How to Start Preparing for Your Winter Outdoor Wedding

While not typical, winter is one of the most favorite seasons for weddings. Outdoor nuptials celebrate the bonds of holy matrimony with immense happiness and love for the couple and their families. Florida winters are certainly milder and warmer than other regions of the country. However, planning an outdoor seasonal wedding in Miami during the colder months still requires sufficient preparations. Temperatures in Miami are also known to dip during the winter – even causing frigid temperatures and frost. Therefore, purchasing an outdoor commercial tent from Economy International International (ETI) is a must for any outdoor occasion.

Classic Tents by ETI

As a commercial tent supplier, ETI features a range of units that are suited for outdoor use. This includes our signature Classic Tents, which are designed to withstand gusty winds up to 75 mph. They are also water-resistant and durable enough to protect your wedding guests and loved ones from inclement weather. However, we recommend checking the weather and choosing a date during the winter that has no precipitation. This way, it may be cold, but at least you and yours will not have to worry about torrential downpours, sleet, and even snow in some cases.

Here are some benefits of buying an outdoor tent for your big day:

  • The Classic Plus can expand to 100 feet in length for maximum coverage and safety.
  • We showcase three unique tent styles for your winter outdoor wedding: traditional, high-peak, and classic.
  • ETI features eye-catching, aesthetic covers in 18 oz. solid colors and 30-inch stripes.
  • The High-Peak style tent adds a touch of majestic elegance to any outdoor wedding or reception.
  • High-peak tents are available in 30’ x 30’ cover styles.
  • All tents have passed stringent quality-control tests and are easy to assemble and disassemble when no longer in use.

Winter wedding preparations

Wedding Winter is always a festive season with plenty of lights and holiday decorations. Consider trimming the interiors and exteriors of your tent with wedding-holiday lights and decorations. At ETI, we also feature beautiful marquees that are ideal for wedding tent entrance and exits. Our dedicated team can even personalize the wedding marquees with devotional sayings or signatures of the wedding couple if desired.

We recommend a safe perimeter around the tent to ensure ample room for your guests and attendees. The tents can be fastened to the ground using ropes, stakes, and other accessories we supply at our online store. This gives you optimal coverage for the wedding and reception. You can also choose the High-Peak style tent cover, which secures enough room for tables, chairs, reception buffet tables, entertainment areas, and much more. Another great idea would be to install LED TVs for video presentations of the couple and their lives’ journey to marriage.

Seasonal gifts in your Miami commercial tents

Handing out weather-appropriate gifts and favors are a great way to liven the mood of your wedding. You can easily create a gift space inside your Miami commercial tent. Think of a company or a new brand doing a product launch or team-building event. Your guests and loved ones will love these cute gifts that also capture the allure and essence of your wedding. We recommend small blankets, sparklers, cookies, mini-bottles of beverages, and even homemade hand warmers. Your attendees can quickly grab these giveaways at the table, or someone in your wedding party can hand it out them for more fun and enjoyment!

Plan the wedding according to the sun

In the wintertime, the days are shorter, and the nights are longer. Make sure to check when the sunrise and sets on the day of your wedding. This way, the photographer can capture all those special moments without the sun setting right in your guest’s eyes. You also do not want the sun directly behind the alter due to the amount of light it produces – this, too, can affect the visibility of your guests viewing the ceremonies.

Weather-appropriate attire is essential

You and your significant other have covered all the bases. This includes hiring the entertainment for the reception, along with floral arrangements, catering, lighting, transportation, hotels, and other essentials for your wedding day. You and your spouse-to-be also hired the photographer/videographer and selected a lavish, elegant wedding cake for the ceremony. However, have you both discussed weather-appropriate attire for the ceremony? With the cooler weather – even in Miami – sure to affect your ceremony, keep the following in mind:

  • ETI commercial tents are perfect for keeping your guests safe, cozy, and comfortable.
  • Long-chiffon dresses are an excellent choice for your bridesmaids and friends attending the event.
  • Avoid knee-length dresses in the winter, unless the temperature in Miami will be comfortable and warm on the day you plan to get married.
  • For the husband-to-be, best man, and their party, wearing scarves add a touch of class to any tophat tuxedo. There are several styles available that will keep you and yours looking great and feeling warm all day long.

What do outdoor wedding experts recommend?

RatchetStraps 2 For outdoor winter weddings, experts recommend serving seasonal food and drinks. This includes egg nog, along with tea, coffee, and spirits that will warm up your adult guests. Serving hot soup, meat, and potatoes is another excellent way to keep your guests feeling warm and fuzzy inside. For the kids, the experts recommend cocoa bars, s’ mores, and hot chocolate for the occasion.

Many wedding experts also suggest keeping the wedding in one place. Having the wedding nuptials and reception under one of our tents is the best way to centralize and streamline all the ceremonies. It also keeps your guests and attendees in one place, so they do not wander off and miss any of the events. Also, it is best to use candles at night (at a safe distance from the tent) if the weather suddenly drops. This will accentuate the lighting in and around the night while keeping your guests warm and comfortable.

For more information on outdoor winter, wedding tents, and preparation tips, contact us today. You can also visit our website to learn more about the beautiful tents, covers, and accessories we offer at cost-affordable prices.