare meals using the outdoor barbecue based on the team’s home base. We recommend you determine the specialty dishes from those cities and prepare menus around them.

Serve Appetizers

We propose you skip formal sit-down meals in place of numerous rounds of heavy appetizers that are carb or meat-based. If you intend to serve a salad, consider filling it to the brim with various colorful vegetables, for instance, carrots and peppers.

Station the appetizers throughout the venue space or simply have servers pass them at regular intervals on trays. Alternatively, you could serve food in a buffet-style. This way, guests can get up comfortably and refill their plates whenever they’re hungry. Just ensure the tables don’t obstruct the viewing area but are close enough that guests can follow the game.

Client KeyWest Seating

Once the guests have confirmed their attendance, ensure you have sufficient seating to accommodate everybody around the TV. We suggest you use whatever is available even if it means taking indoor furniture outdoors. If you’re concerned you don’t have enough, you might want to rent commercial tents Miami or request guests to come with portable chairs.

Sanitizing Stations

Set up stations in our rental commercial tents for sale to ensure everyone’s hands are clean. That implies stocking up on disinfectant wipes and sanitizer bottles as well as ensuring you leave some trash bins for disposal. Keep some smaller bottles handy as well to allow easy access.

Why you should rent tents for outdoor Super Bowl Party

Outdoor Elements

It’s impossible to foresee the weather conditions when planning a super Bowl party outdoors. Even if you’re anticipating perfect weather on that day, things could change abruptly. Thankfully, our commercial tents are durable and sturdy.

Their fabric offers protection for guests against all kinds of weather, including heat, rainfall, and snowfall. Our elective sidewalls are equally strong enough to tolerate fierce winds-keeping guests safe while keeping the weather out.

You can opt to integrate the HVAC system with our rental commercial tents Miami. The temperature control system will keep your guests warm on a chilly day and cool on a hot day. You’ll find the interior of our tents comfortable as if the event were taking place in a permanent structure indoors.

Beware that exposure to the sun and cold for prolonged periods can affect your guests’ health, so you want to rent our tents for a successful event.


We understand how important your event is and how stressful it can be to host an event. That’s why we have a professional team that’s ready to customize the commercial tents for sale to meet your unique needs. We’ll also send a team to help set up and dismantle the tent after the occasion.

pexels spemone 234196 Decorating Space

If you want to transform your event space, you can do so with our rental commercial tents, which provide an open space that permits decoration per your taste and preferences. Depending on the tent style, you won’t have to worry about unsightly poles, giving you room to partition the tent into various areas, including the seating and dining area.

You can add some touch of color to our rental tent by using fabric for elegant walls and ceilings. Alternatively, you could use lighting accessories for some color throughout the tent. Since this isn’t a pre-existing area, you can transform every feature of the commercial tents Miami, creating a venue that will leave your guests in awe.

Location Versatility

Booking your party in a banquet hall or hotel can be expensive and mundane. However, our rental commercial tents offer a space that permits you to produce your desired look at the desired location. This means you get to set up wherever you want.

Clean Up

Clean up after a party can be a hassle, but when the event takes place outdoors, the debris and trash are less of a bother. You won’t worry about your indoor carpet becoming grimy from being trampled. You might want to assign a crew to collect the trash. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed once the party is over. Also, you might want to set up sanitary restroom facilities to keep traffic away from the bathrooms indoors.

Hosting a party outdoors implies you can enjoy what the outdoor setting has to offer while socializing with guests. There’s fresh air, open space, and room for entertainment.

However, it means you’re vulnerable to unfavorable weather. That’s where our commercial tents for sale come in. Just contact us and we’ll have you set up in no time.