Selecting the right commercial tent for your outdoor event should not be hard. At Economy Tent International (ETI), we feature the Classic Plus 30-foot wide tent for optimal coverage and ample space. There is also a 40-foot wide tent for large parties and outdoor gatherings. Whether planning a team-building event, product launch, bazaar, or corporate function, our tents withstand winds up to 75 mph and are certified for durability and performance.

The Classic Plus 30-foot wide tent and 40-foot wide tent combine functionality with contemporary aesthetics. This gives your outdoor event the style and charisma it needs to attract invitees. In addition, our tents are versatile and perfect for decorating interiors and exteriors, from family reunions and weddings to New Year’s Eve galas. When selecting the right tent for your outdoor soiree, size is essential. After all, you want to make sure the tent is large enough for tables, chairs, serving stations, entertainment areas, and more. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for outdoor tents.

  1. Measure the outdoor space

Measuring the outdoor space gives you the dimensions needed for the tent. For example, our 30×100 tent will work to facilitate the area accordingly. When calculating the space, keep a perimeter in mind; this leaves you ample room for stakes, ropes, and other essentials. In addition, ETI tents are weather-proof and will protect your guests from gusty winds. They are also easy to assemble and put away when no longer used.

Here are some more tips for choosing the right outdoor tent:

  • A perimeter of 10 feet around the tent should be kept for safe assembly and anchoring.
  • Consider any structures you will use when measuring the outdoor space, such as outdoor barbecue pits, cooking stations, and more.
  • Our tents can be installed on patio surfaces, concrete, and grass for optimal versatility. Keep in mind any accessories used when measuring the outdoor space.
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  1. How many guests are attending?

A 40-foot wide tent is ideal for hosting outdoor events with many guests. Still, it is vital to get an accurate count to know which tent to purchase. The more attendees you have, the larger the unit should be. You can request RSVPs from your guests or speak with one of our helpful associates at ETI. We want to ensure your next outdoor event is a success with one of our sturdy, durable tents that withstand inclement weather and keep your invitees comfortable and cozy.

  1. Outdoor weather and venue

Checking the weather is another critical factor in choosing the right commercial tent. Whether for product launches, team-building events, or corporate junkets, you need to ensure your guests are safe and dry. ETI tents protect your invitees from weather coming off the water. This includes light winds near lakes and ponds that may hamper your event altogether. Whether for the 30 x 100 tent or a 40-footer, these units will achieve all your desired aesthetics and results.

  1. Why choose the Classic Plus Tent for an Outdoor Event?

The Classic Plus is Kentucky Tent Model approved and ideal for outdoor events that require large, unobstructed areas. With cover mids, the Classic Plus can grow to impressive expanses. From the 30-foot wide tent to the 40′, your commercial event will be successful without any tent worries. We are always here to answer any of your questions or concerns. Here are some more benefits of the 30-foot wide tent for your convenience:

  • ETI tents are manufactured from high-quality materials. They are waterproof and protect your outdoor commercial events from harmful UV rays.
  • Our dedicated team brings years of experience to help you choose the right tent for your occasion. In addition, the Classic Plus features our signature Frame System with top-quality stability that produces results.
  • We offer accessories to keep your tent stable and functional. Our Classic Plus will meet all your needs within time and budget no matter what you need.
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  1. Additional information to keep in mind

ETI has over 70 years of extensive industry experience. As a reputable commercial tent supplier in Miami, Florida, we receive excellent industry ratings and client reviews. Our line of tents is designed to withstand the elements and bring a touch of class to your outdoor commercial event. You get quality craftsmanship and tents in several sizes, colors, and designs. We can even print your commercial logo on the tent to serve as a focal point for your event. Here are some more advantages of buying tents from ETI:

  • We go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your outdoor commercial event is a success. Choose from several high-quality, cost-effective tents that will spruce up your event.
  • Our Classic Plus, Trio, and XP Series tents feature patented frame systems and are engineered with durable construction. This prevents the weather from getting a foothold and ruining your commercial function.
  • The Classic Plus features lacquer-coated vinyl for easy maintenance with stainless steel buckles for rust-free fastening. The tent also has double-reinforced straps for outstanding durability, stability, and strength.

ETI makes a huge difference for an Outdoor Event

Selecting the right commercial tent for your outdoor event will make a difference. You want to ensure enough room for guests, food services, product tables, LED screens, and more. At ETI, we help you every step of the way. Whether hosting a fundraiser, business lunch, or lavish event, there are so many ways to make your tent the focus of the function.

The Classic Plus is a cornerstone tent at ETI, one that continues to receive great reviews. The 30 x 100 tent lets you decorate the interiors and exteriors per your vision or theme. In addition, you can get creative with personalized logos, banners, marquees, and anything you need for the commercial event. We offer a wide array of choices so you can plan the event accordingly.

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