A rental 40 foot wide tent is an ideal solution for an outdoor event. It offers a glamorous look, keeps guests cool, and protects the furniture and food. We further recommend a tent because it provides numerous opportunities in terms of creativity.

Nonetheless, we advise clients to consider their occasion’s seating arrangements and their guests’ needs to ensure they hire a suitable tent for an enjoyable event. In this guide, we offer tips for seating arrangements while highlighting various kinds of arrangements.

Importance of Seating Arrangement

Good seating is a major aspect of any event and helps keep guests engaged and comfortable. We emphasize this factor because poor seating can result in a sense of isolation and might make guests less eager to participate.

Furthermore, we’ve seen guests leave an event early due to a poorly designed layout. We encourage comfortable and appropriate seating to help guests feel included and welcome in your event. Moreover, they’ll enjoy the scheduled activities. We typically inform clients that there are various factors to consider when making seating arrangements and renting chairs and tables for an event.

Factors to Consider when Planning Seating Arrangements

Based on the event you’re hosting and the chosen venue, various seating options exist, and selecting the right one could make all the difference. Once you hire our 40 foot wide tent, we recommend you consider these tips for your party tent.

Guest Number

You’ll require a seat for every guest and it’s best you include some extra seats for unexpected guests who might accompany guests, or who might have forgotten to reserve their space but want to attend the event.

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Guest Spacing

Make sure you offer sufficient leg and elbowroom for guests in your arrangements to make sure everybody is comfortable. We usually remind our clients that the kind of event will influence seat spacing, so this factor is worth considering.


If you decide to rent our 40×100 tent, you must know where your guests will be looking while they remain seated. If there’s a particular area they’ll watch, for instance, a speaker’s podium, you should arrange the seating to make sure your guests have a clear view. If you’re planning on hosting a less formal dinner, we might recommend a more compact seating where guests look in different directions.

Floor Space

Your rental seating should fit within the floor space of the rental 40×100 tent. Just remember to consider other non-seating rooms such as a dance floor, buffet table, or gift table. We further advise that you include sufficient room for your guests to pass between neighboring tables and seats as they move around throughout the event.


If guests will interact in a rental 40 foot wide tent, we recommend you design the seating to enable easy conversation. You’ll want to hire smaller and more intimate tables, which will be more efficient at encouraging conversation among guests.

Event Duration

If your party won’t take several hours, it might be possible to compromise with the seating. For a longer event, you’ll need to hire comfortable chairs and thoughtful arrangements for guests to sit comfortably for an extended period.

Special Needs

In case some of your guests have special needs, you must consider them when renting a 40×100 tent and chairs for your party. You should consider whether you’ll have to accommodate wheelchairs, booster seats, or other special seating. We propose you discuss with your rental coordinator to make sure your guests are comfortable and enable easy seating during the event.

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While these factors can help you select the chairs and tables to rent, remember to obtain recommendations from your rental company. Their coordinators will have witnessed various events, so they might have insights into distinct or unforeseen eating arrangements that can work for your event.

Types of Seating Arrangements


In this style, you’ll have two columns of short and angled rows with an aisleway down the center. A successful strategy of numerous planners who adopt this arrangement is to develop a clear focal point to divert attention towards a speaker, then seat guests strategically.

The advantage of this arrangement is that you’ll maximize space in a rental 40 foot wide tent. However, guests might have sightline problems if you don’t stagger the seats.


This type of seating implies using round tables that are spread out evenly in the space. Bear in mind that tables in this seating arrangement typically accommodate between 8 and 10 people. For best outcomes, we recommend you group guests who are familiar with each other, for instance, co-workers or family members.

Otherwise, seat guests according to mutual interests, for instance, hobbies to foster natural conversation. The advantage of this arrangement is that it becomes easy and comfortable to socialize. Also, it’s ideal for relaxing and networking. However, with this arrangement, each table becomes like an island, making it hard to interrelate with other tables. The arrangement is ideal for parties and weddings.


The seating style helps forge relationships at events. Whether you select a cocktail table for the entire space or blend them in with various seating types, ensure you position the chairs in a U-shape around them with an opening that faces a selected focal point.

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The advantage of this arrangement is that it encourages socializing and at the same time, allows guests to focus on performances. Furthermore, it has an organic and laidback feel. The drawback however is that it doesn’t exploit space. We recommend it for live entertainment and award shows.

Hollow Square

Similar to U-shaped and banquet style seating, hollow square style looks like it sounds. Everybody can see each other while sustaining a comfortable distance, making it perfect for eating meals in a 40×100 wedding tent. The advantage is that it supports working and eating. Moreover, all guests are visible and can enjoy comfortable discussions. However, it doesn’t permit you to exploit floor space.

By considering your seating arrangements carefully, and planning a suitable seating layout for your event, you’ll be in a position to rent precisely what you require to ensure a comfortable event.