The New Year is right around the corner, and it’s time to ring in 2022. Economy Tent International (ETI) is at the forefront of your holiday parties with the latest in outdoor tents and accessories. Whether planning a soiree for the family or inviting friends, a 30-foot wide tent is spacious and offers a touch of class for your event.

At ETI, we are proud to showcase the Classic Plus Tent and Frame System. This popular unit is ideal for any function that requires a large, unobstructed area. With the addition of cover mids, the Classic Plus can grow to impressive expanses. This top-seller is Kentucky Model Approved, and we are proud to offer a 30-foot wide tent and a 40-foot wide tent for your convenience.

Why choose the Classic Plus Tent?

The Classic Plus is versatile and can expand to 100+ feet. The 30 x 100 tent gives your New Year’s Eve party all the room it needs to host tables, chairs, serving stations, an entertainment center, and even a dance floor to ring in 2022. In addition, its Classic Plus Frame System is engineered, and wind load tested up to 75 mph. This makes it perfect for protecting guests and loved ones from gusty, windy, or inclement weather conditions.

Here are some more benefits of the Classic Plus Tent and Frame System:

  • The 30-foot wide tent includes double-tube corner rafters, 2” mid-rafter, and 2” sidebars.
  • The 40-foot wide tent includes double-tube corner rafters, double-tube mid rafters, and 2” sidebars with additional corner supports.
  • ETI features cover pitches for the Classic Plus at 30’ wide – 8’ and 40’ wide – 10’6”. You can also add a center mast height for the cover pitch of the 30’ High-Peak style.
  • The Classic Plus has galvanized steel Flo-coat fittings.
  • The failsafe steel snap button makes assembling and disassembling easier.
  • Stake and ratchet strap included for additional tent secureness.
  • The leg height can be adjusted to your desired specifications: 7’3”, 8′, 8’3”, 9′, 9’3”.
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The tubing is also manufactured of 6005 T-6 anodized aluminum with 1/8” wall thickness. Steel cable(s) with 3” snap hooks add to the assembly features with 60’ and more extended frames.

Additional Benefits of the Classic Plus Tent

Our Classic Covers are available in 30-ft and 40-ft widths. This gives your 30-foot wide tent or 40-foot wide tent vibrant aesthetics and a focal point for the New Year’s Eve bash. All cover styles feature 18 oz—solid colors with 30” stripes. At ETI, we have everything you need to ring in the New Year in style and comfort. Our tents go through stringent quality control requirements and continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews.

The Classic Plus will achieve all your desired results. As always, we are available to answer all your product-related questions or concerns. One call or e-mail is all you need to receive helpful tips and suggestions on which ETI tent is perfect for your New Year’s Eve party. You can also browse our vast inventory at our website to learn more about the specifications for each outdoor tent, marquee, and accessory we sell at cost-affordable prices.

Here are some ways to make your New Year’s Eve party memorable.

Set a New Year’s Eve Party Theme

New Year’s Eve does not have to be a formal occasion with tuxedos and elegant dresses. You can choose a unique them for your invitees to get them in the party mood. Adding an element of interest will make your social event the party of the year. Here are some excellent ideas to bring in the New Year:

  • Decade party – Invite your guests to dress up in attire from the 80s or 90s. This themed-partied continue to soar in global popularity. You can choose the decade you want and hire a tribute band or deejay to play music from that era. This is a popular choice, one that can be enjoyed in your ETI tent and under the stars.
  • Masquerade ball – nothing speaks New Year’s Eve more than a masquerade party. Have your guests and loved ones dress up in fancy clothes with face masks for a spectacular soiree.
  • Classic disco party – the disco era is certainly not over with so many retro-parties with 70s themes. So have your guests don their favorite platform shoes, flared pants, and John Travolta suits and dance the night away to songs from this epic decade.
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Have a Carnival New Year’s Party

Take your New Year’s party to new heights with our High-Peak style or 30 x 100 tents. These units are perfect for carnival or festival themes and offer a circus-top-like atmosphere. There is plenty of room inside the tent for talented musicians and a variety of acts. You can hire clowns, juggles, and magicians that the kids will love to see. How about a comedian to make everyone laugh as you enjoy delicious appetizers, entrees, and beverages?

You can even set up photo-op kiosks, mounted LED video screens, bubble machines, and anything your heart desires for this festive occasion. Then, keep the vibrant energy going all night long with party table favors, prize giveaways, noisemakers, party horns, and, of course, champagne toasts at midnight for the adults.

Decorate your New Year’s Tent

Decorating your ETI  30 x 100 tent is a great way to capture the essence of the holiday. While gold, silver, black and white are traditional colors for New Year’s Eve party decorations, you can go with any color palette you wish. From bright lights and icicles to decorative wreaths, there are so many ways to spruce up the interior and exterior of your tent. You can even have your guest participate by adding their own lighting accents and color schemes. This will make your party glamourous, glitzy, and fun-filled all night long.

ETI would like to wish you and yours a safe, happy, and healthy New Year! All the best in 2022, and as always, visit our website for all your outdoor tents and accessories.

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