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Elegant™ Tent Liners and flowing Leg Drapes will add a finishing touch of sophistication and elegance to any event. Tent liners and drapes are used as a stylish way to hide unsightly framework or just soften the atmosphere with soft pillowed fabric. Our expandable tent liners are manufactured with the highest quality flame retardant, true white polyester material and fabricated to fit and hang perfectly even after years of use. No tent accessory gives such an elegant polished result.

  • Flame retardant, white polyester.
  • Liners and drapes meet the California Fire Marshall Title 19 and NFPA 701 standards.
  • Designed for easy installation. Attach to the curtain rope on the inside tent perimeter. Lift into place with rope and pulley system.
  • Expandable with 10-ft. Velcro® mids.
  • Machine washable.
  • Liners and drapes fit most frame systems.

Economy Tent supplies a variety of parts to keep your Tent Jack in working order.

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ETI also offers 10′ x 9′ pleated panels of Curtain Drapes. These drapes, which are constructed of the same flame retardant, white polyester as the overhead cover liners, can be used alone as a soft sidewall or to soften the interior look of solid sidewalls.


Elegant Tent Liners are designed for easy installation. The liners and drapes simply attach to the curtain rope sewn on the inside perimeter of the tent cover. The overhead cover liners are lifted into place with a standard rope and pulley system. The pulley rope is then secured to the tent frame to hold the liners up.


When the cost of tent liners is not in the budget, pole cover sleeves are an excellent economic solution for softening and hiding tent poles and braces.

  • Disposable and flame retardant.
  • Made of heavy-duty white, 4 mil. poly plastic.
  • Easy to install over framing poles.
  • Cut to desired lengths from 750-ft. roll.

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