Quality commercial tents can help you to grow your tent rental or event management company. The best party commercial tents for sale can offer a long return on investment with features that ensure durability and style that suits any occasion.

Whether you’re building a new business or if you need to refresh your inventory, you’ll find cost-competitive and long-lasting tents with the Classic Plus™ system.

Classic Plus™ Commercial Tents by Economy Tent International

The Classic Plus™ Frame System has been designed for the most demanding commercial users who need party tents that provide maximum coverage with unobstructed interiors. The system allows for endless customization of internal layouts without needing to navigate around center poles that would reduce efficiency.

Classic Plus™ commercial tents for sale are compliant with the highest industry and safety standards and are approved by the Kentucky State Government, which maintains some of the strictest temporary structure requirements in the United States.

Learn what makes Classic Plus™ commercial tents for sale unique and see how their features could benefit your organization.

Impressive Features of the Classic Plus™ Frame System

Our innovative Classic Plus™ tents are offered in both 30-ft wide and 40-ft wide configurations. One of the biggest advantages of choosing Classic Plus™ is the versatility and high level of customization that is offered. With the addition of mid-sections, party tents can be expanded lengthways to get the perfect size for any event.

Tents in the Classic Plus™ range are extremely resilient. High standards of engineering and our unique design allows for wind resistance up to 75 mph. This is a standard feature of 30-ft x 30-ft party tents. Larger tents must be cross-braced (we supply the systems as optional extras) to maintain wind resistance.

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For a clean and classic look, Classic Plus™ commercial tents for sale are offered with a standard canopy made from 18oz black-out vinyl for durability and UV protection. 30-ft x 30-ft tents are also offered with a high peak design for a standout tent at any private or commercial party event.

Assembly is made simple thanks to galvanized fittings, steel snap buttons, and stake and rope components are included with your order. Straps and buckles are double reinforced on covers to ensure durability. Unlike some tents that are made with low-quality metals and fabrics, ours are designed for durability in any weather. The small (yet incredibly important) touches like stainless steel buckles on covers prevent rust stains. This means that whether you use your tent frequently at your business, or if you offer it for hire, you’ll never deal with rust stains.

Durability and reliability should never come at the expense of a beautiful esthetic. When you are using tents for private parties, they need to look absolutely flawless. Classic Plus™ commercial tents for sale are as impressive visually as they are on the spec sheet. For the best looking tents that also offer the most innovative technical features and long-lasting quality, insist on products from Economy Tent International.

Who Uses Classic Plus™ Commercial Tents?

Our commercial tents are used by a variety of businesses and are perfectly suited to tent hiring companies and event management companies. Because our commercial tents for sale meet the highest standards of quality and durability, they are suited to any type of organization, even those who don’t specialize in the hire or usage of party tents as a primary business function.

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Some of our more diverse customer types include:

  • Private groups and organizations looking for the best party tents for sale.
  • Commercial businesses looking for tents that can be used at trade shows, fairs, markets, and other events.
  • Sports teams at any level, from school to professional leagues, that seek commercial tents for coverage at home and away games.
  • Businesses that want to keep commercial tents on-hand for family days, staff parties, and other outdoor events. If your business frequently hires commercial tents throughout the year, why not consider investing in your own?
  • Churches mosques, and other houses of worship.
  • Youth groups and community groups.
  • Charitable organizations that often hold outdoor events where all-weather coverage is needed.

The versatility of our Classic Plus™ commercial tents for sale ensure that they can be used for all events from private parties and weddings to specialized trade shows. Our tents are straightforward to assemble with the right training and experience, and we offer detailed instructions for both 30-ft wide and 40-ft wide commercial tents.

If you need the most reliable commercial tents for sale, whether they are for private use or to offer for hire, Economy Tent International is ready to help.

What Makes Economy Tent International the Best Commercial Tent Manufacturer for Your Needs?

When you want reliability and the best features for your money, it’s important to choose a trusted commercial tent manufacturer.

Economy Tent International develops patented frame systems using the highest quality components and materials. Our engineered frames are designed for wind resistance in adverse conditions, resisting loads of up to 75 mph.

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We have more than six decades of experience and are based in Miami. Economy Tent International is a subsidiary of Anchor Industries Inc. We have grown to become one of the largest commercial tent manufacturers in the United States.

Our innovative technologies allow us to produce tents at competitive prices without compromising on quality or durability. Advanced processes like hot air and wedge sealing, and radio-frequency welding ensure seals that last throughout demanding commercial use-case scenarios. Computerized cutting ensures that our products are produced to the strictest tolerances right down to the micro measurements.

Our knowledgeable sales and support staff can help you to find the perfect solutions for your needs. When you want a commercial tent manufacturer that you can rely on, choose Economy Tent International.

Get Pricing Today on Commercial Tents for Sale

The right party tent can improve the visibility of your company, give you a venue for private events, or help you to form a business based on tent hire or general event services. Invest in a Classic Plus™ frame tent that combines quality with great looks and an easy/efficient setup.

Contact Economy Tent International today to learn more about pricing and ordering for the best commercial tents for sale.