commercial party tentsFall is when outdoor space attracts family, friends, and neighbors to gather around the home with the best patio and outside party tents.

You’ll also find people spending fall evenings on the deck for a celebration. Whether a back-to-school party or dinner party, hosting a fall party outdoors with Commercial Tents is a great chance to mingle and enjoy great weather.

After all, this season elicits feelings of companionship and relaxation. Unsurprisingly, numerous people find comfort in cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and resuming regular routines.

With its stunning beauty and refreshing weather, fall offers an ideal time for hosting a party outdoors. The season can be tricky, so you must be ready for contingencies and surprises when planning a fall party outdoors. Read on our list of tips that are worth considering.

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When planning an outdoor party, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.

Summertime is the perfect time for outdoor get-togethers with family and friends. Whether you’re planning a casual barbecue or an elegant evening under the stars, having the right gear can make all the difference.

Here are a few things to remember when planning your next outdoor party.

ETI got you covered with your tent needsChoose the right tent

First, you’ll need to choose the right tent. If you’re expecting many guests, you’ll need a larger tent to accommodate everyone. A smaller tent will do if you’re only expecting a few people. Backyard tents are one of the great choices you can consider.

It includes pole tents. You can decorate its frame tents.

Consider the weather

You’ll also need to consider the weather. You’ll need water and a windproof tent if it’s expected to rain or be very windy. If the weather is mild, a standard tent will do.

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Choose the location

Finally, make sure to choose a location for your tent that is level and has ample room for people to move around. You want people to stay in the tent.

At ETI, we can provide our best-selling tents for your fall party. Your guests will enjoy your event and be protected from any elements.

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What Do You Need For An Outdoor Party?

roller bagMenu

A great menu doesn’t need to be fancy. Some of the best fall parties have simple menus comprising comfort food.

From pumpkin spice to apple cider, you can find a range of food items that are specifically associated with fall and are necessary at an outdoor fall party.

Including seasonal food items at fall parties ties the theme together, giving guests treats they wouldn’t ordinarily get. You can have apple cider donuts or warm apple cider as a treat if you’re hosting a casual party.

On the other hand, if you’re hosting a dinner party, you can include delectable courses such as butternut squash soup.

Backup Plan

When it comes to hosting an outdoor party, conditions are sometimes predictable. While the weather forecast can be helpful, it’s never a guarantee.

We recommend a backup plan, such as finding a commercial tent supplier to offer rental tents.

Ensure there’s enough seating in the Canopy Tent

best seller event tent for birthdayParties can last for several hours, and your guests will undoubtedly require a break from being on their feet at some point throughout the day.

Unlike indoor events with plenty of furniture, additional seating might be necessary for outdoor spaces to accommodate everybody comfortably.

We recommend you bring chairs from your home or buy additional seating from a local store. For more significant events, we recommend you contact a party rental company for commercial tents and accompanying accessories.

Typically, these companies issue affordable rates for folding chairs and outdoor furniture.

Canopy tents can accommodate more than enough chairs you need for your outdoor party.

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party tentActivities For Event Tents

Parties are ideal for activities and games for you and your guests. Although parties can be an opportunity for simply hanging out with family and friends, you could plan some activities for guests.

This season comes with various unique activities that are easy to do, even in groups. For instance, apple bobbing is a classic activity to set up at a fall party, mainly if kids are there.

Guests could even carve pumpkins together. Another idea involves having a massive bonfire with marshmallows using your party tent, and the result would be pretty amazing.

It can also stand during winterOutdoor Lighting

Lighting is critical to any outdoor event, especially if you intend on partying into the evening. Although you don’t want anything too bright that will interrupt the ambiance, every outdoor party needs some key lighting fixtures.

  • Invest in exterior string lights for illuminating tables and other significant elements of your outdoor party.
  • Ensure you light walkways, particularly near stairs. You should equally use candles on the tables and light your fire pit early to ensure you’ve spread light throughout the patio.
  • You might consider hanging lanterns on the trees for a functional and fun addition to the décor.

Decorating the Event Tent

Fall is an exciting time for decoration, and the time your party will take place will dictate how you decorate. If you host an early fall party, you can have simple décor and incorporate fall tones within your residence.

The later you host the party, the more you can cater the event to this season’s holidays.

Light and Shade

If you’re hosting a party outdoors during the day, designate some places with shade to keep your guests out of the direct sun. This can be a patio with a roof, an awning, an umbrella, or hired commercial tents. You can also have a party tent rental with us.

A nighttime party requires sufficient lighting. It can be light, provided your guest can see well enough to move and converse with fellow guests.

Use lanterns, candles, string lights, and other lighting you might have already in your outdoor area.

Lighting up your party tentLighting up your party tent is a must!

Economy Tent International has all the accessories you need to make your party shine. We have everything you need, from string lights to floodlights, to light up your event and keep the party going all night long.

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Our products are top quality and affordable, so you can get the most out of your event without breaking the bank.

Our easy-to-use lighting systems will make setting up and taking down a breeze. You won’t find better products or prices anywhere else.

Purchase lighting accessories for your next party today on our website! Call ETI now at 800-438-3226 for more details and check our tent deals.

Decorating your Party Tents

rental businessFrom wedding receptions to birthday parties, there are various ways of making commercial rental tents more inviting and fun for your outdoor gathering. Tent decorations, for instance, greenery and lights, are bound to add charm and personality to your occasion.

Here’s how to decorate your party tent.

Stunning Lighting

Whether you select white string lights or vibrant paper lanterns, your tent’s lighting scheme can transform the space’s ambiance.

We advise clients to hang chandeliers from their commercial tents for sale to add elegance or projection mapping to illuminate their tent’s interior with striking patterns.

Luxurious Fabrics

Sheer fabrics offer a way of setting the mood within your rental. You might want to use chiffon curtains for sectioning off some areas, producing various “rooms” in your commercial tents for sale.

Miscellaneous DécorMiscellaneous Décor

Another way of adding excitement to the interior of commercial tents for sale is by decorating them with streamers, multicolored balloons, and other classic decorations.

You can convert a bare white tent rental into a polychromatic paradise by suspending bunting across the walls or permitting ribbons to fall from the middle.

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