Party Planning Tips from the Pros

Party planning is an intricate and detailed industry at best. There are so many things to take into account when hosting a business function, social event, or outdoor party for loved ones and friends. Economy Tent International (ETI) makes these trying times more manageable with our exquisite line of durable, sturdy outdoor tents for any occasion. These include our signature line of Trio Tents, Traditional Tents, High-Peak Tents, Tension Tents, and accessories.

If you are planning a business party or social function, here are ten essential tips from the pros at ETI that will make your event run smoother and without any issues.

  1. Plan to save time

ETI  features three exciting versatile tent covers under our famous TRIO line: traditional, high-peak, and tension. While these choices are versatile, wind-resistant, water-resistant, and never obstruct your guests’ views, it is essential to plan your function ahead of time.

Do not commit to an outdoor event; you have to pull off at the last minute. This will bound to be a disaster, so avoid last-minute party planning. Instead, give yourself at least a month to ensure everything is set up and good to go for your party. This includes photography, catering, entertainment, seating areas, tables, and other essentials.

  1. Create a to-do list

Professional party planners always have to-do lists with them. Whether on paper or their smartphones, creating these lists will keep your party planning well organized. At ETI, we offer in-depth, detailed product information on all our tents and accessories. We also feature diagrams, photos, and related specifications on each tent for your outdoor convenience.

Take this same approach to your party planning and jot everything down. Do not let mental notes escape you and create two separate lists if possible: things to do now and things to do later. You can also create a chart or use a marker and board to meticulously plan everything out and check your lists off one by one.

  1. Choose a theme

Choosing a theme makes it easier to create a comprehensive, cohesive plan. Your idea will help you select the right type of tent you need from Economy Tent International. We are proud to showcase a myriad of tents with the following features:

  • TRIO frame systems are engineered and wind-resistant up to 75 mph.
  • Traditional tents are available in a range of solid colors and stripes to correlate with the theme of your event.
  • High-peak tents are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. They feature center masts that support the covers and never hinder your guest’s mobility or views.

With this in mind, find the right theme you feel will accentuate your outdoor event. This can work for both business functions and family events or socials.

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  1. Check the weather

The last thing you need is high, gusty winds and torrential downpours ruining your event. At ETI, we do feature both wind and water-resistant tents that withstand all types of inclement weather. However, we strongly recommend a contingency plan if your outdoor social get washed out due to rain. Remember, you cannot dictate the weather, so it’s best to check it before any party planning commences. This is the professional way to secure the best results and put smiles on the faces of your guests and loved ones.

  1. Make sure the tent is large enough to host guests

For any event, it is essential to size outdoor tents, so they fit just right in your allocated spaces. The right tents are units that are large enough to offer optimal cover and shade for your guests – without hindering their mobility. At ETI, we showcase a wide choice of tents in many shapes and sizes. These include TRIO, Classic Plus, XP Series, Marquees, Clear Covers, Quick and Easy Pop-Ups, Concession stands, and much more.

Simply visit our website and browse these tents and accessories at cost-affordable rates. You can also use calculators, measuring tapes, and ground rulers to estimate how big or small a tent you will need.

  1. Simple setups work best

Simplicity is the key to success in setting up your tents. If you are inexperienced at throwing tent parties, reach out to ETI, and we will advise you on the best steps and techniques. As always, we take into account the safety of all your guests, which is why our tents have passed stringent quality control requirements before going to market. We can show you the easiest, safest ways to set up your tents while saving time and money.

  1. Choose a tent with sidewalls

Whether for your gardens or rented open fields, choosing a tent with sidewalls offers better protection for guests. This includes keeping them safe and dry from gusty winds, rainstorms, and other weather elements. Tents with sidewalls are great party tents and ideal for all sized events.

  1. Allocate enough space for optimal mobility

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Party planning is essential in ensuring enough room for your invitees under your chosen tent. It is helpful to use a seating chart and assigned tables (event layout) to prevent people from bumping into each other. Also, make sure there are waste receptacles or dumpsters for trash nearby but not in the way of your guests. Correct placement of buffet tables, music equipment, video screens, and other essentials you may want to use or not is also vital in maintaining proper space.




  1. Pest control is essential

If hosting the event in your yard or garden, make sure your pest control expert has sprayed the areas a few days before the function. This will keep your guests safe from mosquitoes, ants, and other critters that love to annoy humans and domesticated pets.

  1. Portable restrooms are also crucial for any function

Unless the event is being held in your home’s yards or lawns, you may need to rent portable bathrooms. These restrooms should be nearby and part of any tent party event.

For more information on party and event tents, simply visit our website below. Contact us today to learn more about our outdoor tents for all your business and social functions.