Party Favor Ideas for Your Next Outdoor Event

Once you’re sure you have everything ready for your outdoor event, including our rental 40×100 tent, you might want to think about sending your party guests off with items to remember the occasion. This gesture reveals your appreciation towards the guests.

Just try to give favors that guests will find useful. For instance, items such as hot sauce or sea salt will end up in your guests’ kitchens and serve as a reminder of the event.

Alternatively, consider gifting favors inspired by the event’s locale. This is particularly perfect if you’re hosting a destination wedding reception in our rental 40 foot wide tent. Here’s a look at party favors worth considering for your outdoor event.

Homemade Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes can be quite disruptive while hosting an outdoor party. It can be particularly difficult to escape them during hot and humid weather. In this case, you can give homemade repellent as a party favor, which guests can use after and during the party. The best part about this favor is that it comprises natural ingredients such as essential oils.

Customized Cookies

Although sweet treats are a common staple at parties, they can at times be too sugary. Instead of sending children home with too much candy, substitute the typically processed junk with a customized cupcake or cookie in a specially decorated box or bag. We recommend you make them yourself or buy them from the local bakery.

Personalized Pillowcase

Allow guests to leave with a unique item such as a personalized pillowcase. You can buy plain white pillowcases and let kids personalize them or you could simply order personalized pillowcases.

Personalized Towel

If you’re organizing a pool party or water-themed party, you can send guests their personalized towels. You can order them online or buy them yourself and find a store locally or a friend who’s willing to do the embroidery. Alternatively, you could avoid personalization and simply obtain an assortment of beach towels from Wal-Mart.

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Scavenger Hunt

You can arrange for young guests to search for items that ultimately become take-home party favors. With an adventure theme, you can develop a map that leads them to favors such as a compass or mini flashlight.

Garden Party Items

A garden party is especially perfect during spring. This favor can work using seasonal blooms. Provide hanging baskets or pots, soil, and numerous varieties of vibrant flowers for guests to take home.

Bubble Gum Balls

These edible and colorful treats can easily match with virtually any color scheme or theme. Furthermore, they’re suitable for all kinds of fun containers-vases, buckets, and jars.

Photographic Favors

Photo Magnets

A DIY kit comprising magnet backings and the appropriate printer paper will allow you to send guests with some of their unforgettable party moments.

Photo Bookmarks

These favors are particularly suitable for milestone birthdays. Display a series of old and current photos, together with fun facts from the birth year of the guest honor.

Photo Stickers

Stickers created from your preferred photos offer creative ways of decorating all kinds of affordable party favor items, for instance, treat bags and candy packages.

Types of Tents to Rent

If you’re planning to organize an outdoor event, you’ll discover that we offer a range of tent styles sizes including our 40 foot wide tent. It’s useful for you to understand the terminology that describes the various kinds of tent types and which kind suits your event best.

Pole Tents InsidePeak

Pole tents have various center poles along with poles around the perimeter. These tents receive support from the side and center poles along with web-guys that are affixed to the top of each side pole and stakes that we drive to the ground around the perimeter of the 40 foot wide tent.

Our 40×100 tent usually needs more space than frame tents because the stakes that help sustain them must be positioned away from the tent’s perimeter than the staking distance needed by frame tents.

Party Canopies

The lightweight covering seeks to offer protection and shade from light rain. Their installation must take place where you can drive stakes into the ground on all sides. In most instances, these are rented for installation by our customer for small gatherings. They come with stakes, poles, and installation instructions.

Common sizes include 20×20”, which two people can install in 30 minutes. It’s worth noting that some come with sidewall ropes to permit the inclusion of sidewalls. The benefits of these canopies include their affordable cost and ease of installation. Their drawback however is their incapacity to tolerate heavy rain or strong winds and their comparatively small sizes.

Heavy-duty Pole Tents

The heavy-duty tents need professional installation on sites where staking is possible around the tent’s entire perimeter. We typically perform installations on lawn areas or asphalt parking lots. Common sizes include our 40×100 tent. Nonetheless, larger and smaller widths are also accessible.

The tent’s length differs depending on the quantity and size of tent segments that are laced together to attain the space required for the event. Several of the poles being produced today are engineered tension tents that are certified and engineered to tolerate considerable wind loads.


  • Pole tents are generally more affordable than frame tents of a similar size
  • They’re accessible in a wide array of sizes and can tolerate most adverse weather conditions


  • They feature some interior center poles, which need consideration during furniture placement
  • Pole tents need more space to install than frame tents of a similar size
  • Numerous potential tent sites don’t permit tent stakes to be driven into the ground; pole tents need staking

Frame Tents

Generally, the term “frame tent” describes a wide range of tents that obtain support from a metal frame and lack interior poles.  They might be as small as an 8×8” pop-up canopy or as large as 50” wide and almost any length.

Most of these tents comprise a vinyl tent top secured to a metal frame. In most cases, these tents require professional installation and we can customize a 40 foot wide tent to accommodate numerous distinct sites.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly party favors to give guests, this list will prove invaluable.