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Taking the Lead: Women Professionals Thrive in Tent Industry


By Pamela Mills-Senn, IN TENTS magazine | October, 2018.

Women have always contributed to the tent rental industry, even as it’s traditionally been a man’s world. As their influence continues to grow, career opportunities are expanding. When Sarah Crews, director of sales and marketing for Miami, Fla.-based Economy Tent International (ETI), started going to outdoor trade shows 13 years ago, she didn’t see many women attending the events. Tent rental companies headed by women were even scarcer. But over the years that situation has changed, says Crews (formerly Lapping).

“As the years have gone on, I’m so happy to see so many women-owned businesses at the shows,” she says. “Women are participating and getting involved in our industry.”


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The essential tent


By Pamela Mills-Senn, IN TENTS magazine | June, 2017.

For most tent rental companies, an inventory that doesn’t include frame tents is unthinkable. Frame tent systems are the workhorses of the industry, favored by customers for all kinds of events.

Frame tents play an indispensable role in almost every tent rental company’s inventory. As common as they are, these tents are anything but unassuming or lacking in innovation. And although they’ve been around for decades, their appeal hasn’t waned, but instead has only gained momentum. (more…)

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InTents 2017 Buyer’s Guide cover winner


The winning photo in the 2017 InTents Buyer’s Guide cover contest features a festive tented wedding reception installed by Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals, Orlando, Fla.

From dozens of submitted photos, InTents narrowed the choices to three, and hundreds of online voters chose the winner in early January. (more…)

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IFAI Tent Expo 2017 Update


by Jill C. Lafferty  |  February 1, 2017

More than 600 tent professionals gathered in Orlando, Fla., in January under more than 40 tents on display at IFAI Tent Expo 2017.

The two-day event included Tent Rental Division (TRD) Boot Camp and Leadership Track training sessions, networking with fellow tent renters and vendors, equipment demonstrations, the Tour of the Tents, a campfire session discussion including owners and crew members and much more. Attendees had plenty of time to socialize as well, at the opening reception, the Brazilian carnival-themed Party on the Pad, and the pre-show golf tournament and “Wild Florida Airboat and Gator Park” experience. (more…)

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Drone Photography Soars for Tent Professionals


By Sarah Lapping, ETI Director of Sales and Marketing – IN TENTS magazine | October, 2016.

Drone photography is the latest tool for tent professionals to show off their stuff.

I flew a drone for the first time at IFAI Tent Expo 2015 and was instantly obsessed. The experience of controlling a copter 400 feet away was amazing! The things I could see and the photos and video I could take convinced me that drones are a perfect marketing tool for the tent rental and event industry. Drones provide a unique perspective to capture photos and video at weddings, galas, trade shows, concerts, fairs and festivals and other events. (more…)

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Auxiliary tents help event run smoothly


By Jake Kulju, InTents magazine  |  August 2, 2016

Tented events require a lot of forethought. Marathons, music festivals, and community celebrations immediately bring large event tents to mind. Most tents at large events are auxiliary structures, however. For an event run smoothly, tenting is often required for medical services, catering, sound systems support, restroom facilities, and other needs.

“There are so many different tents that can be used [for auxiliary tenting],” says Sarah Lapping, director of sales and marketing at Economy Tent International, Miami, Fla. “You may have a marquee tent that extends out from the main event tent for convenience and coverage to a catering tent, [or] you may have a tent hidden off to the side completely enclosed as a bridal tent.” (more…)

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ETI ‘Covers’ InTents Buyer’s Guide, Again


By Sarah Lapping, ETI Director of Sales and Marketing

For the second year in a row, Economy Tent is proud to say that one of our tents fills the cover of InTents magazine’s annual BUYER’S GUIDE. Here are the those two covers and the event story behind each of them. For both events, tent installation was provided by Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals. (more…)

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Open for Business!


By Sarah Lapping, ETI Director of Sales and Marketing – InTents magazine | October 2014

Launching a new tent rental business? Use these strategies to ensure that your initial investment positions your company for growth.

After nearly 10 years working in the tent manufacturing industry, one of the most rewarding benefits for me has been helping get new tent rental businesses off the ground. I’ve assisted companies whose initial purchase included one or two tents to grow into robust, full-service rental providers with a diverse offering of tents in their inventories.

What motivates a person or group to launch a new tent rental company? (more…)

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Sharp Focus, Broad Impact


By Sigrid Tornquist, Specialty Fabrics Review | April 2014

Hal Lapping tightens his company’s focus to make quality products affordable.

We remain focused on our core products, and because we stay focused we offer the best quality products at the most competitive prices,” says Hal Lapping, president of Economy Tent Intl. (an Anchor company), Miami. Fla. “And part of that mind set is that we are constantly looking for ways to improve every aspect of the business.” (more…)

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Trade Show Strategies


By Sarah Lapping, ETI Director of Sales and Marketing – InTents magazine on Trade Show Strategies.

Get the most out of a trade show by strategizing before you leave home.

Industry manufacturers, suppliers and sponsors spend many hours preparing for trade shows. But if you are an attendee, do you prepare for a trade show or do you just show up? If you are planning to just show up, you risk missing out on many opportunities to maximize your time.

Every trade show attendee needs to have a strategy to get the most out of the event. Some trade shows can be overwhelming. Knowing what you need to accomplish before, during and after a trade show is key to making one worth your time and money. Here are some tips for making that happen. (more…)

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