Just because the weather’s getting colder, doesn’t mean you can’t hold a tent event. Whether you’re looking to hold your wedding during the winter months or you want to hold a concert, you can do it with a tent during the coldest weather. Here’s how you can pull off that event while keeping everyone warm and comfortable.

Be Ready For Wet Weather

Most commercial tents will be able to cope with wet weather, should it happen. If the rain is going to come down during your event, make sure you’re prepared to cope with it. Something that’s vital is your choice of flooring. The best flooring is wooden floorboards. This is because they are designed with gaps between them, so water drains between them to the grass below. If you opt for carpets or grassy ground, you’re going to end up with soggy floors or even worse, a mud bath.

If you want to take it one step further, you can give guests rain boots to use to get to the tent, so they don’t get their feet wet on the way. This keeps water out of the tent and of course, you’ll be the prepared host with the most. You can even give them umbrellas to use, too.

Connect Your Tent To A Building

Will your guests be coming to your tent through an existing building? Then you can actually set up a connecting tent between the two, designed to shuttle your guests through. This has several advantages. Firstly, it will help keep the heat in your tent, as no one will be opening the doors to the cold air outside. Also, if it’s raining outdoors, it’s going to keep that water out of the tent too.

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Invest In Some Heating

Yes, it’s true, you really can heat a tent if you need to. If you’re holding an event in the depths of winter, then heating is a must. When choosing a tent from a commercial tent manufacturer, ask them about their temperature control options. You’ll see most have options for heating, as well as air conditioning. Having heating in your tent will make all the difference when the cold weather hits, making your tent essentially an extra room at your venue.

Be Prepared For Snow

With winter comes snow, so you need to be ready for it to come and dump a few inches on your venue overnight. If you haven’t put up your tent yet when the snow hits, ensure that you clear it thoroughly from the area before you put your tent up. If the ground is frozen, you may not be able to stake your tent down as you were planning to. Luckily, most commercial tents for sale can be weighed down, rather than staked. If there’s a risk the ground will be frozen when you put your tent up, ensure you buy a tent model that comes with weights.

You’ll also need to ensure that as little snow gets into your tent as possible. You can do this in the same way you keep the rain out, by offering rain boots to your guests or setting up a connecting corridor. If you can’t do this, ensure that you shovel the pathways thoroughly, and have ice melt on hand to ensure no one slips.

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Use Tent Side Walls

When thinking about using a tent, you’ll think of models that have a roof and supporting poles keeping them up, but little else. These are good in summer, but in winter they’re not going to cut it. That’s why you’re going to need sidewalls on your tent to keep the heat in. These come in several varieties, so you’ll be able to find the one that works for you. For example, there are sidewalks that have windows in them, so you can see it. If you want to take it one step further, then you can have clear sidewalls. Pick the version that works best for you.

There are all sorts of ways you can get your tent ready for winter. The cold weather won’t stop you from holding your event, all you need to do is a little preparation. Use these tips to hold the best winter event ever.