Restaurants & Bars

Economy Tent International specializes in providing tailored shelter solutions for restaurants and bars looking to enhance their outdoor dining experience. Our range of tents offers stylish and functional options to extend seating capacity and create inviting alfresco spaces.  We enable establishments to create comfortable and inviting outdoor dining areas.


Small Event Tents

Small event tents are compact shelters designed for intimate gatherings or events with limited space. They provide protection from the elements and come in various sizes and styles. 

Easy to set up and take down. These tents are ideal for outdoor parties, weddings, or community events where convenience and flexibility are key.


Medium Event Tents

Medium event tents are versatile shelters suited for accommodating moderate-sized gatherings and events. They are constructed from durable materials and equipped with sturdy frames. 

With ample space and customizable features, these tents offer flexibility to cater to various occasions, such as corporate functions, or festivals. 


Large Event Tents

Large event tents are expansive shelters designed to host significant gatherings and events. They’re perfect for concerts, trade shows, and other significant occasions. 

These tents can handle harsh weather conditions. Their spaciousness is great for accommodating large crowds in a comfortable and protected setting.

Bar and Restaurant Tents for Sale

As a bar or restaurant owner, you get that more people mean more business, right? Well, here at ETI, we’ve got your back. We’ll hook you up with the ideal restaurant tent or outdoor bar tent to boost your bottom line. No matter the size of your spot, we’ve got the canopy tent for your restaurant or the ultimate pop-up bar tent for your watering hole. 

You want your guests to feel cozy and secure in your place. Well, our tents? They open up endless possibilities for that. Just so you know, we craft each tent as soon as we get your order. Our crew gets to work immediately, ensuring your tent is ready to roll to your business in days, not months. Usually, it takes around one to two weeks, but it can vary a bit.

Enhanced Comfort with Restaurant and Bar Tents

We specialize in providing restaurant and bar tents that enhance ambiance and comfort for patrons. Our tents are designed to create a cozy and inviting outdoor dining experience, shielding guests from the elements while maintaining a pleasant atmosphere. With customizable options and durable materials, our tents offer establishments the perfect solution to extend their seating capacity without compromising comfort or style.

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Why Choose Us for Your Restaurants and Bars Tents

Selecting ETI for your restaurant and bar tents guarantees top-tier quality and craftsmanship. With a reputation for delivering durable and customizable tent solutions, we ensure that your outdoor dining space remains both functional and aesthetically pleasing. You are going to invest in reliability, innovation, and the assurance of creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your patrons to enjoy.

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Have questions about our tents?

If you have any questions about disaster relief tents, feel free to give our sales team a call. We’re here to help, especially if this situation is new to you. They have the experience to ensure that you, and those relying on you, get exactly what you need.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily find a custom-sized restaurant or bar tent with ETI. Just tell us about your space, and we’ll work together to design the perfect tent for your place.

Picking out a tent for your restaurant might feel overwhelming, but don’t sweat it. ETI’s got your back. We’ve assisted folks all across the US in snagging the ideal restaurant or bar tent, helping them maximize their space to its fullest potential.

We’ve got a bunch of bar tents for you to choose from. Whether you’re into clear tops, blockout vinyl, sidewalls, or open sides, we’ve got your back. These tents not only keep your customers covered but also give your bottom line a nice little lift.