outside party tentsHalloween is a holiday enjoyed by people of various ages. If you’re planning a gathering for this occasion, you’ll need to get creative for your Halloween tent if you want to host a successful event.

Keep in mind that creating a successful event takes considerable time and effort.

The first things you’ll want to search for or hire are our commercial tents. You’re mistaken if you think tents are merely for formal gatherings and weddings. Thankfully, our commercial tents for sale will give you a blank canvas that will help you design the perfect party.

Check out this guide if you need help figuring out where to start.


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Types of Halloween Tents That You Can Shop For Your Outdoor Party

facebook account for tentsOnce you’ve determined your party’s direction, you’ll have to consider the tents to hire to take your event to another level. You’ll find we have numerous tent options that will transform your space.

Here’s a look at tents worth considering for your event.

Pole Tents

These large and elegant tents are easy to decorate and set up. We recommend them because they’re popular with huge events and can accommodate all your guests. Furthermore, you can decorate them to align with virtually any party theme.

They’re great for a huge Halloween party, particularly if you need space to feed guests and offer entertainment.

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Pop-up Tents

The small but fun tents offer the ideal option if you want to generate numerous areas for guests to experience at the party. For instance, they’re perfect for a simple food/rest area for guests.


These tents are the perfect means of creating a maze, and you can quickly build rooms and generate your desired shape with them.

How to Decorate Halloween Tent

commercial tents

Styling commercial tents for sale might be intimidating. Still, our clients soon recognize that decorating a blank canvas is much easier than redecorating an entire home for a one-night Halloween event.

Some of the tips we recommend for decorating our commercial tents in Miami include the following:

Maximize your tent

Whichever tent you buy or rent for your party, you can integrate the design into your event. For instance, pop-up tents have a carnival feel, so you could turn them into carnival tents with red drapery.

On the other hand, our clear commercial tents can give guests a spectacular view of the sky at night and any decorations you’ve set up outside. Even elegant pole tents comprise interior poles that are ideal for decorating. Regardless of your choice of tent, you want to ensure you use the most of it.

The performance of the tent will depend on the type of tent you choose that mostly fit your event.

halloween best customRepurpose as much as possible

Halloween decorations are usually pricey, and since you’re hosting the party once, we recommend you use what you have and consider DIY decorations.

Maintain Simplicity

There’s no need to go overboard with the decorations. You must be mindful of the commercial rental tents in Miami to ensure you return them in perfect condition once you’re done with the party.


Lighting can change the ambiance of our commercial tents at your party in a matter of seconds. You could include red lights or a blend of red backlighting and bright yellow spotlights to give commercial rental tents in Miami a carnival feel.

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The good thing about lighting is that you can use affordable string lights if you’re on a budget or rent equipment for the biggest party. We’ve seen how lighting can transform parties regardless of the budget.

Do you want to light up your Halloween party this year?

ETI owns the perfect solution for you! Our Halloween tent lighting is sure to get everyone in the spooky spirit.

With our easy-to-use system, you can create a unique haunted house experience in no time. Plus, our products are made with high-quality materials that will last for years.

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Ways to Use Your Halloween Tents

trick or treat stationsHave a Craft Station

Irrespective of the theme, people are bound to enjoy Halloween crafts. You’ll find your guests enjoying art while chatting. Furthermore, they’ll have something to take home. Many guests are interested in doing crafts.

Trick-or-treat stations

If you’re hosting a party as a safer substitute to trick-or-treating, you can ensure you include kids in fun by creating trick-or-treat stations around the yard.

You can request the adults present to set up the various stations and hand out the bags where kids can carry their candy.


Teens and children enjoy smashing piñatas, which offers a great way to celebrate the candy-based holiday while ensuring kids obtain sufficient candy without knocking on doors. If you have older and more minor children at the party, you might want to include two piñatas.

Have a Costume Contest

This activity is a must-have at your party. You can include affordable prizes to make the party fun. If you inform your guests beforehand that a contest will occur, they’ll probably come with creative costumes.

Carnival GamesCarnival Games

Carnival games offer a fun activity for various ages. They are easy to set up in our commercial tents for sale. If the guests will be playing for prizes or candy, ensure you have some volunteers who can help organize various games throughout your party.

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Host a Contest for Pumpkin Carving

Request guests to come with a pumpkin or obtain some locally. We suggest you stock up on various sizes and shapes. You can use them as party décor until the time reaches for guests to partake in a carving contest.

If children are in attendance, you can have a pumpkin coloring or painting contest instead.

Set aside a storytelling hour

If you’ve run out of activities, you can gather around the fire to tell stories for a fun party. The trick is ensuring they’re age-appropriate.

We recommend you research beforehand and print some age-appropriate stories that appeal to the guest list.

After the storytelling hour, ask your listener what the message of the story you’ve read is. It is more engaging and fun.

Include a table for Cupcake Decorating

Whether old or young, guests will enjoy decorating cupcakes at your party. You can bake some beforehand or order undecorated ones from a bakery.

You’ll need frosting and themed toppings from a local bakery and set them up in our commercial tents for guests to enjoy.

Get your Halloween Tent from ETIGet Your Halloween Tent From ETI

Hosting an outdoor party with a Halloween tent needs planning if you want it to be memorable. The critical thing is being organized and ensuring you’ve bought the supplies beforehand.

ETI got you covered. We can ensure that our Halloween tent items are the best on the market. We have a money-back guarantee. Contact us today at 800-438-3226.