How to Pick a Tent for a Commercial Party

Commercial tents are ideal for all types of business parties and team-building events. These units are wind-resistant and protect attendees from harmful UV rays. They can also be decorated as needed for product launches, business socials, meet and greets, and so much more. Choosing the right commercial tent in Miami does not have to be an arduous task. Economy Tent International (ETI) specializes in outdoor tents for types of business events. This includes our signature Classic Plus™ tent, which can expand to 100 feet in length.

This tent is perfect for outdoor retail events, corporate parties, and even neighborhood socials. The Classic Plus Frame System is also great for large outdoor events without unobstructed areas.

Why you should consider the Classic Plus for your next commercial event

The Classic Plus is engineered and wind load tested up to 75 mph. This means its durable and sturdy enough to withstand gusty winds and inclement weather. However, it’s important to check the weather before planning your commercial party. This unit is Kentucky Tent Model approved with galvanized steel Flo-coat fittings. Its failsafe steel snap button assembly makes it easy to assemble and disassemble when not in use.

The adjustable leg height dimensions are 7’3, 8’3, and 9’3 for optimal settings. You can also have a center mast height added for an aesthetic cover pitch for the 30’ High-peak style. The tent also comes with essential accessories like stakes and ropes for added security and holding. ETI even features cross-brace systems for any size Classic Plus frame. This gives you multiple options when it comes to choosing the right tent for your outdoor event.

High Peak Style Tents

At ETI, we know how important aesthetics are when it comes to large outdoor tents. Our High-Peak style tents offer a touch of majestic class to any outdoor party or social function. The 30’ x 30’ High-peak cover style lets attendees see the tent from a far. This can serve as the focal point of your event giving you the ultimate freedom to design the exteriors and interiors alike.

High-peak style tents are known for their magnificent appearance and ideal for product launches and promotional parties. We even showcase stylish tent cover designs with 18 oz. solid colors and 30-inch stripes. These tent covers are as functional as they are beautiful, and really add some nice colors to your tents with vibrant styles.

Client KeyWest Additional Benefits of High Peak Style Tents

High-peak tents do not require center poles like some traditional tents. They have elevated centers with easy-to-install poles that rest on frame tensions and cross cables. This ensures the traditional appeal of a pole tent with the functionality and performance of a frame tent. Similarly, these tents are stable, durable, and protect your guests from harmful UV rays. Here are some more benefits:

  • High-peak style tents stand up to gusty winds and inclement weather conditions.
  • These tents are designed for optimal longevity. This means they can withstand the strains and stresses of heavy use over the years.
  • The tents are easy to set up and store away when not in use. For outdoor branding companies, these units should be a part of your yearly outdoor tent inventory.
  • High peak tents ensure a beautiful, aesthetic appearance with high ceilings that overlook the event and surrounding areas. This makes it easier to attract and engage new customers and clients, especially at outdoor trade shows, marketing events, and promotional functions.

What other tents does ETI offer?

At ETI, we feature a full line of tents that are perfect for outdoor commercial parties, family reunions, weddings, and receptions. As your premier portal for commercial tents for sale in Miami, we have – and continue to meet the needs of customers and clients across Florida. A beautifully-designed outdoor tent can truly spruce up any commercial event. It can also serve as the focal, decorative element for your outdoor business function.

We recommend covered seating, balloons, and even floral arrangements for your tent. Whether going with our Trio Tents, traditional tents, tension or high-peak styles, you have the freedom to design and decorate the interiors and exteriors as needed. How about an attractive arch for your entrance? You can add some tables on the side for product promotion or even a large commercial banner or teardrop flag within the tent. The choice is yours to make – but ETI is here to help you every step of the way.

What to know about Trio tents for outdoor events?

Trio tents are part of our commercial tents Miami inventory.  However, there are several things to keep in mind when selecting the right tent for your party. The size of the event and the number of attendees must be taken into account. This helps you choose how big or small a tent you will need. ETI is here to help you with timely responses to all product-related questions and concerns. Our Trio Tent can go up to 10-15 feet and styled with vibrant solid colors and 30” stripes.

These marvelous tents are ideal for photographic displays, product kiosks, meet and greet tables, wall mounts, lighting accents and much more. Here are some more specifications of Trio tents, which can help you make a worthwhile, informed buying decision:

  • 20 feet Trio Tents are available in Traditional, High-Peak, and Tension styles. Make sure you to correctly measure the outdoor area, so the tent fits correctly into the allocated space.
  • Keep at least 10 feet around the perimeter of the tent. This secures safe anchoring, set up, and ample room for your guests and loved ones.
  • Make sure to keep any cooking facilities, barbecue pits, and other units in a safe distance from the tent.

For more information on commercial tents in Miami, contact ETI today. You can also visit our website to learn more about the different tents we feature for outdoor parties.