The winter aesthetics of white snow and lively pops of color make any outdoor event memorable. However, we remind our clients that the practicalities of getting it all together can be somewhat difficult. When hosting an outdoor event in commercial tents throughout the colder months, we recommend you make some preparations to ensure your guests remain warm throughout the event.

Without commercial tents for sale, cold weather can cause uncomfortable and unsafe conditions for guests, workers, and equipment. Here’s a list of tips on how to winterize a commercial tent.

Tent Setup

The key to hosting an event outdoors is to rent the right commercial tents Miami and accessories to fight off cold temperatures. When hiring commercial tents for sale, we recommend you hire from a company with essential accessories to host an outdoor event throughout winter.

You’ll need our expert tent supplier who will pitch and raise your tent to ensure it’s secure and firm. Most significantly, our professionals will make sure the side walls are pinned down appropriately and attached to keep out the wind.

Ensure you acquire tent walls with windows to prevent shutting out the view. Remember, the outdoor scenery goes a long way in making your event memorable.


Regardless of the weather on the day of your event, we want your guests to be sufficiently warm. Most rental companies provide heaters dedicated for tent use. Furthermore, they provide different sizes that fit well with varied tent sizes.

You can consult with our experts to determine the appropriate heater for your rental commercial tents. If you’re in doubt, you might want to obtain one that’s bigger than you think. We recommend you rent adequate heaters to heat commercial tents for sale.

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A tent’s size will establish the size of the heaters needed and the number you’ll need. You might want to rent heaters that will heat the entire rental tent together with some decorative heaters that enhance the ambiance and produce cozy guest heating.


To ensure that warm air reaches every part of your rental commercial tents, we propose the inclusion of some fans on pedestals throughout the rental tent. You’ll want to ensure you’ve set them far enough away from where your guests will be sited, otherwise, air will blow on them during the event, causing discomfort.

Regardless of how you position them, the fans will serve a beneficial role in forcing the warm air at the tent’s top to the bottom.


While bringing in heat is significant, it won’t do any good if you lack sufficient generators to offer the necessary power to run everything. We remind our clients about the importance of bringing generators to power the lighting, heaters, and other electrical equipment if your feel the venue cannot support everything. You wouldn’t want to blow a fuse when your guests are depending on heat to remain warm and cozy.

Keep Shovels Handy

If you’re expecting snow, ensure you have suitable materials ready. We advise clients to have shovels for clearing any paths into and out of the tent to eliminate any slipping hazards. It’s important to be prepared for any likelihood of ice and snow to avoid getting trapped in your commercial tents while waiting for help.

Guest Walkway

You’ll have to ensure your guests can walk comfortably to our rental commercial tents Miami without falling or slipping. Plan to shovel your walkway before the event and put out salt to prevent the ground from freezing; this will ensure your guests remains safe. You could even rent flooring to include an extra layer of ground for guests.

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Tips to Host a Warmer Winter Event

Winter Quality Tent

Contrary to what most people believe, hiring outdoor events aren’t merely for warm weather. Remember, winter months can bring wind and chilly weather, and the last thing you want to worry about is collapsing or sagging commercial tents Miami. This calls for investing in quality rental tents.

A quality tent will feature options such as sidewalls that can maintain the warmth offered by heating elements such as patio heaters and will equally enclose the space, maintaining a cozy and dry place.

Slippers and Wraps

Comforts can offer numerous choices for keeping out the cold throughout the winter event. A basket of throws or wraps for guests to use throughout an outdoor event can give a cozy feeling. Also, items such as fuzzy socks and pocket warmers can make notable additions to swag bags.

Fire Pit

If your venue provides a fireplace, this spot could be perfect to set up a lounging area. If the event is taking place outdoors and you can bring some portable fire pits, they could provide an affordable heating choice for warming your guests.


You don’t want your guests to complain of cold feet at the event. Tent flooring will prevent the ground from freezing guests’ toes. You might want to consider a raised floor that will allow guests to wear party shoes rather than winter boots and wooly socks.

Benefits of a Winter Event

Memorable Experience

Since winter events aren’t as common, hosting an event during this season will make it distinct and memorable. A winter event will be fun for everyone involved. Furthermore, you’ll find several elements of the winter season distinguish the event, for instance, holiday lights.

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Fun décor and accessories

Winter has various themes that you could integrate into your winter event. We propose options such as snowflakes. Alternatively, you could produce a chic ambiance with a palette of black and ivory. To remain cozy and warm, you might want to drape yourselves in sophisticated accessories.

Hire a Planner

It might be challenging to assume full responsibility to manage the outdoor event. Although friends and family members can manage the planning, a surprise element is likely to occur. To resolve this, we suggest you hire a planner to manage the details and collaborate in the planning.

Winter Decorations

The winter season has its charm and any winter event could be remarkable if you include decorations that align with the season. We see most clients using plants and flowers to make the occasion pleasant. Just make sure you give special attention to sitting areas and decorate with care.

If you’re looking to host an outdoor event during winter, these tips will prove invaluable when it comes to winterizing your tent.