Whether it’s a 10th– anniversary party for friends or parents, this celebration is an excellent way of honoring a couple’s time spent together. Anniversary parties don’t just help a couple value their marriage. They allow loved ones to let the couple know the extent to which their union has impacted those around them.

An outdoor party also offers a thrilling way of celebrating such an important event and makes the special occasion more memorable for family and friends.

If you’ve decided to take this route, we recommend you start planning early because numerous event venues get booked fast. To ensure you plan the ideal outdoor party, these elements are essential.

Anniversary Time and Date

The initial step in planning this event is setting a time and date for the occasion. We recommend you select a party date that’s close to the actual anniversary date and set it a couple of months beforehand to allow ample time for party planning.

If you’re planning a very formal party, you might want to set the date 4-5 months beforehand together with save the date cards. This way, loved ones can make travel arrangements if they’re from out of town.

If you’re hosting the anniversary party for the couple, we advise you to consult them on their preferable date. On the other hand, if they’re planning the celebration themselves, they must examine their prospective date with close family members and their children.

The time of the party is equally just as significant and worth considering because a daytime party will provide a different feel from an evening one.

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Selecting a location to host the party depends on various details, for instance, if you’re having an evening or daytime celebration; whether it’s an informal or formal celebration; and the number of guests. Once you determine these factors, choosing a venue will become easier.

If it’s a small get-together, you can host the celebration at the couple’s home or another family member’s place. If you can depend on the weather, a get-together outdoors in a garden or park could be lovely. Just make sure you have a rental 40 foot wide tent. If you intend to go all out, we recommend renting a bigger venue such as a hotel or restaurant.

Party Supplies

Nothing transforms a party more than decorations. Decorations typically depend on the color scheme or a party’s theme, together with tailored touches that highlight a couple’s history. Here’s a list of supplies we believe are necessary to transform your event.


Balloons make perfect, hassle-free decorations for maximum effect. You just need to hang a few around the venue for a simple yet sophisticated touch to your event. The best part is that balloons come in numerous colors, so you just need to choose those that suit your theme.


We recommend purchasing tableware only if you don’t have a catering service at the event-in which case, they’ll offer the cutlery and plates.

On the other hand, if you’re planning for buffet-style food, paper tableware is an excellent opportunity to pull the theme together and select accessories that match the color scheme. We recommend paper tableware because you won’t have to spend the night washing up.

Renting a Tent for Your Anniversary Event

Outdoor events permit guests to enjoy nature while offering a memorable event. However, adverse weather could ruin your plans. To keep your anniversary event on track regardless of the weather, we highly recommend a 40×100 tent. Here’s why we advise clients to rent our 40 foot wide tent.

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Peace of Mind

When you rent our 40×100 wedding tent for your outdoor event, you don’t have to worry about impending weather that would cause you to shift the party indoors.

Our tents can tolerate mild to moderate wind, rain, and snowfall. We’ll supply a 40 foot wide tent or a canopy that can hold up in different weather conditions. A canopy denotes a vinyl or other kind of fabric cover that obtains support from metal poles but lacks sidewalls.

A tent however denotes an enclosed moveable cover that you can rent with or minus a doorway that ties shut. A tent is perfect for keeping out insects throughout warmer weather. Furthermore, our reliable tents allow clients to host their events at any time throughout the year. If you’re hosting a winter or fall party, we recommend portable heaters to keep guests warm.


Our 40×100 tent can offer various functions at your event. For instance, a tent comprising a moveable dance floor can be for entertainment while a small canopy is perfect for offering cover for gift tables or food.

The size of the canopy or tent will depend on different factors, including the guest number and the overall venue size. Our team will show you various tent and canopy sizes accessible for rent to maximize your event space.


If you’re hosting your anniversary celebration in a public venue or the backyard, renting our 40 foot wide tent will allow you to enjoy more privacy. We recommend you rent a tent huge enough to accommodate chairs and tables for guests.

You could also prevent strangers from wandering into your celebration. Ensure you identify the number of guests to help you establish the tent size you require to rent to host guests comfortably.

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Anniversary Customization

You aren’t restricted to a basic canopy or tent when renting your party unit. You could add outdoor lights and string them inside a rental 40×100 tent for an evening party or you could hire tents in custom colors to match your theme.

Before renting a 40×100 wedding tent, inquire about the available covers from your rental specialist. Make sure you select a unit that comprises high enough ceilings for proper ventilation to keep you and the guests comfortable. Heaters and fans might also be accessible upon request.

Planning an anniversary party can be fun as long as you have the essentials such as a 40×100 wedding tent, which can protect your guests from the rain while providing shade from the harsh sun. Another reason to consider rental tents is for an enhanced mood and atmosphere. Furthermore, they make things somewhat cozier while enhancing conversations.