Springtime is, no doubt, one of the most beautiful times of the year. It is a period of regrowth and renewal, with beautiful flora and fauna beginning to sprout and the weather becoming warmer. So, it is no wonder that this season is a popular time of the year for outdoor weddings.

If you and your soon-to-be spouse have been planning to have an outdoor wedding venue during the springtime, investing in an outdoor tent is a must. At Economy Tent International (ETI), we have a wide selection of tents that are sure to be perfect for any wedding, no matter how big or small.

The clean, simple design and versatility of our outdoor tents make it easy for you to decorate yours to your liking for your special day. Here are some creative decorating tips you can follow to make your ETI outdoor wedding tent one of a kind.

Wedding Tent Decoration Ideas That You Can Try

Consider adding draping to your outdoor tent.

One way to instantly add a bit of charm to your wedding tent is to add draping. Layering sections of draped fabric that cascade from the top of the tent will create an elegant, glamorous feel to the space while still allowing for the beautiful spring sunshine to shine through, along with a scenic view of the surrounding venue. Consider using different fabric colors for draping to add vibrancy to your spring wedding tent.

Many people feel as though tents (especially those with draping) create a cramped space that shuts out the outdoor beauty of a wedding venue. Our clear-cover tent, however, is the complete opposite. This tent is constructed with clear vinyl and embedded filament lines, which allows for the natural beauty of your venue to shine through.

Our clear-cover tent also allows for the easy attachment of thin draping and has the option of expanded covers for larger weddings to prevent a cramped feel.

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Hang elegant floral arrangements.

There is no better way to create the springtime feel in your wedding than by adding breathtaking, colorful, floral pieces to your space. You can take this idea a step further by choosing to hang the arrangements from the interior of your wedding tent.

Hanging floral installments are a popular wedding design trend for both their aesthetic appeal, as well as for their functionality. Hanging arrangements of flowers in wedding tents not only creates a unique, ethereal feel but will also free up space on your tables, as it eliminates the need for placing flower vases or other decorative elements there.

A good tip is to create arrangements out of flowers, saplings, or other plants from the venue itself to complement the outside landscape and bring the outdoorsy feel to the inside of the tent. Investing in one of our trio tents (particularly the high peak tent) is a great way to bring this floral decorating idea to life.

Installing large, intricate floral arrangements that hang from the top of your high-peak tent is a great decorative touch that will complement the beautiful springtime atmosphere and will be sure to wow your guests on your special day.

weddingInstall light fixtures.

Just because the day ends, doesn’t mean your wedding celebration has to! With outdoor spring weddings that stretch into the late hours of the night, installing some sort of light fixtures is a must.

Adding string lights, installing elegant chandelier lighting, or hanging lanterns in your tent are some creative ways you can illuminate your reception space to keep the party going long after the sun sets. You can also embellish your tables with ornate candlelight arrangements to tie the look together and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

With our clear-cover tent, you can easily install any light fixture you choose to add a magical feel to your wedding that will complement the starry night sky. Installing crystal chandeliers is also a good choice of lights. It gives an elegant, sexy and chic vibe.

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Decorate the inside AND outside.

One thing that many people overlook when planning an outdoor wedding is neglecting to decorate the outer part of the tent. Although you and your guests will be spending most of the time inside of it, the outside of the tent should be just as visually appealing as the interior. So, don’t be afraid to play up the exterior!

Hanging lights, flower arrangements, a fountain, soft draping, or anything else that complements the theme of your wedding on the outside of your wedding tent will create a cohesive look that makes the tent beautiful from the inside and out. If you want a clean, simple look, our classic plus tent is the perfect choice.

Its top-quality vinyl cover and stainless steel buckles (to prevent rust stains on the cover) give this tent an elegant feel on its own but also allow for the easy installment of any customized decorative features (flowers, lights, etc.) throughout the interior and exterior of the tent that will suit any wedding theme.

Use of Rustic Chic Theme

For a more laid-back and rustic feel, embrace the charm of wooden elements. Use wooden tables, chairs, and even a wooden dance floor to bring a sense of warmth and familiarity to your event. Add burlap table runners, mason jar centerpieces, and wildflower bouquets for that perfect rustic chic ambiance.

Planning for Unpredictable Weather

Spring weather can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to have a backup plan. Here are some tips for handling unforeseen weather challenges:

Tent Heaters

If the weather turns chilly, consider renting tent heaters to keep your guests comfortable. They can be discreetly placed around the tent, providing warmth without compromising the aesthetics.

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Rain Plan

If rain threatens your outdoor ceremony, have a plan in place to move it under the tent. Ensure you have enough seating and an attractive altar set up so that your day can proceed smoothly, regardless of the weather.

Wind Considerations

Tents are more susceptible to wind, so plan for securing everything properly. Use weighted bases for decorations, ensure your drapery is well-anchored, and discuss contingency plans with your vendors.

In Conclusion

Wedding decor is one of the top priorities for this one-in-a-lifetime event. As you can see, there are many ways to decorate a traditional tent for a spring wedding. From attaching thin draping fabric to hanging elegant floral arrangements to installing unique light fixtures, there are many creative decorative touches you can add to the interior and exterior of your tent to bring a beautiful springtime aesthetic to your wedding.

At Economy Tent International, our tents have several adjustable, sturdy features that can accommodate any spring wedding, no matter how big or small. Our versatile, customizable, and easy-to-set-up tents are why our products have been recommended by so many of our clients, particularly couples who purchased our tents for their weddings.

Visit our website to browse through our wide selection of traditional and nontraditional tents, or, if you have any questions, give us a call at 800-438-3226 to speak with one of our helpful customer service professionals. At Economy Tent International, we are committed to helping you find the perfect wedding tent that you can easily decorate to your liking to make your special day memorable for you, your spouse, and your guests.