Tips on Planning Your Outdoor Event During a Pandemic

The current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the entire world. Businesses from across numerous sectors have shut down and probably will never reopen. While the economic impact continues to be felt around the globe, the emotional stress of losing loved ones and friends to this deadly virus knows no bounds. At Economy Tent International (ETI), we want to extend our deepest condolences to anyone that has lost a family member or friend due to COVID. We are always here to assist all our customers during this trying, challenging time.

Is it a good idea to host an event during a pandemic?

pexels ksenia chernaya 3951652 As an industry leader in commercial tents in Miami, ETI is committed to protecting the health and safety of all our new and existing customers. From TRIO and CLASSIC PlUS to the XP SERIES, all our outdoor tents have undergone and passed strict quality-control tests. Our unit can withstand gusty winds up to 75 mph and designed to protect your guests from harmful UV rays. Similarly, our tents are easy to assemble and dismantle when no longer in use.

With our signature Classic Plus™ Frame System, we guarantee optimal protection and coverage for any large outdoor events. Our tents can also grow to impressive expanses using cover mids. With all this in mind, is it safe to host an outdoor function or party in Miami? Well, the answer is both yes and no. For one, local guidelines and regulations limit outdoor gatherings to ten people or less. The local health authorities are enforcing social distancing. So it is crucial to wear masks, gloves, face shields, and any protective apparel to stop germs from spreading from person to person. Here are some more essentials to keep in mind:

  • Check with the local authorities in your city or county to see how many people are allowed for outdoor gatherings. The medical and law enforcement authorities mandate a six feet separation or gap between people in public places like restaurants, pharmacies, retail establishments, and even restaurants.
  • If your outdoor event is a must, you may be limited to the number of people you can invite. Again, most of Florida is under a ten-person rule for outside events, but that may vary by city, county, or vicinity. It is best to check with the authorities (medical and law enforcement) in you are before any event planning commences.
  • ETI does offer smaller commercial tents with vibrant colors and stripes. These may be ideal for small gatherings like birthdays, team-building events, corporate socials, or just family get-togethers. Speak with us today, and we can guide you and yours for a safe and healthy function.

Pandemic planning tips for maximum safety

ETI features a range of tents designed for all sized-events – both outdoor and indoor. We also showcase marquees for storefronts, clear covers, concession/kiosk covers, and digital printing for your vending booths. If planning an outdoor event, we can help you choose the right unit from a reputable, trusted commercial tent manufacturer in Miami. ETI continues to receive great industry ratings, customer reviews, and is always available to assist our new and returning customers. Here are some more tips on safe event planning during a pandemic:

  • Sanitizing is very important in this day and age. We recommend sanitizing tables, chairs, and anything that will come into contact with your event guests and attendees. However, use caution and make sure to clean thoroughly to prevent respiratory issues due to the alcohol content in most sanitizers.
  • Set up 6 feet social distancing guidelines with small mats that let your guests know how far or close they are to each other. Protect any food trays, buffet tables, or beverage stands with clear plastic. This, too, ensures optimal hygiene across the board.
  • Keep one line for going inside your tent and one line going outside your tent. While your tent entrance can be decorated with an ETI marquee or lighting accents, we recommend space between both lines to keep the traffic smooth and flowing.
  • Our commercial tents are clean and ready for assembly. However, you can sanitize interiors and exteriors to protect yourself and attendees from germs. During this pandemic, anything that helps stop its spread is highly suggested by medical and scientific authorities alike.

What kind of tents should you consider for an outdoor event?

Marquee HM Choosing the right tent for your outdoor party does not have to be hard. For one, you might be dealing with a smaller size event due to the current pandemic restrictions. With this in mind, we feature TRIO tents up to 10-15 feet for your convenience. These units showcase vibrant solid colors and 30” stripes for aesthetic and visual performance. These tents are very versatile – allowing you to design interiors and exteriors are desired. These enhancements may include photo displays, entertainment – food kiosks, wall mounts, lighting accents, and much more.

TRIO tents never obstruct or hinder anyone’s view within the units. They are perfect for all sized-events, big or small. Here are some more things to keep in mind for our highly popular TRIO tents:

  • A 20-feet TRIO tent is available in Traditional, High-Peak, and Tension styles. Make sure you have correctly measured the outdoor area, so the tent fits appropriately into the allocated space.
  • Consider at least 10 feet around the perimeter of the tent. This secures safe anchoring, set up, and ample room for your guests and loved ones.
  • Make sure to keep any cooking facilities, barbecue pits, and other units in a safe distance from the tent.

During this challenging time in the world, we want you all to stay safe and healthy. Contact us if we can be of assistance in any way possible. Thank you, and stay safe!