If you’re looking for a good event tent for your next party, corporate event or even concert, then you have more choice than ever before. There are tents out there that are designed for every need you have. When you start shopping around for a 30-foot wide tent, you’ll see that the two main option you have frame tents and pole tents. What’s the difference, and which one should you choose for your event?

Pole Tents

A pole tent is defined by the poles that hold the roof of the structure up. You’re probably familiar with this style of tent, as they have been used for years in outdoor events. Are they the right option for you?

Advantages Of Pole Tents

The biggest advantage of a pole tent is the look of them. The poles give the roof a swooping, dramatic feel. They’re very popular for weddings, for this reason. A 40 x 100-foot wedding tent will look amazing when it has a pole tent roof on it.

A pole tent is often the cheaper option if you’re looking to save some money on your tent rental or purchase. They’re also very simple to set up and install, so you won’t have to worry about a thing when you’re getting the tent up and ready.

You’ll also find that a pole tent comes in fewer parts. You’ll find it’s easier to put up because of this, as well as easier to transport.

Disadvantages Of Pole Tents

Pole TentsAs you would imagine, the poles in your pole tent could well get in the way depending on your layout. You’ll have to think carefully about how you use your tent to reduce obstructions. Some feel as though the poles detract from the aesthetics of the tent too, although you can decorate them to blend in if you want to.

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You’ll also only be able to use your tent on soft ground, such as grass, as they have to be staked down. If you’re using the harder ground as a base you won’t be able to use a pole tent.

Frame Tents

A frame tent uses a clear frame to hold up the weight of a tent. As such, they don’t need the poles to hold the roof up. There are a lot of advantages to using them. Is this the tent you should use?

Advantages Of Frame Tents

Firstly, obviously there are no poles holding up the tent so you don’t need to worry about them obstructing the view inside. You’ll have all the space inside to arrange the tent however you want.

You can also place a 40-foot wide tent wherever you like if you’re using a frame model. This is because if you’re placing it on hard ground, such as tile or concrete, they can be weighed down instead of staked.

One of the best things about a frame tent is that they’re free-standing and very aesthetically pleasing. They’ll work for almost any event, whether it’s a concert, a wedding, or anything else you can imagine.

Disadvantages Of Frame Tents

There are a couple of disadvantages to being aware of if you’re thinking of using a frame tent. Firstly, they’re a little more complicated to assemble, as they have extra parts and take some more time to put together. You’ll need to be prepared for this before the event you want to put on.

You’ll also find that with frame tents, you’ll have a maximum 40-foot width. If you need anything larger, you may need to look at pole tents instead.

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Finally, you’ll see that they’re a little more expensive than pole tents, so you’ll need to know what your budget can cover before you start shopping.

Pole Tents

Pole Tent Or Frame Tent?

Which should you use, a pole tent or a frame tent? It really depends on what you need. Need a wide-open space that can be placed almost anywhere? The frame tent is the way to go. Do you need something with romantic looks that’s quick and easy to put up? Then the pole tent is for you.

It really does depend on what you need from your tent. Use this guide to help you pick out the tent that’s right for you.