Memorable Outdoor Easter Celebration Activities

Celebrating holidays such as Easter with friends and family can be tricky, particularly when everybody celebrates differently. For some, setting up decorations during this holiday is the norm, while others host activities such as cooking recipes and making treats.

Easter is the ideal time to spend time outdoors with friends and family and honor traditions. If you’re wondering whether to celebrate indoors or head out, we’ve compiled a list of fun and memorable activities.

Easter Egg Hunt

We recommend you host your party outdoors if you want to enjoy this activity. You’ll discover that the outdoors brings considerable space and hiding spots to keep the participants busy for a while. To pull off this activity, you’ll want to prepare beforehand.

You’ll need to gather eggs, and while you might want to incorporate real ones, plastic eggs tend to be more common for huge egg hunts. You’ll fill the eggs with age-appropriate goodies, which can include candy, coins, or stickers. Subsequently, you’ll hide the eggs in the region surrounding your high peak tent.

Depending on who’s hunting, you might want to decrease or increase the difficulty level in the search. Make sure you give your guests baskets to keep their findings from the hunt. We recognize that this great activity gets participants moving and permits participants to feel adventurous.

Cook a Meal

Nothing brings people together like food. We recommend you get the family outdoors and prepare the perfect meal. If you decide to include friends or family members who reside outside your home, consider a virtual session so everyone can participate.

You’ll have the satisfaction of cooking together and bonding during this activity. You could even enjoy a barbecue and set up our rental high peak tent to accommodate attendees. You could take the activity a notch higher and decide to host a cook-off.


This activity offers an excellent way of relaxing and tapping into participants’ imaginations. With everybody working together on their projects, it can be a great time to enjoy family conversations. Parents can tell their stories about their childhoods or narrate funny memories.

We recommend the inclusion of this fun activity, which brings everybody together, fosters conversation, and gets participants to open up. We find that this activity is particularly appealing to kids because it gives them a great opportunity to put their creativity into practice while at the same time improving their socialization skills. You can host crafting activities under a traditional tent where kids and adults alike can enjoy the outdoors.

How to Plan an Easter Party Outdoors

The outdoors frequently poses distinct opportunities for all kinds of functions, activities, or meetings. One of the major appeals of an outdoor setting is the energy it attracts to those involved. After all, everyone enjoys the fresh air and beautiful scenery, rather than being stuck in a crowded restaurant. Nonetheless, outdoor events need planning to succeed. We offer a list of tips if you’re hosting your Easter party outdoors.

Understand Your Objectives

When planning your outdoor Easter event, you should consider the primary objectives. Recognizing your event goals will help identify an appropriate location, the décor type, and other required amenities.

Event Facilities, Structures, and Amenities

When hosting an outdoor event, a backup plan is important. You’ll need to plan in case of adverse weather, which might disrupt your occasion. Although some venues provide indoor alternatives and outdoor facilities in case of bad weather, it isn’t always that simple.

You should determine the effort it will take to shift your event indoors. We equally recommend you verify whether there will be enough shelter to offer adequate cover for all attendees. In this case, we suggest you set up our rental high peak tent in case of unexpected rains or scorching heat.

While tents offer a great solution, it’s worth noting that your rental traditional tent will require ventilation fans to maintain fresh air, particularly during summer. If you reside where the climate is colder, you might require safe-to-operate indoor heaters to keep your guests warm and comfortable.

Some outdoor spaces also require carpeting and solid flooring, especially if guests will come in high-heeled shoes. It might appear obvious, but don’t forget to set up the tent in a raised place.

Choose a Easter Complimentary Menu

Regardless of the event type, people usually gather around for drinks and food. If you want to foster socialization, we recommend finger foods. For a more formal occasion, consider an elegant setting within a semi-covered or partially enclosed space.

Choice of Venue

If you’re sure that you can host the event outdoors, you must find an appropriate venue. Numerous outdoor venues can host your event, including picnic areas, concert halls, parks, and patios. Your choice comes down to your objectives and budget. Along with these options, you’ll discover that renting a high peak tent will come in handy.

It’s worth noting that apparent cost variations often exist when booking a venue. Don’t be in a rush to settle for the first venue you come across.

Instead, research and explore various options to maximize cost-efficiency while still attaining the same outcome. Most importantly, ensure you acquire the appropriate permits as soon as you’ve finalized the venue. Without the appropriate permits, your event might not take place.

Make the Event about Friends and Family

When hosting your party, you could easily be taken away by the elements that make it perfect. When it comes to hosting an Easter party, make it about family and friends rather than food. Although your guests will need to eat, there’s no need to spend hours throwing a great feast. Simplicity is also key. Remember, your party doesn’t need to be flawless or complicated to be perfect.

Send Out Invites

Once you’ve ironed out the necessary details, you should prepare the guest list and invitations. You should have determined whether the event will be informal, formal, or themed. You’ll need to address these issues when sending out invitations and since Easter is a time for a holiday celebration that frequently coincides with school spring break, you should send invites in advance.

If you’re looking to host your Easter party outdoors in a traditional tent, our invaluable tips will come in handy.