How to Keep Your Traditional Tents in Perfect Condition for Years

A beautiful and durable traditional tent can be a valuable asset, no matter how you use it. If you offer tents for hire as a core function of your business, then maintaining your inventory will be central to your success. If you simply use a traditional tent for business parties, family days, and other commercial activities, then maintaining your tent will protect the investment you’ve made and ensure that you get the biggest return.

Economy Tent International makes the most durable tents in the industry. Made to last, our tents can provide years of worry-free use without common problems like mold, tearing, and other forms of deterioration. There are steps you can take to keep your traditional tent in perfect condition for years to come.

Here are the most important things to know to maintain a traditional tent.

Keeping Vinyl Surfaces Clean

Vinyl traditional tent materials are incredibly resilient. They will resist tearing, even under high wind loads. The vinyl used by Economy Tent International is treated with a mildew inhibitor to limit the risk of your tent becoming moldy and unsafe to use. Mildew-free tents are more presentable for commercial purposes.

Our factory treatments should be combined with regular cleaning to keep your traditional tent in top condition.

  • Warm water and mild household dish-soap are ideal for cleaning traditional tent The solution can be added to pressurized spray-bottles or applied directly to the material using a large towel immersed in the cleaning solution.
  • Clean vinyl surfaces on a large flat area, protected by a tarpaulin as a barrier between your tent canopy and the ground.
  • Use nylon brushes to gently brush the solution into the material.
  • Allow the solution to fully dry, before rinsing the vinyl with clean water.
  • Allow the vinyl traditional tent canopy to dry fully before being folded for storage.

The key to keeping vinyl clean and free of mildew is to never fold and store a canopy when it is wet. Even a small amount of moisture can cause mildew to develop.

If tents need to be packed down during a storm for safety, they should be cleaned and dried as soon as possible before being stored. Hang-drying is the best method. Hang vinyl canopies for traditional tents in a low-humidity environment. All flaps, ropes, and hardware should be fully dry before storing.

Cleaning Clear Vinyl Sections for Trio® Tents

ClearTopBkgrnd Clear vinyl canopies and other sections can be cleaned following the same steps except for brushing. Avoid brushing clear vinyl sections for Trio® tents, as this will cause scratches that damage the polished vinyl surface. Instead, rub gently with a large towel and cleaning solution, hand dry using a clean towel, and then hang-dry to ensure all materials are free of moisture and safe for storage.

By following some simple steps, you can ensure that your Trio® tents last for many years while remaining attractive and suited to a wide variety of events.

Does Oxidized Hardware Require Cleaning?

Aluminum frames don’t rust in the traditional sense. They are designed to last for years but will develop a layer of oxidation (aluminum oxide) if scratched or scuffed. This dark oxidation can become unsightly if frames are scuffed to excess, and it can also cause staining on white or clear vinyl.

Regularly inspect your frame system to ensure that there is no oxidation or damage. Wipe down metal hardware before storage to remove dust and debris. Ensure that the frames are free of moisture before storage and avoid using chemical cleaners that could damage the material.

If signs of severe damage (scratches, oxidation, cracks, bent sections, etc.) are identified, replace frames in the first instance. At Economy Tent International, we maintain an inventory of spare parts and can produce parts on-demand to meet your needs. If you require replacement parts for your Trio® tents, simply contact us today.

Our frames are made from anodized marine aluminum to provide the highest possible levels of scratch and weather resistance.

How Resilient are Trio® Tents?

Trio® tents are designed to meet or exceed industry standards for durability and safety. Economy Tent International has some of the highest wind resistance ratings of all commercial tent manufacturers.

Our Trio® tents are designed to withstand wind loads of up to 75 miles per hour. Larger extended tents will withstand the same loads when our optional cross-bracing system is used.

Keeping tents clean and free of mold and damage, combined with our high standards of durability, will ensure that traditional tents stay looking great and fully functional for years.

Choose Traditional Tents from Economy Tent International

Accessories anchoring 1 For traditional tents that will last for years, insist on products from a leader in tent manufacturing. Economy Tent International is one of America’s most trusted tent suppliers and our brand is recognized around the world.

Our traditional tents are available with cover styles that include traditional, tension, and high peak. Our high peak tent design is ideal when you want a tent that will stand out at any event, whether it’s used for hiring or your own commercial purposes. The tension tent cover design is attractive and contemporary.

Our traditional tents are known for their impressive style and durability. Tops on all high peak tent, tension tents, and traditional tents are made with UV-treated material to prevent fading and discoloration over time. Clear sections will retain their luster for many seasons providing that you follow our recommended care instructions.

Traditional tents in the Trio® tent range provide an impressive return on investment. You can have confidence knowing that you have the best solution for private use, or when hiring tents out for weddings, reunions, community and commercial events, sports events, fairs and markets, and all other outdoor events.

Contact us today to begin the ordering process and enjoy our superior service and the simple maintenance requirements of Economy Tent International Trio® tents.