Economy Tent International products are of superior design and function best in the parameters of these instructions. It is IMPERATIVE that the instructions are carefully read and COMPLETELY FOLLOWED. Please read these “Safety Best Practices” before the installation or removal of any tent.

  1.  The installer is solely responsible for the evaluation of the site and determining the proper securing method. Some soils require different staking or securing other than what is provided with the tent or purchased by the customer. Our responsibility is limited to the construction of the tent and not damage due to installation. Damaged frame parts or fittings are usually caused by improper lifting of the frame and are not covered under the terms of the warranty.
  2. Installation during threatening weather conditions is not advised under any circumstances. It is the responsibility of the tent installer/maintainer to determine the severity of the weather and utmost care must be used. This product is to be used as a temporary structure. In any questionable weather conditions, evacuation is recommended and all valuable merchandise should be removed immediately. Use good judgment, common sense and safety during take-down of the tent.
  3. Due to shifting of the tent frame, loosening of the stakes or loosening buckles, it is possible for the cover to “pocket” water in rain conditions. It is imperative to continually inspect the frame and cover for proper fit and alignment and adjust as required.
  4. Proper safety equipment should be used at all times to insure a safe installation and take down. Careful evaluation should be made to determine if hard hats, steel toe shoes, safety glasses and any other equipment should be used for the safe and proper installation. Tent lifts or other equipment might be considered for lifting or take down.

Economy Tent stands behind its products in accordance of the Terms and Conditions of Sale. For further questions or inquiries, please call toll free at 800-438-3226 or email us at [email protected].

For additional reference consult The IFAI Procedural Handbook for the Safe Installation and Maintenance of Tentage and the IFAI Ballasting Study. Both of these resources are available from the IFAI Tent Rental Division at under the “Resources” menu. Here you will find additional Safety Resources and a Staking Guide.