Setting up a 40 foot wide tent properly and using the appropriate securing techniques is the best way of ensuring a remarkable event and venue space regardless of the kind of event you’re planning. Although it might appear intimidating to set up a huge event tent, it’s quite simple once you understand the basics.

We’re eager to help our clients with every aspect of their event tent use and how to set up any tent. It’s worth noting that every tent-style needs a rather different tear-down and set-up process that can be simple or need numerous assistants to set up a rental 40x100tent. Here’s what you need to know about setting up our commercial tents.

Set up  a Commercial Tent

Frame Tent

These tents are some of the most simple to set up. Here’s how to set up a 40×100 frame tent.

Lay the tent on the ground

With its numerous essential components, we recommend you begin the setup by laying out the frame on the ground before you begin putting anything together. This way, you’ll envision where every component goes and how it will function when setting up.

Connect Crowns and Tent Pins

Crowns at your tent’s peak will maintain the pins in place. You can put it together by fitting in the pins correctly. This set is the first in the process of fitting the frame.

Build the Frame Top

You’ll have to follow a comprehensive guide for your particular tent that will illustrate how to put the tent together. You’ll build the frame top by linking crowns and tubing and constructing the frame top to produce a solid and secure tent base. This will equally include reinforcing ratchet straps to the frame and other securing measures.

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Lace Tent

Using a tarp or drop cloth to make sure you don’t get dirty or damage the tent top, roll out the top and align the lace with the grommet side. Once you lace these segments together, ensure you shut the rain flap and make sure everything is secure before cutting the lace line.

Attach the tent Top

Pull the tent over the frame center on the frame. Once you’ve situated the 40×100 frame tent top properly on the frame, secure the straps to each corner and join the base plates to your tent’s legs.

Join stakes and secure the Tent

Complete securing the tent by adhering ratchet clamps to stakes around the tent’s perimeter along with tightening the remainder of the straps around the tent’s interior. Even if you’re anticipating good weather, securing your tent properly with weights or stakes is essential. Your tent could go airborne even in low winds if you don’t secure it properly before the event.

The Duration it Takes to Set Up a Tent

The set-up time needed to secure your tent properly will vary depending on your tent’s style and size. For instance, a small 10×10 tent allows easy transport and set up. Furthermore, you can set up easily with 1-2 people in minutes.

Even a 40 foot wide tent can take a short period to set up with our knowledgeable crew. On the other hand, mid-sized and bigger tents will need extra time to set up because they need proper planning. Thankfully, our tents constitute high-quality materials that allow simple setup and tear-down while remaining secure in harsh conditions.

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In case you’re planning a huge outdoor event and are erecting a huge tent, you’ll require ample time and a proper crew to set up your pole or 40×100 tent. A huge tent can take numerous hours to set up properly and secure with the appropriate weights.

If you’re using our tent for the first time, we recommend you lay out the tent and perform a test run to determine the setup process. This is particularly significant for huge tents that need proper planning and foresight on your crew’s part to make sure tent setup occurs appropriately and on time. This can help you determine the process and establish where you might be going wrong so that our crew can iron things out before the event.

Materials You Need for Tent Set up

You can use various tools to set up your tent. If you’re setting up a small to medium-sized tent such as our 40 foot wide tent, you can probably set it up in a short period and just require the basics to set up. However, if you’re setting up a large-scale venue outdoors with a huge tent, you might want to consider these helpful tools:

Frame tent jack

If the tent you’re setting up is large and want to accelerate the process, this tool can help assemble your tent by raising it in the air to make it easier to assemble the legs. Rather than hire an entire crew to assist you, this can be easy enough for one person to set up the tent this way.

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Tent stake extractor

You want to struggle to take your 40×100 tent down after a long event. This tool makes the process easier by helping you remove the stakes for your tent when the time comes to tear it down.

Tent stakes or weights

Securing your 40 foot wide tent is very important after setting up even if the environment you’re living in doesn’t experience heavy rain or high winds. We advise our clients to take care when it comes to an airborne tent, which can be very dangerous. This calls for proper precautions and the use of tent weights or stakes to secure the tent. It’s equally important to note that not every tent will withstand a similar weight.

We recommend about 40lbs on every tent’s corner, but this is for smaller-sized outdoor tents for personal use. If you have a huge tent that becomes airborne easily in high winds with more surface area, more weights will be necessary.

Setting up a commercial tent takes skill and time, especially if you’re new to it. Fortunately, our crew can help you set up successfully for your tent event.