Party Decorating Tips for a 40 foot Wide Tent

No matter the kind of event, tents are a great way to have fun outdoors, as they allow your guests to be surrounded by the beauty of your venue, while still maintaining an indoor feel to your party. At Economy Tent International (ETI), we have a wide selection of tents that are sure to be perfect for any outdoor event. As one of the largest frame tent manufacturers in the United States, the clean, simple design and versatility of our tents make it easy for you to decorate your tent to your liking for the party or get-together you are hosting. Here are some creative decorating tips you can follow to make your ETI tent one-of-a-kind for your outdoor event.

decorating Create a theme.

No matter what type of event you are hosting, creating a theme is the base for any party and can truly tie the space together. Creating a theme can be as simple as choosing a few accent colors that serve as the basis for decorating your space. Be sure to follow the style that you choose by adding custom chair linens, flower arrangements, napkins, and table runners that all have matching colors and/or designs to complement your theme and create an aesthetically pleasing, cohesive look throughout the tent.

Play around with different fabric textures and colors.

Many tents are oftentimes plain, so adorning the interior of the tent with different layers of fabric is one of the easiest ways to add a personal decorative touch to match the theme of your party. Instead of decorating your tent with one kind of fabric, consider adding layers of fabric of different textures and/or colors to add depth to the space. One way to instantly add a bit of charm to your tent is to add silk draping. Layering sections of silky fabric that cascades from the top of the tent will create an elegant, glamorous feel to the space. Adding netted, sheer, or transparent decorating fabric for, say, a summer party, will add a whimsical feel to the tent, while allowing for a cool summer breeze to flow through the space. In addition to different textures, consider using different hues of fabric to add a burst of color to your tent. Our classic plus tent is a great choice for any outdoor party. This 40 foot wide tent is manufactured with exclusive, high quality black-out vinyl material and embedded filament lines, which allows for the easy attachment of draping fabric, and also has the option of expanded covers for larger events. We also have a 30 foot wide tent for smaller parties.

pexels spemone 234196 Decorate with balloons.

Balloons have long been considered a party staple because they’re fun, inexpensive, and easy to add to any event, no matter how big or small. The lightweight quality of balloons is why they are such a popular decorative addition to parties, especially outdoor events, since they easily can be attached to the ceiling, entrance, or sides of a tent. Whether you want confetti-filled balloons for your daughter’s graduation celebration party, or a balloon banner for your friend’s birthday, the options are limitless when it comes to decorating a party with balloons. They can add a very festive, celebratory atmosphere to any event.

Install light fixtures.

Adding lights to a tent is a creative way to add an ethereal feel to your party. If you are planning to host an event that will run into the evening or into the late hours of the night, installing some sort of light fixtures is a must. Consider decorating your tent with trendy string or fairy lights, crystal chandeliers, or lanterns, to light up your space and keep the party going even after the sun sets. Our ETI clear cover tent allows for the easy installation of any light fixtures of your choosing, effectively illuminating your space as the stars come up, while still allowing for a scenic view of your venue during the day.

Create an unforgettable entrance.

A well-designed entrance can truly make or break an outdoor event or party. Many party planners oftentimes tend to get so wrapped up in designing the interior of the tent, that they forget to create an inviting entrance – don’t make the same mistake! Being greeted by an amazing entrance, followed by a well-decorated interior, will be sure to wow your guests. Consider adding arches, pillars, lighting, welcome boards, or any other such decorations that match the theme of your party, to creatively demarcate the entrance of your tent. If you are considering adding a dramatic entrance to your party, our classic plus tent is a great choice. This sturdy tent comes with anchoring features and double reinforced straps and buckles. You can add decorative elements of your choosing on any side of the tent to create an unforgettable entrance. You can also expand the size of your tent to make it a 40 x 100 frame tent, or any other bigger or smaller size.

These party decorating tips should give you a great start to designing a 40 x 100 tent. Creating an appropriate party theme, and adding balloons, lights, and different textures and/or colors of draping fabric are just some of the ways you can creatively decorate both the entrance and interior of your tent. Following these tips will help you to add unique decorative touches to your tent to take your party to the next level. At Economy Tent International, our tents have several features that can accommodate any size party. The versatility and high quality of our tents coupled with various options for customization are why our products are perfect for any event. Visit our website to browse through our wide selection of tents or give us a call at 800-438-3226 to speak with one of our helpful customer service professionals for any questions. At Economy Tent International, we are committed to helping you find the perfect tent that you can decorate to your liking to make your party a memorable event for you and your guests.